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  2. Time again i cry about losing my wife to the curse of cancer but then over time i had to dry my eyes and realize how fortunate I have been as a survivor? After Lynne died i had no intention of another relationship, but then over time my "nay" our girls moved on leaving me with a three bed house, three dogs and the spiders..... I was alone, mum and dad died, wife gone so what to do? It took a while for me to realize "our" house wasn't a home any more, forcing me to almost despise the house.... At that time i had no idea what direction to take, I mean no one trains you how to deal with things when they go really wrong...... So there i was... Broken if i'm truthful but i wasn't going to give in! The next two years were an absolute blur.... I didn't eat and i drank too much. But life cannot continue that way. It was a case of wise up or die! Needless to say my life online was still there and by whatever the link i was bombarded with a link to online dating...... It took me a while but eventually i joined and found the partner that could fill my void but more so understand where i had came from. To say Elaine mended me would be wrong because the past will leave a scar and the same could be said for her but nevertheless history has it's place and should never be ignored..... It's what makes us what we are. I found myself in new territory with Elaine... I mean bloody hell it's been 25yrs since i dated a girl, but given both of our journeys we gelled, call it destiny i don't know? This song which i think i have posted before sums up how i was feeling and indeed going. It must have taken a lot of love and understanding from Elaine to kind of dig me out of a terrible hole, but she did and for that i'm eternally greatfull. Life gives us all a curve ball at some point but dealing with it takes love and caring. It might be me, or you or someone down the road but whatever we all have the ability to help, it just takes a bit of effort. This is where Elaine comforted me and it's like i wrote the words.....But first i married her. TEDDY PENDERGRASS TITRE SOMEWHERE HERE I BELONG ,
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  4. Engine cover fitted back in today.... All went well other than the depth? Seemingly i was about 10mm out meaning the box is hitting the chassis cross brace. It's annoying but solvable it just means I'll have to re-shape the brace? In addition, i knew the handbrake wasn't holding despite being fully adjusted, so it was wheels off today in the hope it's just worn rear brake pads and looking at them i think that is the case. So wheels, rear wheels off and getting ready for powder coating next week but i have a problem?...... Namely the finish? The high end F360's had gold wheels as an option. I pondered Gold, Silver or Gun metal but i keep going back to gold. I can get the wheels treated, blasted and powder coated for £55 a wheel so i think that's the way I'll go?
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  6. I've seen some of those before...... You think a professional driver would have height tattooed on his forehead.
  7. You guys need to see this on YouTube then... Some absolute corkers on there! https://www.youtube.com/user/yovo68
  8. Taking advantage of the weather today I've under coated, colour coated and clear coated the engine bays base. All ready for the engine cover fitting on Sunday. Pictures to follow because i think it's time i had everything in place now....... In addition, I've cut and sized spacers ready for the glass fitment. Deliberately I've undercut the spacers, so I can shim them for a perfect fitment.
  9. I'm constantly amazed how owners modify the DeLoren
  10. Poor observation for a professional driver....
  11. Oddly enough i saw a badger for the first time last week...... It looked like an ant eater to me initially....
  12. I think they would do em for that mate. Tnat wouldnt get left to drive away on imo... Amyone who did let em off with a warning should be banned from driving and sacked
  13. I have a cheap camera trap in our side garden that lets me see any wild life that uses this entrance during the night. Typically I see hedgehogs and muntjac and lots of neighbours' cats. Early yesterday morning I saw a badger for the first time. Later I came upon this chaos in a side border, where I assume he had decided to dig his way out rather than use the path. I also found a dead hedgehog in the garden, but that might be a coincidence though badgers are the main predators of hedgehogs in the UK. I'm waiting with some interest to see whether the badger returns.
  14. Unbelievable. How would the cab have gone under?
  15. Revenge is sweet...... NSFW some language........
  16. But how come this isn't more common?...... I would think there must be a redundancy because this is a major fail.
  17. The shoes do nothing other than spread the weight? Take a long ruler or plank of wood, put a brick under it at one end (rear wheels) and then about 30% in from the other end (legs). Then, stand on the short end. The whole plank will rotate around the front "legs". The fuel baffles work to stop the liquid sloshing in transit. Here it is stationary, so they won't do anything. The full fuel tanks in the trailer were at the front. As the cab pulls out the weight is too far forward, so the trailer rotates.
  18. I get that i think... But don't the shoes adapt for uneven ground, which i wouldn't expect at a fuel station.... I think there must have been an issue with the baffles as mentioned earlier. Nevertheless, it's a horrible fail whatever the blame.
  19. Embedded in this for me brings back some serious hot male fever hunting the perfect mate.....
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