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  2. Wonder if I'd still get the $1 off because I spell my name incorrectly? Look at the "obvious plant" logo near the bottom right. They do spoof T-shirts and all sorts of advertising logo's,
  3. Seen similar by a bloke called Serpentza I follow on You tube who shows real life in China. Unbelievable how loads of companies jumped on the bandwagon with it.
  4. I thought it was a myth
  5. Must be the last thing i would think is a problem but it is More> https://www.theatlantic.com/photo/2018/03/bike-share-oversupply-in-china-huge-piles-of-abandoned-and-broken-bicycles/556268/
  6. I'm not so sure this is correct....It's funny agreed
  7. It's a coat hook for a mechanics house.
  8. Given their in your face attitude would you think this ad is for real or not?
  9. Gulp ...... The REALLY sad thing is it's true time and time again!
  10. This one sticks in my mind the most. https://video.dailymail.co.uk/video/1418450360/2014/06/1418450360_3635301032001_DOE-Road-Safety--Classroom-.mp4
  11. I remember this advert and agree it's one of the best I've ever seen. Few adverts impress me and even then i only give them one chance.
  12. Last week
  13. I wonder how many newly weds had this music for their first married dance together?...... Our wedding 1986 Our first dance to "Always and forever" wasn't quite true... Well not true in the "always" part.
  14. Makes perfect sense....
  15. Kind of explains those weights i keep seeing bolted to the chassis.
  16. Or even resonance, depending on where you live
  17. Also know as dynamic residence.
  18. Tony

    The joy of Geometry

    Latest mission was to calibrate this Mustang... With just 500 miles on the clock the car came with extensive modifications. Our challenge was to get a known poor handling car to....Handle? The car As we can see the car has been lowered around 40mm. Looking at the coils it appears coil-bound which will work fine on droop but i don't want to bet on the life expectancy of the lower three helix? It's a blessing these cars no longer have a live axel rather multi-link independent suspension which for us improves the handling tenfold but there's a downside that being access to the adjusters. The lower toe adjuster cam was no problem But the upper camber is somewhere up there? All done in the end
  19. Must have been virtually un-drivable. I wonder how many of those front wheels steered?

    Worlds longest limousine....

    That's where it belongs, it says it's 100 feet long.
  21. To what end What a crock of sh$t... The final destination....
  22. Tony

    This for real?......

    Most could think this is impossible but over the years I've seen nails puncture the tyre, hit the rim and then deflect back out of the tyre, but not just one nail but three in the one tyre. So given that example this spanner is no real surprise.
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