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  2. Sorry to say this is where meany are misled. Any adjustment that needs to use the coil platform will domestically corrupt the preload. In the real world the body of the coil over should control the sprung height and then the coil pre-load can be set as a tuning addition. There are two general positions..... Adjust the body of the coilovers regarding height or use the coil platform as a setting method but the overall positions will not control the coils reaction rate making the suspensions unbalanced. Reads a bit tits up but within reason you still have control albeit a more intense balance between pre-load, height and results.
  3. Unfortunately it won't work like that as I already asked. Plus when he got made redundant the whole office went! I'm surprised by that. As you tend to trade your cars in a lot doesn't that affect the value with a dealer. Did you self service with the Prius you had and get the hybrid check done? As they've extended the warranty from 10 to 15 years they must be very confident in the technology. I've ordered the service kit and filter tool anyway so will get that done next week hopefully.
  4. Fitted my Bilstein coilovers at the weekend and just sanity checking things First thing I did was measured the ride height of the car on its current set up which was Eibach springs and stock dampers, I noted the ride height was same front to back but different side to side, variance of about 4-5mm, bearing in mind there is no adjustability in the set up since its mostly oem parts So onto fitting the new stuff , I measured the amount of thread showing on the front struts and the gap between the flange and the locking ring on the rear, accurately with a vernier gauge, and made sure the measurement was the same side to side and within a few mm of the ride height before so that the geo and headlamp aim should be about right But the ride height is still different side to side the offside sits lower than the nearside so must be body related rather than suspension related or perhaps its simply weight , the drivers side weighing more than the passenger ? I assume that on this suspension if I was to get the ride height equal side to side I would have to increase the preload on one side rather the other ? Is this simply one of the shortcomings of this type of suspension where you cant alter the ride height without altering preload, although reading up on this type of suspension they tell you to adjust everything equally not have a variance
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  6. I'm self servicing my BMW now and its 5 years old . I just keep good records . I have little faith that main dealers will do a better job than I can as well as the money
  7. That's the thing, most service items are just for checks. A basic one, which is essentially an oil change costs £225! You can get an essential service for cars over 5 years old and that's £165. Both include the hybrid check. So if I got the essential service it's £50 more (self-servicing includes all filters too) and my brother said they don't even stamp the book unless you nag them. Then they'll write essential service under it so it sounds like you've had something inferior done! That was for the dealer he worked for though. Even with MOTs they're not as thorough as you think they might be and they charge the full amount.
  8. I would self-service..... The actual requirements on a service nowadays so low why pay more for a stamp?
  9. Yeah I know but I'd rather be safe than sorry and use a GEL one. Seems Lexus batteries are on back order now so a lot of people must've had flat ones! Since charging mine settled on 12.46v for a while and seems to drop 00.01v a week. I'm going to fit it to the car within the next week and take it for a run before things start seizing up!
  10. So the service is due today and the MOT has been extended until December, which was also due today. The car is 9.5 years old with full Lexus service history. It's on 82k miles and the 100k one is due now. I was going to get that done and then self-service but my brother no longer works for Lexus and I can't get the 50% discount any more. I can't afford nearly £600 for a service and TBH I don't think the big one needs doing yet anyway. In the last 2 years it's had a minor and major service but only covered 4k miles and won't be doing much mileage any time soon. I can buy a genuine service kit including all filters for £58 and the oil filter tool for £25. The one thing I can't do is the hybrid battery test. Now when we got the car the warranty covered it for up to 10 years, which was fine as after this service it would've run out. But they extended it last year to 15 years. It's £59 for the check but after talking to my brother he said he wouldn't bother as they didn't really get any warranty claims for the hybrid batteries. I'm still thinking of getting it done but I'm not sure - would you guys do it? I'm just factoring in that the car is still worth a bit of money but we're planning on keeping it for the time being. I'm just wondering if self-servicing and not getting the hybrid check done might impact that.
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  13. All adjustment MB bolts we hold in stock, so we are compliant with the insurance.
  14. That’s sounds great, any help and quote would be very much appreciated. many thanks Tony
  15. I call that great effort and a sound result.
  16. Okay it does read like a geometry issue..... We need to acquire an image of the chassis and advise/ quote from there. The good news is unlike the dealers we only charge for what we correct rather than give a absolute cover all price.
  17. All parts used were genuine MB parts
  18. Hi Tony I have Recently changed the front springs, drop links and OSF Track control arm, but to be honest, it’s always pulled to the left since I’ve owned it (3 years) The reason why I had the 4 wheel alignment done was due to the recent new parts. Ross
  19. My wife is the coleslaw expert (I can take it or leave it). I suspect this came from Tesco with our last on-line order. I tend to stay away from the green leaf stuff. The haematologist was strongly opposed to including it in my diet when I first met him. Mrs Sagitar grows some leafy stuff in the garden and I suspect this will be on the menu in the next day or two. It's a "cut and come again" variety, grown from seed.
  20. Many years back when i was working for STS in Watford I had a customer complaining about a pull to one side and a burning smell? As some will know Watford's ring road is historically jammed.. Needless to say I road tested the car in the traffic and i couldn't find anything wrong? Point to know here is the car was left with us meaning everything was cool......... A few days later the NSR wheel detached Fortunately no one was hurt. Seemingly the NSR bearing had seized but only after a few miles as it gets hot...... In stop/ start traffic i couldn't generate the temperature so totally unaware...... Needless to say the company paid for the damage and i got a written warning for not detecting the fault? Issue was the bearing never got hot in my test drive, it sized and twisted the stub axle..... .
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