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  1. That's the thing, most service items are just for checks. A basic one, which is essentially an oil change costs £225! You can get an essential service for cars over 5 years old and that's £165. Both include the hybrid check. So if I got the essential service it's £50 more (self-servicing includes all filters too) and my brother said they don't even stamp the book unless you nag them. Then they'll write essential service under it so it sounds like you've had something inferior done! That was for the dealer he worked for though. Even with MOTs they're not as thorough as you think they might be and they charge the full amount.
  2. Yeah I know but I'd rather be safe than sorry and use a GEL one. Seems Lexus batteries are on back order now so a lot of people must've had flat ones! Since charging mine settled on 12.46v for a while and seems to drop 00.01v a week. I'm going to fit it to the car within the next week and take it for a run before things start seizing up!
  3. So the service is due today and the MOT has been extended until December, which was also due today. The car is 9.5 years old with full Lexus service history. It's on 82k miles and the 100k one is due now. I was going to get that done and then self-service but my brother no longer works for Lexus and I can't get the 50% discount any more. I can't afford nearly £600 for a service and TBH I don't think the big one needs doing yet anyway. In the last 2 years it's had a minor and major service but only covered 4k miles and won't be doing much mileage any time soon. I can buy a genuine service kit including all filters for £58 and the oil filter tool for £25. The one thing I can't do is the hybrid battery test. Now when we got the car the warranty covered it for up to 10 years, which was fine as after this service it would've run out. But they extended it last year to 15 years. It's £59 for the check but after talking to my brother he said he wouldn't bother as they didn't really get any warranty claims for the hybrid batteries. I'm still thinking of getting it done but I'm not sure - would you guys do it? I'm just factoring in that the car is still worth a bit of money but we're planning on keeping it for the time being. I'm just wondering if self-servicing and not getting the hybrid check done might impact that.
  4. It's tomatoes, prawns, beetroot and coleslaw Interesting combination, I was expecting a green leafy salad Is it shop bought coleslaw? I can't stand it like that (too many onions and creamy) but love my homemade one.
  5. I've never had a wheel that stuck before, a bit of copper grease on the hub helps.
  6. Do you know of any other software that stitches images together, can Lightroom do it? I recently bought a new phone, a Samsung S10+ and I'm really impressed with the camera on it, especially the wide angle. I can actually photograph the whole garden at once now.
  7. I remember being driven in the MK1s in the early 80s. Iconic cars.
  8. We've had no issues until now and that's only down to not using it ATM. Are the Vartas AGM though as the ones I can see are all wet types?
  9. I've not heard of the UX before, is it a fairly new model? Looks nice. What's the room inside like? Quite compact if the CT200h is anything to go by!
  10. Nice looking motor that
  11. Yeah they should've used a one, I thought that at first! Yes the hybrid battery starts the engine, the 12v just the electrics. So they don't need to be that powerful. Mind you the battery feels heavier than the ones in the Accord and MX5!
  12. The battery was on the charger for around 5 hours after bringing it indoors and reached stage 3. The charger was getting very warm though and I didn't fancy leaving it overnight so turned it off. I took it outside and connected it the next day, it reached stage 4 within a couple of hours and 7 by 5 hours. The charger remained only slightly warm the whole time. It's been sitting in the hallway waiting to go back on the car but I've been checking the voltage. It was on 12.9v after coming off the charger, which is expected but then dropped to 12.6v. But it's been dropping since and is now on 12.55v. Obviously batteries naturally discharge but I'm not sure if it should be doing it that quickly? I've found a replacement of I need it but they're not delivering yet so unless I want to pay £50 more on eBay I'll have to wait. https://www.lexuspartsdirect.co.uk/parts/lexus-ct/lexus-ct-2010-onwards/lexus-ct-engine-service-kits/lexus-ct-phase-1-12v-starter-battery/#
  13. How many images did the software stitch together? It's done a good job. The first image looks a bit washed out, did you do any post processing? Maybe a polarising filter would help for when you can't get the sun behind you.
  14. A Ctek or a tecmate should be ok Adam but they're not cheap. Cheaper ones seem to charge at a higher amperage. Well it seems I should've started the car like Lexus suggested or charged the battery much sooner - it's dead! Can't even start accessory mode and my jump pack did nothing. I had to fold the rear seats and climb in to the boot to open it. Connected the comfort lead and it was on charge for 8 hours. It didn't get pass stage 2 on the Ctek, then the red error light appeared. I've brought the battery indoors, cleaned the terminals and it's on the charger again but as it's the original so 9 years old it's done well. The label on the battery also says to charge at 4.2a and no longer than 10 hours. Looking on the website it recommends to charge it at no more than 3a. The Prius uses the same battery but it's Toyota branded rather than Yuasa and that manual says under 5a. No wonder people get confused! Lexus is the cheapest place for a new battery at £125 but they're all currently closed! There are some sellers on eBay and other online battery places but they cost more. It doesn't urgently need replacing but I'd like a new one asap. What a PITA.
  15. Nice tinge of purple (or is it blue?) on the petals. Nicely captured
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