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  1. Rich

    Stunning picture.....

  2. Rich

    Stunning picture.....

    Perfect timing.
  3. A tad higher and she'd lose a digit/hand/arm!!
  4. Rich

    Wood box required......

    There's 2 within minutes from you and one is practically on top of B&Q (assuming you went to Hemel). https://www.welbuildingsupplies.co.uk http://www.chilterntimber.co.uk (next to Allparts) http://www.cheshamfencing.co.uk (not far from WIM but depends on the timber you want as it's more for fences). You don't have to know a chippy, get recommendations, look on check a trade, trusted trader, social media etc and see if someone will knock it up for you.
  5. Rich


    It was our fault for introducing them to the UK but the numbers need reducing drastically. They have more or less wiped out our red squirrels. Some still exist on the Isle of Wight and if a grey one is found on the ferry when crossing they have to turn back and remove it. Taking grey squirrels on to the Isle can lead to 2 years in prison or a big fine!
  6. Rich

    Wood box required......

    I've used 3 timber yards all local to you so take your pick from them. Or get a chippy to make it.
  7. Rich


    They're tree rats. Did you know if you trap one you are legally meant to kill it and not release it back to the wild.
  8. Rich


    They're a pest! We had to squirrel proof our feeders and put skewers in the plant pots to stop them digging.
  9. He's abit young for that kind of language though!
  10. It's a great charity, only recently found out about it. We bought their album at the show last night, which is on sale in a few days. This is one of the songs, which I think is brilliant and gets the message across.
  11. Josh recently joined a community choir which is run by the Electric Umbrella charity. They are a group of professional musicians and adults with leaning disabilities who write and perform music. The choir is for everyone, not just those with disabilities. Last night they did a Christmas show and the choir performed publicly for the first time alongside Electric Umbrella. It was fantastic and everyone had a blast, they all did so well
  12. Rich

    Wood box required......

    Is it just the frame, can't you make it?
  13. Rich

    Tony's Ferrari F360 blog....

    It'll look good once finished. I hope you clean the dining room table before Elaine gets home! What happened with the seats?