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  1. Have you considered Discord Rich ? One of the groups I am in uses it and it seems very similar to the old BB pages but I think it’s free
  2. Wouldn't be surprised if BMW altered the steering feel with load as they already alter it with modes and speed
  3. Wheels are a pig to clean though
  4. Yep these cars come with Pirelli Pz4 or Michelin PS4 I've driven both and the latter are certainly better but as said these cars have amazing mechanical grip and are a very different beast to the previous generation
  5. Not sure if they are selling above RRP but I got 16% discount when I ordered and that's no longer available and the price goes up at the end of the month Im guessing a forum update has broken the Imgur linking option which is what I've used since photobucket self destructed
  6. Bummer do the Imgur limks no long work ? I noticed there is no preview on threads now
  7. Thought id start a thread . my '21 M4 Comp , ordered back in April when the dealers reopened but held up due to the chip shortage (Car was built and in UK but the parking cameras where missing so i had a 3 month wait , 6 months in total) . Yes, Its the one with the controversial grille. The 4wd version has been launched now but I'm a rwd guy anyhow , these cars are well planted unlike some of the previous models Spec is Tanzanite Blue with Silverstone Extended leather, laser lights , comfort pack and tech pack . Basically these add some self driving tech , heated wheel , built in dashcam and few other goodies This replaced my M235i which was an awesome car, but this is the logical next step. Sold the M235i for £250 less than I paid for it in 2018 thanks to the bonkers pricing Day I collected it Have had it fully ceramic coated with a 5 yr + product - BMW paid for this as compensation for the wait Been enjoying it on the odd day
  8. The brake caliper can be seen at 9 o'clock on the wheel , the disc runs on the outside of the wheel It doesn't need spokes as it's mounted on the inside of the barrel of the wheel rather than the centre
  9. liner33

    RX8 coilovers

    Alternatively the BC Racing ones are ok https://www.bc-racing.co.uk/applications/mazda-coilovers/mazda-rx-8/mazda-rx8-03.html I think Tein are softer than they were but back when I had my Skyline my rear dampers blew and they wouldnt sell me replacements only the whole shebang of springs and dampers, a mate fitted a set on his Skyline and they ride well but 2 years in the front damper rod is making a knocking noise so he is going to need to sort a new one.
  10. Look to be 3d printed , Porsche are currently playing with 3d printed pistons https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/porsche-tests-3d-printed-pistons-for-911-gt2-rs/ The cylinder head on my BMW is 3d printed
  11. Yep my little Up has dropped almost 10 mpg since the swap to e10
  12. Can't imagine getting any power down on that back wheel , I suspect its and art project
  13. Insufficient room for turbo under the bonnet , not uncommon and there used to be one system that was right on the tailpipe .
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