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  1. Rich

    MR2 track car

    I think we need photos Terry!
  2. Good idea with the TV I might give that software a try then and see what it's like...
  3. Great photo, did you add the black background yourself? I read about Adobe were no longer going to support older versions of CS, trying to force people to upgrade to their cloud software. I am still on CS4 and will not be upgrading if I can help it. It was much better and cheaper when you paid a one off fee rather than paying monthly like they do now. Have you paid for Affinity or using a trial?
  4. You can't buy replacement panels for the tourer and welding plus paint etc costs money. The car isn't worth much so I'm doing this as cheap as possible. I know I won't get rid of it but if I can slow it down that'll help. The first thing I need to do is remove the arch liner and see just how bad it is underneath. It's double skinned so I'm hoping I can save enough metal on the inner one to use some mesh and fill it.
  5. A chavvy Saxo! You don't see many 'max power' modded cars now like the 90s/early 00s. Good thing really as most looked hideous!
  6. Awesome. So is this Tesla themselves seeking your help or is the owners club separate?
  7. I need to have a serious think about what I'm going to do with this car! I've barely used it this past year and it's costing me £550 a year to tax and insure it. If I was to sell it I think I would get no more than £800 for it. I'm very reluctant to do that cos of the amount of money I have spent on it, plus the size makes it very handy for moving things around. I thought about parking it up over the summer months and using it during winter only but if I do that I know the brake calipers will seize as they're prone to doing that on these cars. There also a fair bit on rust on one of the rear arches now (other side is fine) and I really need to do something about it before it spreads further up the panel. On the Mondeo I used Bilt Hamber products to remove as much rust as I could while keeping as much metal at the same time. I think this has gone to far for that and I just need to cut/grind as much of it off. I know I won't stop this but I need to reduce it at least. My main concern is once I've remove all the rust how do I form the shape of the arch lip with filler?
  8. They look good, not as bright as I was expecting.
  9. Good news. Even if it was repaired you would always have it at the back of your mind whether it's safe or not.
  10. Rich

    Attn Steve-0

    Awesome, I look forward to reading about it
  11. Yeah IMO I would not want that repaired as I'd imagine doing the nuts/bolts up will weaken it after a while. If the garage were at fault then I'd be seeking a replacement or money for one. Even a used one would be better than a repair. Welcome to the forum too
  12. Rich

    Attn Steve-0

    I take it the Skyline is in your possession now!
  13. They did mention that one person had the V5 with it saying the vehicle has been recorded as salvage but how many people actually read that bit on the bottom of the document. Especially when you've done a HPI check and that's clear or the dealer has said it is. I have always checked the personal details when I receive a V5 but I admit I have only scanned the front before!
  14. I just caught a segment on a show called rip-off Britain and it was about cars that have been written off being repaired and sold. They are getting away with it cos there is no legal obligation for the database that records write offs to be updated, all of the HPI companies use this one database. The DVLA has them recorded as the insurance companies have to tell them, there was a difference of 80,000 cars!! People have been buying cars that develop faults then finding out they've been written off just weeks before. Some have very bad accident damage and should not be back on the road. Someone went undercover to several car dealers and asked if they were written off, which they said no the paperwork is clean. But they did their own checks and found signs of them being repaired which they argue the dealers mechanics should have spotted. Especially when they do '100+' safety checks and an MOT before selling the cars on. You can understand private sellers being none the wiser but how honest are these car dealers being. Have they actually spotted the repairs and decided to sell it anyway or are they genuinely missing them. Considering the show found the same cars being sold for salvage so easily makes you think why aren't the dealers doing this kind of research too.
  15. Rich

    MR2 track car

    Awesome, will the article be online?
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