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  1. Found some pics of my Evo one This is after wire brushing the loose stuff off I cleaned it up , treated the rust and painted with epoxy paint and got £60 for it on the Evo forum
  2. Had to replace the filler pipe on my Evo 6 think it was a few years older though. Not a fun job as I recall
  3. No not at all but my grandfather loved the old trains and I remember him talking about it as we passed . I guess I was about 7 or 8 . My wife's father was a fireman on steam trains in the 1960s but he died before we got married
  4. When I was a kid they used to have loads of them in Barry , South Wales. Many were scrapped but also many have been rescued and restored http://www.penmorfa.com/Barry/
  5. I saw a garage do similar when they couldnt get the locking wheel nut off !
  6. They are electric and they leak and fail at about 50k. At least on the BMW
  7. Do they change the water pump with the coolant ? BMW reccomend it every 5 years I think . Even then there is a lot of coolant as the battery has a cooling system also
  8. There are plenty of ways to test without firing a parts cannon and replacing everything First off I would be jacking the front end up, removing the wheels and giving it a thorough inspection , get a tape measure out and start comparing side to side. After that you will need to isolate parts and see if it makes a difference ie pop the track rod ends out and see if that feels different going lock to lock As to whats likely to bend , well anything that's connected to the wheel really. I'm not familiar with the IS250 but if it has struts , a steering feel like that can often occur if the top mounts are worn , you would need to drop the strut to check. Of course the steering rack/arms could even be bent
  9. "My car has ALWAYS felt like it loves to go left, but fights against going right. I feel a resistance turning right, but very easy and compliantly turns left. Steering wheel always slight off to the left too even after the 2 visits to WIM" I think this section would worry me most , rather than chasing down the harmonics I'd be investigating this issue first , this indicates to me that something is worn or damaged
  10. A popular mod on the M-Lites ie (M135/m140/m235 and m240) is fitting the lower arm and tension arm from the BMW M4 The lower arm increases the camber (Which is not adjustable) by about -1 degree and the tension rod increases the caster. Apparently this does help the steering feel a great deal as well as offering more grip when cornering, the caster changes help the car self centre better which has always been an issue I feel Question is am I going to see ridiculous tyre wear on the roads if I do this , any other potential pitfalls ? Here is my last geo print out and this is a typical one after these changes
  11. So I've done it correctly , since the adjustment is the same side to side then the preload will also be much the same (Discounting potential differences in weight of the car) If I was to set the ride height of the car the same I would alter the preload from one side or the other
  12. No the Prius had a servicing plan which cost about £600 for the first three years, I paid for the last service and MOT at an alternative Toyota dealer, same with the Octavia as I bought a service plan for the first three years at time of buying then another plan which covered 2 years servicing and mots thereafter , got a small refund on that when I sold the car. We bought a plan on the Lexus also but that was a whopping £960 for the three services ! I serviced my 370z's myself and pretty much all my weekend cars but rarely my daily Ironically the BMW has a free service left but they only want to do it every other year or 16000 miles and I only do about 6k per year, I'd rather service it myself annually, did the brake fluid change (NOT included as part of the service plan anyhow!) and the oil & oil filter myself recently and nothing else is due until next year now , as for retained value I cant see it affecting it much , either the car has been serviced or it hasn't in my view. Bit of a shocker doing the 235i as it takes 7 litres of oil ! I did a oil and filter change on the Fiesta at 2000 miles, as well but I'll get that serviced by Ford as its got 5 years warranty and it saves having to argue
  13. Fitted my Bilstein coilovers at the weekend and just sanity checking things First thing I did was measured the ride height of the car on its current set up which was Eibach springs and stock dampers, I noted the ride height was same front to back but different side to side, variance of about 4-5mm, bearing in mind there is no adjustability in the set up since its mostly oem parts So onto fitting the new stuff , I measured the amount of thread showing on the front struts and the gap between the flange and the locking ring on the rear, accurately with a vernier gauge, and made sure the measurement was the same side to side and within a few mm of the ride height before so that the geo and headlamp aim should be about right But the ride height is still different side to side the offside sits lower than the nearside so must be body related rather than suspension related or perhaps its simply weight , the drivers side weighing more than the passenger ? I assume that on this suspension if I was to get the ride height equal side to side I would have to increase the preload on one side rather the other ? Is this simply one of the shortcomings of this type of suspension where you cant alter the ride height without altering preload, although reading up on this type of suspension they tell you to adjust everything equally not have a variance
  14. I'm self servicing my BMW now and its 5 years old . I just keep good records . I have little faith that main dealers will do a better job than I can as well as the money
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