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    Its the ethanol in modern fuels that causes the problems http://injectorrepair.com/ethanol-problem/ I usually store my car with a full tank or close to it and run that all the way down before filling with V power again. High octane fuels in my experience seem to suffer worse than cheaper stuff so I'm always very gentle with performance engines until thats been run through, that shouldnt be an issue on the MX but you may notice it feel a little flat with older petrol I don't use any stabilisers or anything, as you say storing with a full tank stops moisture forming but many tanks are plastic nowadays I'm not aware of any differences with summer and winter petrol , only diesel
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    I got mine about 3 years ago but there are similar on there (they've gone up a bit, I was lucky and got one for £299) HERE's a similar one. It is 12,000 BTU and you can control from your phone too. This is easyfit exactly the same as mine was. Mine is 14000 BTU and easily cools a 12'x15' room - I never have it lower than 19 degs as it gets too cold! The other thing is they are heat pumps too so in winter you can have localised heat if you need it. If you're looking, be careful as some are cheaper but don;t include the pipes.
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    Nice upgrade Rich you have been busy.... Forum looks and works superb, nice and clean looking... The old forum was very behind the times so a bit challenging for new members. If i'm honest had Rich not dropped a hint there was something going on with the forum i would have thought Firefox was on a bender
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