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  1. Have you looked at the ST24 one to see if that matches yours ?
  2. What a shame as WIM such a good name on motor forums nationwide 😞
  3. No, it’s a real chimpanzee and matchbox toy cars
  4. Your wish: https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-the-yellow-cube-houses-in-rotterdam-designed-by-architect-piet-blom-114342477.html https://www.alamy.com/rotterdam-netherlands-may-22-2018-living-room-in-the-kijk-kubus-show-cube-a-furnished-museum-house-designed-and-constructed-for-the-visitors-image221763642.html https://www.alamy.com/room-in-the-kijk-kubus-show-cube-a-furnished-museum-house-designed-and-constructed-for-the-visitors-image221763655.html
  5. Yes, but pay as you go not contract as I only really use it for messaging, facetime my son. And on holiday ( what's that you ask )
  6. I do, just can’t be arsed to inform everybody if I removed it, plus I’m still on pay as you go so would need to get a mobile contract and carry my mobile everywhere with me
  7. No, but it doesn't work as it's the old style wiring and I suspect it's got bits missing. It was given to me as a leaving present as my job dictated as a support role I was always on the phone
  8. Ooh, I've got a phone like that, with dial and pull out phone numbers underneath
  9. No it was just a renewal, think this is now my third year with them, probably came from a comparison site.
  10. I’m with General Accident is 1)6 years right ? No, I’m assuming it’s a maximum they alliw
  11. Just checked my renewal after I had paid, ie insurance for next 12 months and it says NCB 16 years !!!
  12. With regards to excess I take it you are talking about voluntary excess ? With regards to NCB do some years the maximum some will use is 9 years, normally on getting a quote you can only select from a list an over 9 years is normally top of the list. If somebody has let you enter 16 years then that’s probably the exception to the rule. Do you have protected NCB on your policy ? This year my renewal was £245 down from £263 and then £20 off for renewing online 😀
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