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  1. Regret to say I think it will have to be let go. Whilst there may be the odd regular prepared to contribute I doubt it'll be enough to warrant continuing. Apart from the excellent technical info, the forum has been a nice "matey" sounding board, with some of us probably sharing thoughts and feelings that we wouldn't necessarily do with our partners or family, but with Tony passing that will dwindle away. WIM has brought a few of us together randomly and I'll always be thankful for that, but life and interests move on & change, new technology and platforms pop up and I've seen other forums disappear for much the same reasons as this one's decline. We have already lost some that have had massive respect, such as Sagitar and now Tony, and while its a nice thought to continue I think the hard reality is that we will all wander off on our own tangents and maybe connect with new people via other platforms. Rich, you have been a real pal to Tony and to all of us, but you shouldn't feel obliged to be out of pocket or to soldier on regardless. Andy
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  2. Well, it is sad that it may come to an end, but without Tony and the team giving us info about cars (HOTW was great), I'm not sure what purpose the forum serves now . I have enjoyed it immensely and can't thank the people here enough for everything that has been discussed and debated. It's been an incredible time, but feel it has lost its heart and soul with Tony B now gone. Paying out of your own pocket isn't financially wise and without WIM behind the forum what shall it be for? All I can say, and I'm sure this is echoed through all the users on here is thank you Rich for your selfless support in running and maintaining the forum. It really is one of those roles thank can be thankless and forgotten about, but we really do appreciate all you have done .
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  3. If there aren't enough contributors and it must go, we will still have the knowledge that it was Tony's passion and he wanted to communicate with the world. He wanted to build this all up and he succeeded. It is such a terrible shame. However, it would need all of us to put to it and you are right - you couldn't and shouldn't do it alone. I'll contribute.
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  4. Couldn't have said it better Adam, and yes I absolutely agree and thank you Rich for all the work he has put in looking after the forum behind the scenes.
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  5. Have you considered Discord Rich ? One of the groups I am in uses it and it seems very similar to the old BB pages but I think it’s free
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  6. No filters used here, just straight point and shoot from my phone. I have resized the images to fit them on here... Really is pretty and the people are wonderful and friendly, however you do need to keep a keen eye out for the wild dogs as they can be a bit of a nuisance at times.. Also some of the roads are mega steep here, its not unusual to find a 40% gradient slope in town,
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  7. If you go to account > my attachments you can check the ones you don't want and delete πŸ‘
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  8. Having grew up near the sea I've always struggled with living closer to London. Although we have the canal and rivers they're not the same with the number of people who visit them. I will be glad to move. Even if it's not close to the sea, somewhere near the Norfolk Broads will do me. Temperature has been 16-17 degrees but as Norfolk has its own micro climate it feels much warmer! Not rained once which is unusual for April. I do like early morning walks but by the time we're all ready it's more like a late morning one! πŸ˜‚ I've not been but my FIL did a few weeks work over there before Covid and really liked it. Are you on holiday? Non gold members get 10mb of free upload space. It looks like you've used 99% of yours hence only having 32kb left. You should be able to delete some to free up space.
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