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    I'd love to live in your world believing all will be ok and it's not as bad as it's made out. Ok, we are from different areas and I do contract with Cheshire Police though so I'm bound to hear and see more. Immobilisers, especially if professionally installed are easily bypassed as they are installed to particular methods. You can pick these keyless radio amplification units up on the dark web for less than £50 now. It's not the professional thieves you have to look out for, it's anyone who's car takes their fancy used for breaking, export, other thefts and burglaries - there's lots of reasons so I wouldn't be so naive as to believe they wouldn't use on yours. You would be amazed the knowledge these scallies have. It's a shame they don't put it to better use. They haven't a clue what's in the electronics box, they are just happy to switch on near a car and it may open and start. Simple and quick for them which is what they want. They just walk around with it switched on to see which car's de-activate. Even if they can't immobilise the car, why have them inside pinching any of your stuff? Even torching it if they leave fingerprints? Doesn't make sense to me that. If something is preventable then why not? Confidence of "it won't happen to me" is just plain stupidity when there are very cheap or free simple solutions. We shouldn't have to I know, but unfortunately we do. Anyhoo, with most keyless systems, certainly the newer you can temporarily disable the keyless part. It also saves car and fob battery power when you are on holiday or not using the car for some time. In the latest firmware for mine, it is now able. In my case (and this may apply to other Lexus/Toyota's) you hold the lock button down and double click the unlock button, (must be in range of the car) the fob led will flash 4 times and the keyless element is disabled in the car and keyfob. The car is no longer sending out a signal to trigger your keyfob expecting to receive an electronic handshake. The standard alarm receiver with rolling code still works, older but less susceptible proven technology that uses an 8th of the power. You just need to press the unlock button on the keyfob to unlock the car and this also restarts the keyless option which then works as it normally would. Of a night I always do this out of habit now. I do like the security methods Lexus/Toyota use due to the randomness of negotiation at the time of setting unlike some other manufacturers who use a standard set. They also aren't affected by a certain common household item you can buy for under a tenner that stops the alarm being set from the keyfob as you walk away thinking it's set.
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    Ah yours is the one we currently have at the centre.... The rear camber being around -1 degree is very close to where you need it but the toe angle is tragic. If it's been like that since you've owned it then you haven't really driven it in a condition to access the true handling...
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    Where is the rubbing......Front on a lock? I assume the car has been lowered? If yes then normally the front gains camber but the rear doesn't. In this case you'll need EZ camber bolts at the rear which allow the camber to be adjusted.
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    (As usual) I think you are making life really hard for yourself . Ceramic coatings are tricky its not like normal detailing and even someone with a fair bit of experience (Dare I say like me) shy's away from them you can easily get it wrong and either waste your time or make a great deal of work for yourself There is a ton of rubbish written about them also, they are simply the flavour of the month, they dont make the car look better they are simply more resistant to wear and tear , on a car that gets less use I would suggest there are far better products if you actually want it to look its best For a beginner you could get stunning results with a polisher and some https://dodojuice.net/products/lime-prime-cleaner-polish followed but a decent wax , if you want something to last ages then https://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/fusso-coat-dark-200g or https://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/finishkare-1000p-hi-temp-sealant Big bag of the kirkland microfibres from Amazon and you will be on your way https://www.amazon.co.uk/Kirkland-Signature-713160-Microfiber-Towels/dp/B00GARQKII/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1553512663&sr=8-3&keywords=kirkland+microfibre+cloths
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