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  1. Assuming that's a seat belt buckle on a door, how would you open it from the outside?
  2. What year MX5 do you have? I've got a 99 MK2 NB on Toyo tyres. They're superb in the dry but aren't great in the wet!
  3. Welcome back mate, it sounds like you had a good time overall. The fog bomb must've been unnerving. Have you tried uploading the videos to YouTube? Or you can email them to me and I'll put them on.
  4. It'll be fine. Tony has said before that you can actually get a geometry done without any wheels on at all.
  5. Does that mean it does connect to the bodykit then? Could be an expensive mistake then if it has actually twisted. I'm assuming fibre glass can't just be twisted back.
  6. Is the brace connected to the suspension or the bodykit?
  7. Has the brace been off for a while? I guess that could be why then.
  8. Yes inside the car park for the supermarket.
  9. Maybe someone parked in the trolley bay!
  10. How can it twist whether it's sitting level or on an incline. I can't see how that can happen.
  11. Welcome to WIM All sounds tyre related to me. Are they mixed brands, have different tread depths or even just old? It's amazing how much difference the tyres can make to a car.
  12. Awesome So is this Tesla themselves who have asked for your help? Technology has advanced so much, it probably won't be long till all new cars look like these.
  13. Bet that's got a few trolley dings!
  14. If you really want one you can get it here! https://m.alibaba.com/amp/product/60515190998.html
  15. It does with some insurers. The MX5 is on a cherished policy and my renewal only went up a couple of quid. Ok it still increased but not by much.
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