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  1. RIP, she made great music.
  2. Do rigs have any protection applied to them so it delays the rot?
  3. I think it's real, wouldn't surprise me. Have they cut some rims in half and stuck them to the other rims that have the tyres on?
  4. Rich

    Tony's Ferrari F360 blog....

    Looking good mate. The part you showed me the other day looked great. That spray gun is pretty good.
  5. Rich

    Tony's Ferrari F360 blog....

    Yes we have and I thought Tony bought an adapter to use with the torque app. https://www.wheels-inmotion.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/16925-tonys-ferrari-f360-blog/&do=findComment&comment=182262
  6. I was going to say pineapple but googled it so I weren't far off.
  7. Keeps the fuel fresher, apparently extends it from 100 days to 12 months.
  8. I'm surprised they let bikes race in conditions like that.
  9. It's impressive to think he taught himself how to fly using a simulator. Like you say at least he didn't take anyone else with him.
  10. Thanks. It says fuel is best used within 100 days but 6 months is almost double that. I'll carry on filling the tank before taking it off the road but it'll take me ages to use that. They recommend a fuel stabiliser too but I can't really find any in the UK. I assume it's not a popular product? The ones I have seen seem to be aimed at lawnmowers. The Accord I will be using all year round but it's taken me 3 months to use a tank since I last filled it up.
  11. From what else I've been reading it seems petrol left for a long time might only affect older engines, those with carburetors. So if I fill the tank up and use it over 3-4 months I'm not going to get any issues? When I take the MX5 off the road should I fill the tank or leave it empty? I've read that leaving it empty can cause moisture to form in the tank.
  12. Does anyone use this when they don't use their cars often or take them off the road for winter? I prefer to fill the tanks up rather than partially. How long does it take for fuel to go bad? I've read it can happen within a month, others say years so I'm not sure.
  13. Rich

    Michelin Primacy 4 or Pilot Sport 4

    Sounds like they're the ones to go for then. Hopefully they do another offer on them.