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  2. Yeah i hate run flats, mates mini cooper had em on. Runs on some funky lookin kumho now
  3. Good because they are crap to drive on.
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  5. No mate runflats was swapped out ages ago i think
  6. Last week
  7. So i shave over half off of the original quote (including geo) and im laughed at my response was carry on replacing rear tyres every two months then Why do people have the same cars if they cant afford to maintain them
  8. Copper grease is normally related to brake pads, working alongside with the caliper piston rubber cover so i doubt it's in conflict. Poly bushes however do need specific anti-friction lubricant but it's not designed to stop sizing more toward anti-squeal.
  9. Exactly, it's an anti seize grease designed for metal on metal. Poly bushes need a silicone based lubricant to stop them squealing. Isn't copper grease harmful to rubber so it may even be the same with polyurethane.
  10. Reads like a bloody nightmare..... How much would this have cost for a garage to do?
  11. that is a good question mate. Providing everything comes undone as it should (unlike mine) it shouldn't take much more than 5 hours if that,mine required heat on most nuts and bolts, things snapping/breaking ( bad condition water pipes and boost pipes and the oil cooler was brittle and also broke while trying to remove coolant pipea off it) So strip out and replace the clutch was day one... Day 2 saw to gearbox in and eventually the subframe back on once bolts and things had been replaced but then qe hit the problem of wrong info on the conversion and therefor had to sorce correct engine mounts and new driveshaft so the car spent a week sat outside a mates workshop.. Following Saturday mounts and shaft fitted and then dragged it home to sort exhaust and vibrations out.. (that was the following Saturdays work to do... Did all that and then had a dilemma of clutch slip to rectify,this went on for quite a while as we was all stumped by this time, turns out the exhaust clamp for the downpipe was restricting the actuator arm from going all the wau home each time(this was creating overboosting and other running issues) as the oem clutchs dont hold much more power then the 200 bhp spec the clutch was slipping anything over 3000rpm as ot was basically running full boost Sorted now though. Life with a 5speed ain't ain't to bad tbh. Got longer gear ratio and not constantly changing gear makes it a little better on fuel too.. I need to refine the conversion a little as its a bit noisy now and the vibrations when startes from cold is awful so ive got another flywheel to have machined and made good again as its likely yhe flywheel that was on the zafira is infact crap
  12. Yeah i usually dip all bolts in this when reffing. However my astra gave me the hump so much when n changing gearboxes i literally threw it back together That will come apart soon though as i want more power so either way another new clutch is required.. Back to the beema. Thanks for the all ths input looking forward to doing this job..
  13. Most times a front toe correction is due to a bend. If it was worn bushings and alike then both front wheels would have the same amount of correction, not just one side.
  14. We use it to stop a bolt seizing in a bushing, it's just a coating.
  15. Yeah copper grease isn't a lubricant so stick with the silicone for the bushes.
  16. Copper slip is not grease! Copper slip is for when you want to undo a bolt in the future!
  17. I think they mean... Measure the value and ensure its the same on both sides after adjustment. This would indicate that the chassis is true. If the value from left and right differ, then there may be a bend/ damage. However in first principle, its not written correctly
  18. You could send them link to your website, but they probably wouldn't understand it
  19. Well i could but will they listen to a mere mortal like me?
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