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  3. Then what a brilliant evolution. The baby of the jet suit relied on a chemical reaction which is fine, but air time was about 30 seconds.
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  5. They are allowed to enforce that now, they just won't.
  6. If it's real then i'm impressed to the max....
  7. Other than the crash the images are superb. The food looks lovely, i just wish i could eat that but my condition i have to order from the kids menu.
  8. I think the shops should be allowed by law not allow anyone in the shop without a mask.
  9. Reminds me when we went to Argos to pick up an order. We were sitting in the car, which was parked in front of the people queuing. This guy joins the end with no mask on, then pulled it out and started sniffing the inside before putting it on! He'd obviously been wearing it a few times and did the sniff test to make sure it was clean!!
  10. Some folk have no idea. And then again, some folk just don't care. People seem to think wearing a mask is something they have to do because they can't work or go shopping unless they do. Consequently the same dirty scabby filthy mask comes out of the pocket every day and gets used just so they can get past the requirements.
  11. I barely see the guy and really it's not my place to say anything. He's a manager so the senior team should mention it. Although things seem to have gone back to normal since I went back after Easter with the regulars piling in to my room and now sending students to get work. But I guess we have to try and get back to normal at some point. At the weekend I saw this guy wearing his mask on his head! Yes we're outside but when you've been breathing into your mask that's the last place you want to put it!
  12. It was nice to finally get away again at the weekend. Missed being in Norfolk and we ate out on the Sunday. It was a bit chilly but the scenery made up for that. Visited an owl sanctuary. Walk along the coast. Fed the ducks! Dinner by the broads. Someone ran out of talent on the way home!
  13. Someone has way too much on his hands.....
  14. Typical of the industry... Because if they have a machine doesn't mean they know how to use it.
  15. I bet his big toes were sore later in the evening though....
  16. OK. The car handles like crap. Feels wayward imprecise, twitchy and tramlines badly. Abs kicks in on roundabouts or loaded on the left. Long right curves. Pronounced in the dry, not there in the wet. Wheels scrubbing skipping outside of parameters? Can drag or skip in the wet so easily. Yes speeds are the same. Both bearings are fine. Drivers side brand new skf. Going to DIY with gunsons trackrite. So the rears should be aligned to the "chassis" and track in the green. . These I'm guessing will be OK. Fronts will obviously need adjusting to get the steering wheel
  17. I think someone resolved a problem....
  18. Someone has had a bad day...
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