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    Worlds longest limousine....

    That's where it belongs, it says it's 100 feet long.
  2. R.I.P. , she was a legend
  3. You don't need to clean it But if you do the louvres are fairly easy to remove as they are secured by cams, so just turn those through 90 degrees if I remember.
  4. They keep the rain off the rear window
  5. I had the louvres on the rear window of my Daytona Yellow Capri, no spoiler though.

    New Forum

    Yes, you can go in to the one Rich set up, click on Create New Stream at the bottom of the drop down under My Activity Streams. Give it a name, leave everything the same except Time period and change that to 730 ( which is 2 years ) , then Save.

    Is this for real!......

    Yes it was true Jobs worth. Think the council cancelled the fine.

    New Forum

    Ah OK, didn't know those were there !! having said that display is same as me going to unread except yours displays all topics anyway even if they have been read, but marks them differently.

    New Forum

    Do you mean this Rich? https://www.wheels-inmotion.co.uk/forum/index.php?/discover/unread/ Can't see default streams anywhere
  10. That's a good watch I could do that no problem if it wasn't for lifting 34kg up a ladder
  11. Just been looking where I was thinking of siting the outside unit and I'm not sure there is enough room as I have a lean-to along part of the side of the house. Maybe take out some plants and mount it on some bricks / slabs. I've decided to call a couple ot installers and get them to quote me for "their" systems to meet my needs, then knowing what these units you have linked to cost I can look for a way forward. Thanks again for your comments

    Tony's Ferrari F360 blog....

    Are you cleaning it with meths or something first?
  13. Thanks for replies and advice Geoffers I'm just thinking about what to do. I wouldn't fit it myself as I am too old to climb a ladder with 32kg in my arms !! Just thinking about what type of person I would need to install it. With multiple outlets or multiple compressors would want to hide cables inside so may need to put the electrics into a multiplug i.e. plug to into a four way fused adaptor so just thinking of any problems. My intention wouldn't be to leave it on overnight normally, just drop the temperature before bedtime and like yourself maybe push on a 30 minute timer in the night in the extremes.
  14. So do they plug into a 13 amp socket? I did some googling on the company selling that on ebay and they are working from a mail box ( as it's only 15 miles from me ) and the phone number they quote does not exist as it starts with a 7. Also, they are setting up a website that says it will be available July 2018. But it's available elsewhere for a bit more. How big a hole is required for the pipes and electric to go through? I was wondering about a 2 or 3 outlet one, so have one compressor driving 2 or 3 rooms but they can get very expensive. Is there any problem with them freezing if they are outside in very cold weather?