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  1. I was going to say I don't use the word "screwed" !
  2. Yeah I used a modified lexus kit with the same principals. It worked well, porbably the only thing that did TBH. The offset bushes would be handy too as the eccentric bolts will run out of range but that depends how much money you want to throw at the thing. Also I would (and did) stick with a seperate coil and dampner on the rear. I don't know how a 25yr old shell would take to coil forces on an are not designed for it but the mount on the S12 suspension arm in that area was just thin stamped steel. I know of guys that have just put a coilover in that place but it just seemed too moody to me. Plus, honestly, where's the benefit of relocating the spring ?
  3. CIH

    Nissan R34 GTT

    It'll trigger a warning light on the dash. Horsham Developments are active on the (200)SXOC. Good guys.
  4. I personally wouldn't bother with roll centre adjusters or bump-steer gear. If money is tight, the tension-rods can wait also. That would really be the absolute minimum though. It's probably got knackered rear subframe and tension rod bushes.
  5. Front and rear toe and rear camber from OEM. They usually need aftermarket rear toe & front and rear camber adjustable arms, if they're lowered more than ~30mm, as the OEM adjusters have a small range. Similar front set-up to Skyline, rear similar to 200SX. I'd want to see adjustable rear toe and camber arms, front camber arms and tension-rods (castor) as a minimum, if it's on coilovers.
  6. In the case of McStrut, it's between top mount and bottom balljoint. For double wishbone, top and bottom balljoints. Track rod isn't included in SAI specifically. In any case, the aim is for the outer wheels of a given turn to move toward negative camber, either through steering input, bodyroll or both. This action also reduces castor and increases SAI which is where the self centre action comes-in. The inner wheels see positive camber which is undesireable, but a necessary consequence to get the negative camber when going the other way, and doesn't really do any harm for OEM use. Racing and drifting is a different story, ofcourse.
  7. Ta daa! Here it is, a manky old E30 318 Touring. Gr8 4 drifting etc. Actually it ain't too bad. A pillars look good; Roof panel is ok, except for the sunroof itself which is jimmy-jammed and doesn't function except to leak 'n' stuff; Om nom nom rusts eating my floorpan; -Not pictured; 3 inches of stinky 10 year old water and insect life. They were told to make like a tree and get outta there. Here's some dodgy wiring, in this case tail lights for the to-be-removed towbar; T'is but a snack compaired to the stereo and alarm wiring; -That blackbox is the Alarm Control Unit (ACU). You can see it's been hacked into the acessory socket loom, rather than the main loom, which gives me hope of getting it sorted. A load of old junk; Stinky smelly carpet drying in the sun; There's a fair bit of play in the steering UJ assembly which I blame for the horrible steering and a feeling akin to bad tracking. Alignment measured okay, incidentally.
  8. lol "small block" or if your down with the lingo "mouse motor"
  9. Peugeot turocharged that engine while Citroen & volvo built 24v versions. Much easier than fitting something totally different.
  10. Goodyear Dunlop are one company nowadays. Years ago they were owned by Sumitomo in Japan.
  11. Just go for the most PIMP fitment you can find. Who needs handling when you're looking AWESOME ? 195/50 15 tyre on a 7j 15inch wheel with a bit of dish and a slightly lower offset than stock = win
  12. http://vimeo.com/45368079 http://vimeo.com/45363616 One more time! One more time!
  13. CIH

    Lock Hunting

    This isn't the same car but your comment reminded me of this lol; http://youtu.be/mOpoVgkCUw0
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