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  2. It may be your special day but no one is immune to a Monday downer.....
  3. Yes..... Bazza ( bless his soul ) took me out in his race Starlet after i set the chassis, and he ragged the car that direction at about 120mph not realizing it was a dead end.. I can tell you two things. 1: The Starlet has great brakes and 2: That dead end is a great laxative. There is a company on the retail park that are very suspicious? There's too many of their cars in the park that have value but no number plates? Some high value cars have been there for a year or so?
  4. The understanding is to be aware of the geometric forces involved with each angle. Then understand the same forces apply to every car ever made. Then understand the collection of forces on that particular car. Example. From the data above let's assume the OSF camber is -1 degree and the NSF castor is 2 degrees 38' and all the other angles are near perfect and everything is and will be in the green. Given the collection of forces between the camber and castor that car would pull violently left. So moving away from the colour "red, green" says it's right or wrong understanding the difference between numbers and forces, plus dynamic and static opens a different realm in the way the data should be analysed. Problem with the data displayed above is it's too vast? Normally i find it's due to a sloppy build issue.. Example Fiat's 500 model had a history for rear tyre wear. The problem angle was the toe being out of tolerance, but rather than correct the build they widened the tolerance So now any tech reading the geometry numbers would say "it's green"...... Well yes it is now because the data offered by Fiat has widened but the fact remains the toe angle, which has a lateral force is wrong.
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  6. Best way to do it really. So much software has made it far too easy for people to use, which is a good thing. But when problems arise they don't have the know-how to find a solution.
  7. Are these the 2 spaces right at the end of the business park?
  8. Very true...... Can't cook a pork chop on it though
  9. It wasn't in the park for long that i do know..... Odd place to put a crash damaged car don't you think? Even more so if it was SORN and insurance correct by the way of a claim.
  10. Reads to me like it's an accident damaged car which has been parked up. MOT expired in 2015 and is declared SORN. Certainly looks like it's been there for some time.
  11. Toasters don't work in a power cut, but gas rings do.
  12. Technically it's fine..... Reality says buy a toaster.....
  13. I think it's a build issue. Mazda with the MX5 Mk3 NC did the same thing for a different reason. Allowing such a wide tolerance makes for an easy build but it also opens the door to "aligners" understanding what the actual issue is. For example i could set all the chassis positions and use the cross tolerance's and it would appear on measuring everything is fine but the car will drive sideways. This where understanding the geometry and colour on the screen is divided. When i train people i turn off the colour, so they have to consume the numbers and meaning's the numbers represent.
  14. Surely Ford (and other manufacturers) know that having a large tolerance could cause issues with the cars handling if they're set to each end of the limit?
  15. Here is an example of a Ford data set. Now where it's wrong is when the tolerance is nearly three times the value of the actual target data setting. Some company's might measure and read the cars chassis positions and say "it's" all green so there's no problem, but if each angle is at different points within the data-set then there really is a problem..... Despite it being green. wim says. Green does not mean it's right.
  16. This isn't one of our customers cars but i ponder the thought....... What/ how did this Merc get hit so hard it was not only smashed to bits but also pushed out of it's bay and up the bank. In addition it's a dead end?.... I would think maybe a lorry hit it but there was no additional debris?
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  18. Interesting......To be honest i don't even like the look of the car.
  19. Some of you might find this interesting and it clears up a lot of the misconception and is fascinating on its own.
  20. Apparently it heavy rain but only one end of the track...... Explains the speed they were doing.
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