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  1. liner33

    Skoda Yeti

    My immobiliser cant be easily bypassed as like most things I do my research and dont rely on anecdotal evidence. Look that the theft stats from the early 90's and compare them to today and then show me how much of an epidemic there is . Yes manufacturers can and should do more but worrying that your a professional car thief capable if stealing cars in this manner will walk past a 50k Range Rover to steal your Yeti is delusional but that's your choice
  2. liner33

    BMW M235i

    I think most of them did , the chrome seems to be a rare option
  3. liner33

    BMW M235i

    Few more pics My cheapo ebay pedal set, including blue starter button surround Few pics of the car now with the chrome window trims wrapped in black and a fresh set of Michelin Pilot Super Sports A before shot Afters
  4. liner33

    BMW M235i

    I paid £475 for the spoiler, diffuser, side skirts and a set of roof bars , used off the BMW forum . The tailpipes were about £118 a pair . I do have a big shopping list still but waiting on a set of my jag wheels to sell first
  5. liner33

    BMW M235i

    Picked up a carbon rear spoiler , new titanium, blue exhaust tips , and M performance rear diffuser Also fitted the M performance side skirts Off for a set of tyres this afternoon and getting the chrome window trim wrapped in black tomorrow
  6. (As usual) I think you are making life really hard for yourself . Ceramic coatings are tricky its not like normal detailing and even someone with a fair bit of experience (Dare I say like me) shy's away from them you can easily get it wrong and either waste your time or make a great deal of work for yourself There is a ton of rubbish written about them also, they are simply the flavour of the month, they dont make the car look better they are simply more resistant to wear and tear , on a car that gets less use I would suggest there are far better products if you actually want it to look its best For a beginner you could get stunning results with a polisher and some https://dodojuice.net/products/lime-prime-cleaner-polish followed but a decent wax , if you want something to last ages then https://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/fusso-coat-dark-200g or https://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/finishkare-1000p-hi-temp-sealant Big bag of the kirkland microfibres from Amazon and you will be on your way https://www.amazon.co.uk/Kirkland-Signature-713160-Microfiber-Towels/dp/B00GARQKII/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1553512663&sr=8-3&keywords=kirkland+microfibre+cloths
  7. That Chinese stuff is crap but at least it's cheap! Lol
  8. I used TAC moonlight on the BMW if you look . I used CQUK on the Skoda when I got it but it wasn't especially good ..so far I'm more impressed with the moonlight but these products do take a far amount of prep to apply correctly.
  9. I like that , whilst I think its very fair of you to only charge for what needs to be adjusted its often preferred by the customer to have a fixed price in mind of a worst case scenario
  10. Awesome , need to get the M235 done soon
  11. Its largely to do with diet. Henry the 8th was 6ft2" iirc , even royal women were pretty tall in other words if you had money you ate well and grew tall if you were poor you didn't
  12. Suspended axle perhaps and they dropped low enough to kiss the road over bumps ?
  13. liner33

    BMW M235i

    Couple of little jobs The car went for its BMW service and mot last week (Its on a service plan paid for by previous owner so only had to fork out for mot) , it had pollen filter, air filter, spark plugs and oil and filter (Wouldnt have liked to pay for that lot) The car had a factory fit phone kit , the type that clips your phone in , I was never going to use that as it wasnt for my phone and took up a lot of space in the centre console , so removed it all (First couple are library pics and not mine hence LHD) Leaving this (First couple are library pics and not mine hence LHD) A little jiggery pokery with the wiring to fit an extra usb for my ipod , I made a little foam frame to hold it securely Then made up a cover and trimmed it with black audio cloth Voila , no cables and more space Next up fitted a new set of number plates and detailed the paint Light correction with PO85RD and Rupes Green pad Wiped down with Envy Filler Killer Polish again with TAC Total One and Rupes Yellow pad Applied two coats of TAC Moonlight
  14. liner33

    Skoda Yeti

    Yes it happens , high end cars attract professional gangs , but its really not as widespread as the Daily Mail would have you believe
  15. liner33

    Skoda Yeti

    Keyless car theft is massively over stated . Yes it happens but car theft rates today are pretty low historically . I had an immobiliser put on the BMW but I don't bother doing anything with my other keys . Any professional car thief wont be looking for cars like mine or others mentioned in all honestly. You clearly enjoyed your last Yeti I'm sure this one will be as good it looks cracking
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