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A few general questions...

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My understanding is that a thicker front anti roll bar would increase a cars tendency to under steer...but I know that the standard Mk3 Mondeo has a 17/18mm front anti roll bar, where as the ST220 has a 22mm front anti roll bar....can anyone hazard a guess as to why this is?


Secondly, some cars suspension height makes them look as if they are pitching upwards slightly. For example, Mondeo’s sit 10mm lower at the front than they do at the back...is for practicability (heavy loads) or is there a more performance derived reason behind it?


Lastly, when I jack the front of my car up, the rear wheel is off the ground considerably earlier than the front despite the front and rear of the car having equal travel. Why is this?


(hope these questions aren't too obvious, cheers)

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Q 1+2 have the same answer i think......


The design factors are the cars weight "petrol/ diesel", transmission type "man/ auto", and the required dampers "gas/oil". The body rake is applicable to this as well.


As for the lifting difference, think of the type of multi-link there is at the rear compared to the strut-wishbone configuration at the front.... there's a very different articulation.

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Excellent answer as expected, but in regards to the anti roll bar...in this case many Mondeos weigh the same (ST220 weighs same as TDCi and 2.5 V6) yet has thicker front bar. I could understand if it was the rear, to reduce roll and improve turn in, just not front.


Without knowing all the design factors i cannot comment, other than the fact the turn in roll centre is more important at the front, rear ARB's are after the fact in my opinion.

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Just to be clear.


All mk3 Mondeos, regardless of shape, size, weight...(1370kg to 1570kg) have a 18mm front anti roll bar....EXCEPT the ST220 which has a 22mm front anti roll bar and weighs in at 1480kg & 1580kg (saloon & estate).


In absolute truth it makes no difference, we could pants on for pages but without knowing the transverse load ratio's it means nothing. You need to factor the suspension droop, arb length, vehicle weight and loads of other unmentionables. The ARB thickness is irrelevant.

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I realise this is a very old thread, but thought I would give it a try.

I have a 2003 Mondeo Mk3 2.0 TDCI (130) and want to change the front ARB bush.  The part number is 1118695, but this has a flat and is for a 19mm ARB.  My ARB does not have a flat and is 22m diameter, which I think is a ST220 part.

But my current bush has a hump and no side flanges.  Seems the ST220 is 22mm dia but not hump and does have side flanges.

 No amount of research is giving me an answer and that includes a chat with the Ford Part dept.

My question is, would the ST220 front ARB bush fit my car?

Thanks and toodle pip


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Seems strange, maybe the ARB has been replaced in the past for the larger ST220 one. You may need to buy both sizes and return whatever doesn't fit.

Have you asked or looked on the talk ford forum?

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On 31/03/2022 at 20:02, SMARTLY said:

Have you looked at the ST24 one to see if that matches yours ?

The ST24 is the MK2 and I'm fairly certain it uses a different sized anti roll bar. Do they still make parts for the MK2, can't be many about now! 😀 I have the front wing from mine behind the shed 😂

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