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  1. I'm sure Tony always said getting the geometry done on a hunter system was better than a supertracker. Maybe try and find a garage locally who uses one. A good place to start is the align my car website. https://alignmycar.co.uk/
  2. He sure was. If the car has been used for towing then I'm sure that's affected the suspension to some degree. The side that's in red only looks to be slightly outside of the suggested setting. I don't know if the difference between that side and the other would cause any issues. I think the camber is adjusted using eccentric bolts through one of the suspension arms. Have these arms been checked to make sure they're not bent or the bushes excessively worn?
  3. I don't know if you read the thread but Tony who founded WIM passed away in February. He was the one who answered the technical questions like this, his knowledge was superior. The rest of us probably can't help you much with this. There's quite a difference in the rear camber like you say. Is it adjustable on this car?
  4. Still waiting for my mortgage broker to reply, he's taking a while! I read that you can't get a fixed rate under 2% any more and Santander are offering me 2.49% with a £999 fee. Trying to look online and the cheapest fix seems to be around 2.25%. I suppose it could be less via a broker. But the difference between those is under £20 a month. Now my broker charges £300 so by the time I factor that in I'm not actually saving much. So I'm thinking I might just take the current deal. Another option is to try a fee free broker who obviously make commission on selling mortgages from the lenders. But I'd need to find one with a good reputation and go through the whole process again of applying. I have 50 days left before my fixed rate ends so need to decide!
  5. I thought it was strange you could add the fee to the mortgage and the repayments were cheaper than the no fee option. My brother fixed at 0.99% in December for 2 years. He could've done 5 years for 1.5% and is kicking himself now that he didn't for that. The best tracker deal I was offered included free everything and no fees for 2.69%. But given how the base rate is rising I'm not taking that. Need to chase my mortgage guy up but if I have to the Santander deal isn't that bad when you consider there's no credit checks and other fees to pay.
  6. Definitely, especially as they were predicting the base rate to increase by the end of the year and it's already gone up! Still waiting for my mortgage guy to get back to me but we're currently with Santander and they've offered a tracker for 1.94%. That's the base rate plus 1.19% but they haven't added the latest increase on yet! There are two fixed offers for 2 and 5 years with a £999 product fee at 2.59%, then 2, 3, 5 and 7 year fixes without a fee but 2.79%. Adding the fee to the mortgage increases the repayments by £5, taking the no fee rate adds another £6 on top of that. So if I stuck with them the best thing to do is pay the fee upfront. Doing a quick search online I can see they aren't the best rates available ATM as sticking with Santander would add at least £40 a month to our current repayments. Hopefully we can find something close to our current rate but we need to hurry up!
  7. Base rate has increased to 1% now so that's made my mind up to fix again. But you do make a good point about 5 and 10 year fixes being the same rate. With everything else going up and factoring in an October energy rise we'd be struggling if we took a tracker deal. If we definitely knew we'd be moving within 6 month I'd do it but I really can't be sure.
  8. It's £40 for the hosting, that's 12 months. The domain name expires in December and I'm trying to get that put in to my name. Or if I can't then hopefully it won't be renewed and I can buy it myself. I can't change the hosting until I get access to the domain name. I think we'd probably get away with using the forum unlicensed for at least a year but it depends on what updates we'd no longer have access to. If the forum starts getting spammed that's easily sorted by manually approving all new registrations.
  9. I've never used those tyres before but I don't think you can go wrong with them, especially if you don't push the car. I always use tyre reviews when I purchase new tyres. https://www.tyrereviews.com/Tyre/Michelin/
  10. I think starting a new job in a new area will force our hand anyway as it would depend when the job starts. Plus trying to buy somewhere means we're limited to what is available at that time. At least with selling first and having a good deposit in the bank means we can spend a little time finding something that we like. I've asked my mortgage guy what fixed rates he can get but I think we'll be doing that for the time being and see how things pan out. Trackers seem to be lower than fixed rates ATM but if the base rate rises by 1% or more in the next year they will be alot higher. I'm sure some lenders reduce the ERC when you get close to the end of the fixed term so we might not have to put the move off for that long.
  11. Thanks Adam and Geoff. I've enjoyed looking after the forum. Being a small one it doesn't need that much work really! The forum has been more of a social platform the last few years anyway, rather than business oriented, especially when Tony was no longer at the centre. I've checked when the hosting expires and it's the end of June so we have a couple of months left. There are plenty of forums still using old software so if I can find hosting that's cheap enough I might be able to keep it going a little bit longer. If you have any photos and PMs you want I would suggest you save them sooner rather than later.
  12. Yes that is a concern too and I'm not actually keen on renting TBH. But I think trying to juggle a move and start a new job is going to be too much. If I secure a job but can't sell or find anywhere to buy shortly afterwards I'd have to rent some where short term so I can stay during the week. There's no way I could commute it! People I know who have done this either rented anyway, work remotely, commuted back or were retiring so didn't need to find a job! We're looking to move close to Norwich, unless something really nice further away comes up. So I've been looking for jobs around there. My plan was to get a job, rent nearby and if it works out buy somewhere in that area if we liked it. At least with renting first, if we didn't like the area we wouldn't be tied to it.
  13. Spot on Andy, it can't live forever and I know it'll have to go at some point. From the number of likes it seems most are in agreement. I think Tony did want me to keep it going as he mentioned it a few times but forums just aren't what they used to be. I have to admit this is the only one I really use now. I don't use them like I did 10 years a go. Some of the big ones I'm on are so quiet now. If I can find some hosting cheap enough I'll see how long I can keep it going but I won't be paying to renew the license. I've never heard of Discord so will have a look at that but I'm assuming I wouldn't be able to transfer the database from here to that one so it would mean starting again.
