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    Give it up Nick, we all know how much you secretly want a lecky car mate, it's pretty obvious to us all.
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    No..... The castor angle has many duties but more toward stability rather than handling. Sounds a bit ? Camber offers handling but it's a sacrificial angle whereas the castor isn't.
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    Well done, I'm really pleased for you.... On another plus i never have these on my ramp.
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    Is this a classic case of get it in the green and it'll be fine?!
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    First thing is they should have corrected the NSR toe which is adjustable. That way the thrust angle would have been 0.00. The thrust angle is the reference point the front wheels use to establish where forward is. It being green doesn’t mean it's right hence the steering wheel position. The pull left is because of the castor positions. Castor's force ( energy ) is directional stability, with the lower figure leading. The castor can be adjusted but it will need MB adjuster bolts, in your case you need two. One to bring the NSF wheel forward, so more castor and one to push the OSF wheel back, less castor.