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  1. Not sure, I bought the car like this. I've done about 1500 miles in it and the tyres have done about 2000 miles.
  2. Just the steering wheel isn't straight. Admittedly I thought it would be either 'it is suited to the task' or 'it isn't'. The tyres are 19" and quite expensive, better play it safe and just go for the Hunter.
  3. The garage in question is a Porsche specialist and my car is a Cayman, do you think I'll get the correct results from it or should I stick with a hunter?
  4. Normally I use a garage with a Hunter DSP600, however I've found one closer but they use a Beissbarth 4-wheel alignment system. Is this as good or is it best to stick with a place with a Hunter machine? Cheers
  5. Very strange one. Is it a problem as such?
  6. Hi, Those pictures do not show the same wear as my tyre. See attached drawing.
  7. I noticed the other day that the outside of my rear tyres are stepped, not sure how long it's been like this, but not a major problem because it is not making any audible noises. My question is, how does this occur? In theory, this is a bit of a phenomenon to myself. I can understand uneven lateral wear, but not horizontal.
  8. I can't recall to be honest, just that the steering wheel is only straight for the first 1,000 miles after the alignment.
  9. In the time I have owned my car, it has had 5 wheel alignments in the space of 33,000 miles. The last just over 3,000 miles ago, and now, once again, my steering wheel is offset. Why is this? I do mostly motorway driving, I do commute through a town but I avoid pot holes and any impurities in the road, and I never park on kerbs etc. The steering wheel gradually becomes offset, and now its really noticable. On a smooth motorway, I have to steer to the right about 4 degrees to keep the car in a straight line. (I had new tyres fitted when I had the alignment and it was fine then, too early to check for tyre wear) This isn't normal, surely? Can you please advise.
  10. 1. Tony, thank you and thought as much. 2. Have read that in the past yes, the coloured bands on these tyres where both on the inside of each tyre.
  11. Yes but nothings bent. Had the same problem eariler this year when I went from worn out asymmetrics to the bridgestone, with the new tyres the steering wheel changed ever so slightly. I'd wager 99% of drivers wouldnt notice, but still I am curious.
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