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    I've been shut down!........

    How long to get it fixed?
  2. Sure was, Dixons sold them initially.
  3. I had an Amstrad PC1512 with twin floppy drives in 1986 when it was launched.


    Does it clonk if you bounce it when stationary?
  5. Hopefully neither of these two recent recalls will apply to my C-HR which has been built and is on a ship, I'll check with the chassis number before I take delivery.
  6. yes, but the bag could have been put there yesterday despite it being an old car

    Smartly's Toyota C-HR Blog

    I would have put a paint protection on myself anyway, like I've done on my last two cars, but cost was less than half what I'd paid previously so happy with that. I have had Supaguard before on a couple on my Lexus cars so know it's not perfect but with the Toyota self healing paint thought it was worth it. The dealer fixed on price was true, I got figures from two and they just would not discount the new car even when I walked away.

    The bit you love to hate.....

    As I wax my wheels cleaning them is quite easy with soap and water

    Smartly's Toyota C-HR Blog

    Tony it's similar, that's the car but mine has black roof, matt black wheels and a bit more black :0 Looks like that one has been squashed down too. Dealers said Toyota don't let them discount the C-HR, although one or two offered a bit off.

    Smartly's Toyota C-HR Blog

    At a saving of over £3700 on Toyota list price

    Smartly's Toyota C-HR Blog

    Blue, the old blue not the new lighter colour. Spec is - Toyota C-HR Dynamic with 1.8l hybrid engine, Nebula blue bi-tone ( blue with black roof ), with premium upgrade which is leather seats and JBL sound upgrade.

    Smartly's Toyota C-HR Blog

    Well I ordered through Auto-e-bid who put me in touch with an independent car broker that just happened to be in my town who order cars directly from the manufacturer. Thought I'd do a timeline: 30th August ordered 31st August call from broker and put down £250 deposit, car ordered 7th September order confirmed and paperwork received 25th September called broker for update, car is shipping, expected delivery at dealer 2nd November ( not sure what route it takes from Turkey ) but it expects it sits in docks both ends 25th September added Superguard paint, wheel and interior treatment to be applied by receiving dealer at a good price

    Forum Issues

    So just trying this , how weird most of post disappeared ... on keyboard is a smiley works differently now, no error message but doesn’t post it or anything after it. So didn’t post all of line including Apple emoticon - don’t worry about it Rich

    Forum Issues

    Not sure, I'll try it again later. The shortcut works i.e. : ). I'll report back. Could well have been an apple !!
  15. Can't see the point in that.