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    Its surprising how few people know how to change a wheel. I had to teach a 50yr old neighbour how to safely remove his wheels the other week as he wanted my opinion on his brakes. He covers about 30k miles per year and didnt have a clue When I was taught to drive in the military changing wheels and basic checks (POWER) ie (Petrol, oil, water, electrical and rubber) were taught before you got behind the wheel
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    The pedant in me says that's not entirely true Tony, but water does have a very high bulk modulus so it is close to incompressible for most practical purposes.
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    I'd go with MICHELIN X-ICE XI3 or BRIDGESTONE BLIZZAK (listed here https://carpassionate.com/best-winter-tires/) I've driven on both on a different car and they perform nearly the same.
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    It might just be stabilising still. It shouldn't go any lower than about 12.2v-12.4v though. Ideally should rest at 12.4-12.6v but older batteries are a bit lower.
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    Thanks Rich. The first one has six images and the second one has five, but they are all taken with an 8mm lens so there is a great deal of overlap on each image. I think the first one just lacks contrast. The second is, I think, over processed and the colours are un-natural. But I was only trying to learn the processes that I needed to produce a panorama and the garden isn't big enough to really need one so it was all just for fun. I can get better pictures of the garden without panoramas. Here's a straight one for comparison.
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    As I said a couple of days ago, the rain at the end of April really brought on the plants in the garden. We have a few Irises in a border and they have rocketed from almost nothing to blossoming in a few days. I love the subtlety of the colours.
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