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  1. liner33

    How far?.......

    Suspended axle perhaps and they dropped low enough to kiss the road over bumps ?
  2. liner33

    BMW M235i

    Couple of little jobs The car went for its BMW service and mot last week (Its on a service plan paid for by previous owner so only had to fork out for mot) , it had pollen filter, air filter, spark plugs and oil and filter (Wouldnt have liked to pay for that lot) The car had a factory fit phone kit , the type that clips your phone in , I was never going to use that as it wasnt for my phone and took up a lot of space in the centre console , so removed it all (First couple are library pics and not mine hence LHD) Leaving this (First couple are library pics and not mine hence LHD) A little jiggery pokery with the wiring to fit an extra usb for my ipod , I made a little foam frame to hold it securely Then made up a cover and trimmed it with black audio cloth Voila , no cables and more space Next up fitted a new set of number plates and detailed the paint Light correction with PO85RD and Rupes Green pad Wiped down with Envy Filler Killer Polish again with TAC Total One and Rupes Yellow pad Applied two coats of TAC Moonlight
  3. liner33

    Skoda Yeti

    Yes it happens , high end cars attract professional gangs , but its really not as widespread as the Daily Mail would have you believe
  4. liner33

    Skoda Yeti

    Keyless car theft is massively over stated . Yes it happens but car theft rates today are pretty low historically . I had an immobiliser put on the BMW but I don't bother doing anything with my other keys . Any professional car thief wont be looking for cars like mine or others mentioned in all honestly. You clearly enjoyed your last Yeti I'm sure this one will be as good it looks cracking
  5. liner33

    Killer drones......

    As could a nuclear bomb in a suitcase , there are plenty of things to worry anout but stuff like this is laughable , AI could do this or that , the Alexa in my kitchen cant even play the radio station I ask for
  6. liner33

    BMW M235i

    Its nothing as dramatic as that lets be honest here , they are like the Audi ones , but the main reason I fitted them was they are black rather than clear , also got a set for my Octavia as a kid driving too fast on a country road about three years ago clouted the mirror and cracked the lens and its started to let in water and turn green, its cheaper to buy a pair of these than one Skoda one !
  7. liner33

    BMW M235i

    Its KITT as in Knight Industries Two Thousand
  8. liner33

    BMW M235i

  9. liner33

    BMW M235i

    Have you seen the Audis with the indicators that light up sequentially
  10. liner33

    BMW M235i

    Mirrors are all black now , replaced the indicators with dynamic ones as fitted to the new Audis Spacers are about right and the springs have settled well
  11. Nitromethane , the current fuel for drag racing can pretty much turn 90hp into 300hp and thats pretty nasty stuff also but there are good reasons hydrazine was banned
  12. liner33

    BMW M235i

    Might have a better way to get the hub to line back up to get the bolt in, took me two jacks and a lever
  13. liner33

    BMW M235i

    I thought the fronts would be the hardest , apart from my well used spring compressors giving up the ghost they were fairly straightforward
  14. Remarkably similar to an aircraft tug we had in the RAF, same kind of era as well, wouldnt like the driving position much though
  15. liner33

    BMW M235i

    Downlighters easy I needed to trim the recess with a knife but they are plug and play but springs harder than I thought , lining the rear hub back up was awkward