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  1. They wouldn't have lasted long with no brakes
  2. Wow .... how long you got it for?
  3. I watched this too. To spell it out an HPI check will not show these cars although some may later get their details recorded. DVLA said there were 80,000 cars a year not having the details recorded by the insurance companies on the Motor Insurers Anti-Fraud and Theft Register (MIAFTR) database. The V5C will show it if the seller has it to show you and it has been updated since the accident. Note. a private seller doesn't have to declare a car has been written off. With regards to the guarantee the quotes one example with the RAC HPI check who refused to payout as they said it was the buyers responsibility to check the V5C. This needs to get escalated so more people are aware of the dangers of buying a car that not only may have been written off but also is probably worth far les that they are paying for it and may never be able to sell it at any price. Also, the government ( if they are the ones who can make it happen ) must make it mandatory for insurers to record these cars on the MIAFTR within a short period period of time i.e. maybe 7 days from when they are repaired, or 7 days of when they have been MOT'd after the repair ( I think even newish cars have to go through an MOT test after a write-off repair before they can go back on the road ). Whatever is done and by who to rectify this situation the buyer must be indemnified.
  4. I'd drop it in to WIM and get them to look at it and rectify. Could be valve, could be tyre seating against rim, could be a slow puncture you can't see the cause of.

    MR2 track car

    Tony's is a Ferarri look-a-like
  6. The driver didn't run out of skill he didn't have any in the first place
  7. Could easily spray Smartwater instead
  8. So men have grown 4" in 100 years

    Skoda Yeti

    It's got to be illegal to both advertise it and sell it with false FSH, even though they mention spares or repairs in the ad.
  10. Yes, maybe the brakes were locked or driveshaft seized.

    Skoda Yeti

    It's not steal for frill, it's professional gangs nicking loads of high end cars. They have five garages cutting them up in the last 3 weeks in the Midlands.
  12. Just needs a blind fold as well
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