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  1. Rich

    My wife's 15 year old Fiesta

    Pretty much trouble free motoring then I'd definitely hang on to it, could be worth some money in years to come.
  2. Rich

    Long term maintenance

    But it's only an average Tony, there are plenty of blokes who are 5' nothing and plenty who are over 6' in height. I believe the smaller doors were due to floor levels when the properties were built rather than the occupants height.
  3. Rich

    Long term maintenance

    Yes but you're talking an inch or two, nothing drastic.
  4. Rich

    Long term maintenance

    The small cottage gives the impression the door is small but it's probably average size. I don't think humans are that much taller than 200 years a go!
  5. Rich

    My wife's 15 year old Fiesta

    Excellent. Being a Ford I'm amazed it doesn't need more maintenance to keep it going. What have you replaced since you've had it?
  6. Rich

    New services...

    Sounds good and at least you are moving forward with technology. How much more can the customer expect to pay though?
  7. Rich

    The joy of Geometry

    Love the plate on that Lambo!
  8. Rich

    Restoring Headlights

    Do they need doing Tony? They looked ok when I last saw the car. If you don't fancy doing it yourself then I can do it. It is very rewarding if you want to try though. It took me 3 hours to do those lights. What kit did you buy, one that attaches to a drill? I'd probably use my own stuff as that's what I'm comfortable with using.
  9. Rich

    Skoda Yeti

    Probably hoping the new owner won't check it's there. I know people who have bought cars from traders without even driving them or checking the paperwork! As car enthusiasts I'm sure all of us on here would check such things thoroughly.
  10. Rich

    Long term maintenance

    Nice photo Don't think I'd fancy being up there!
  11. Rich

    Restoring Headlights

    Thanks. It's a very rewarding job. I've not done anything like this for a long time, just the odd car wash. It reminded me how much I do actually enjoy detailing. I need to do the Accord headlights again as I forgot to keep the protection up. The MX5 and CT also need doing but they're not as bad.
  12. Rich

    Restoring Headlights

    Today I wetsanded and polished the headlights on a Z4 for S2IM. They were as bad as the Accord but came up really well. A few areas could've done with a more abrasive sandpaper being used but over all they came up well. Sealed with Gtechniq C1.5 Silo Seal. I've had this for years but never got around to trying it until today. I'm really impressed with the ease of application and sheeting. It's supposed to last 6 months but we'll have to see. Before Wetsanded Polished Water Sheeting
  13. Rich

    Skoda Yeti

    Is that a common issue on the yeti? I'd love to know how they'll prove it has a full service history!
  14. Rich

    Skoda Yeti

    Was there rust on the rear doors?