  14. But then what if we sell, rent somewhere first and mortgages start increasing alot making it more difficult to get one. Although with rates rising could we see a housing crash instead and prices start dropping. If only we could predict the future! I really think selling/buying and starting a new job will be too much hassle in one go. I guess we could also stay put for another 2 years and then move when things have hopefully settled down.
  15. If we weren't planning on moving then I would fix it but if I do that and move next year (we are selling and renting to start with) I'll have to pay thousands in early repayment charges. So although a tracker will have higher repayments, in the long term it should save me quite a bit. The only other option is to sell and buy while trying to find and start a new job, which is going to be a pain. But then I could fix it and port the mortgage over assuming I don't need to change the amount.
  16. Next year hopefully but it all depends on what the job situation will be. It could take me a long time to find something. We'll more than likely move to Norwich or ideally just outside of it but the villages are more expensive. As much as I would love to wake up with a sea view I would never buy right on the coast. I don't think the erosion is as bad along that part but I'd still be weary. This is the other end of the Marrams Road where it has started falling on to the beach! Crazy! ☹️
  17. Our fixed rate ends in 3 months so I'm getting options from my mortgage broker to look through. A fixed rate would be nice but it has a 3% early repayment charge. A tracker at the moment would be the same monthly repayment as the fixed rate but the base rate is looking to increase again by the end of this year and again by the end of 2023 to a predicted 2%. So that means my repayments could increase by up to £100 a month by the end of 2023. As we're looking to move soon, some time next year I'd imagine, a tracker is still cheaper than paying the early repayment charge! But that's assuming I can find a job and we do move. With everything else rising I'm not 100% comfortable with going on a tracker mortgage though but then I don't want to pay an ERC. So I need to have a think! My mortgage guy has also recommended I go for a no product fee mortgage with a higher rate, so £30-£40 a month more compared to adding a fee to the loan or paying it off beforehand. Has anyone else been in a similar situation when they were thinking of moving soon, was a tracker mortgage worth it for you?
  18. Another update... Protyre have decided not to carry on using the WIM name and it's branding. They have now taken over the Black boots website, although there are a couple of mentions of WIM this is a mistake as the content was copied over from the other website! So the centre will be known as Blackboots - Team Protyre. When the new signage goes up it will be in the Protyre branding. Joe, who is the last link to Tony and was trained by him is running the geometry side of things and has been given free reign. He has told me he will be running things how Tony wanted them done for as long as he can and is available to give any advice. I have his personal email address if anyone should want it but I won't post it on here so he doesn't get spammed!
  19. It's coming to the point where the forum license needs renewing in a couple of weeks. We can still use the forum without the license but it means I can no longer apply updates, especially security ones or contact the help desk for any issues I can't sort, which has been very few. The license costs $55 for 6 months so about £94 a year. The hosting is also up for renewal in a month's time, the cheapest price for that is £40 a year. I am also trying to get the domain name transferred to me as Tony let the owners of Blackboots handle the renewal so I don't have an access to it ATM. That's only a tenner though. If I can't get it then I would need to transfer the forum to a new domain name. The donations (which have dwindled to hardly anything) covered some of the cost and Tony used to pay the rest but I obviously don't want to pay all of this myself. So I'm after your thoughts. Do you want to keep the forum, are you willing to contribute to the financial costs of running it or shall we let it go with Tony? It's just going to be shame to let 15 years of his work go to waste and all of the information he has built up over the years.
  20. Looks great Adam 🙂 Here's some from Norfolk! Did some walks a long the beach. The in-laws dog enjoyed it too! Erosion is very bad now, this is the Marrams Road and there is more or less no dune left, just a drop down to the beach. I remember 20 years a go these dunes were 30ft high at least. This gate was the start of someone's driveway to their chalet! Plenty of food and drink by the broads, think I overdid it though! 😄 A night at the banger racing. Went to the animal park, the red pandas usually hide so was nice to see them out. A strange chimney stack. I'm assuming the design is just for decoration. Can't beat a Norfolk sky 😀
  21. If you go to account > my attachments you can check the ones you don't want and delete 👍
  22. Having grew up near the sea I've always struggled with living closer to London. Although we have the canal and rivers they're not the same with the number of people who visit them. I will be glad to move. Even if it's not close to the sea, somewhere near the Norfolk Broads will do me. Temperature has been 16-17 degrees but as Norfolk has its own micro climate it feels much warmer! Not rained once which is unusual for April. I do like early morning walks but by the time we're all ready it's more like a late morning one! 😂 I've not been but my FIL did a few weeks work over there before Covid and really liked it. Are you on holiday? Non gold members get 10mb of free upload space. It looks like you've used 99% of yours hence only having 32kb left. You should be able to delete some to free up space.
  23. Looks nice and isolated Geoff 🙂 It can be like that in Norfolk, walk for ages without seeing anyone. I've just taken this on our morning walk. You can see what the erosion has done to the dunes too, right up to the road now!
  24. The ST24 is the MK2 and I'm fairly certain it uses a different sized anti roll bar. Do they still make parts for the MK2, can't be many about now! 😀 I have the front wing from mine behind the shed 😂
  25. Seems strange, maybe the ARB has been replaced in the past for the larger ST220 one. You may need to buy both sizes and return whatever doesn't fit. Have you asked or looked on the talk ford forum?
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