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  1. Everything i see here doesn't make sense.
  2. Apparently, it's controls for a submarine.
  3. When i was saving money to buy my first flat we moved in my brother's house and seemingly i took a p**s in his wardrobe 😲
  4. Tony


    Thanks SMARTLY I'm hooked so i'm going to buy the Ferrari
  5. I assume providing there's a horn and maybe indicators on it then it's legal?
  6. Blimey you hit that one. Thanks. I must say it looks nice on the inside,
  7. I just want to know the floor configuration?
  8. I don't get it? There must be £50k in parts per car?
  9. I found this by example with a train of Lexus's with the same complaint..... How the flange warps, i don't know... I have an idea how they warp, it's not proven.
  10. I would put a straight edge on the front drive flange/s
  11. I doubt the ratchet gear will take much.
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