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  1. liner33


    They are the more recent invaders , they are from North America and have decimated our native red squirrels
  2. liner33

    M235i Geo

    Yes the weight can but that's not the issue i think this is a geo issue. I'll get it booked in after xmas and we can see where we are
  3. liner33

    M235i Geo

    Drove the BM a fair bit yesterday and the handling is really good but it would be nice if it had a bit more "weight" when the steering comes off central , ie more self centering i guess A common modification is to fit BMW M4 Lower control arms which allow more negative camber, I dont know what the stock camber is but clearly it runs out of adjustment and these are around 1cm longer and can add around -1 . The downside is that they lower the car by a small amount around 5mm i believe and they push the wheel further forward increasing toe? Any thoughts ?
  4. liner33

    New Car ?

    Still not sure of rft or not , cant see anything to suggest they are , dunno if Michelin Pilot Super Sports come in fun flat even , the star means BMW fitment apparently
  5. liner33

    So do I buy an MX-5?

    I've only driven a convertible once a Merc, although the wife had a Golf/Rabbit one when she was in the US it was always too cold , I felt very exposed and on-show in the Merc so wouldve have preferred the coupe MX5 with the folding roof
  6. liner33

    New Car ?

    So there is a single star in the box on the tyres but there is not other markings , its Michelin Pilot Super sports fitted , dont Michelin use a ZP to designate RFT? Have reset the pressures though and they were all pretty low so expecting the ride to be a lot harder next time I go out
  7. liner33

    BMW M235i

    I have tons of wax
  8. liner33

    BMW M235i

    Need dry roads first but a jb4 may well be on the way
  9. liner33

    BMW M235i

    Apply it to a small sponge and apply with that wiping excess off with a clean microfibre. Don't spray it directly onto trim
  10. liner33

    BMW M235i

    A new Chemical Guys stuff its really good https://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/chemical-guys-extreme-shine-tyre-trim-protectant
  11. liner33

    BMW M235i

    Just picked up this 2015 BMW M235i , often called an "M" lite as its not a true "M" car but its got a good turn of pace , apparently 0-60 is anywhere from 4.4-4.8 seconds depending on where you look and its limited to 155mph , the 3.0 twin scroll turbocharged angine produces around 330hp and 330 ft lbs of torque , think I read peak torque is at 1300rpm , so its not laggy at all This one was advertised locally with just 15,500 miles on it and its in really good nick , single stonechip on one of the wheels and a car park door dent on the rear quarter which I'm sure will come out Only had it 24 hours but got up bright and early to detail it and protect it until the weather gets better Washed and clayed and decontaminated the wheels Polished with some Blackfire Gloss enhancing polish , then 2 coats of Menzerna powerlock Gave the interior a thorough clean and shampooed the carpets , so it will do for now , wheels need to come off really and arches need doing but that can wait until spring Engine before After During This was just the drivers side wing ! Few more afters Some cool toys inside , a power/torque meter Good on fuel so far
  12. liner33

    New Car ?

    its done Picked it up fine and started before 8 this morning new pics and blog to follow once the rain stops
  13. liner33

    New Car ?

    yep one owner , collect it tonight will clean it as soon as , the engine is filthy
  14. liner33

    So do I buy an MX-5?

    Plans have changed a bit Andy see my other post