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  1. Tony

    Long term maintenance

    This sums it up very well> https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/why-are-we-getting-taller/
  2. Tony

    My wife's 15 year old Fiesta

    Fair comment....
  3. Tony

    Long term maintenance

    This is a good guide
  4. Tony

    My wife's 15 year old Fiesta

    Time to sell?
  5. Tony

    Horror of the week 21/02/19

    Terminal really. I could almost understand this on some after market wheels but not OEM Aston rims.
  6. Tony

    Horror of the week 21/02/19

    Publicly very little i should think.
  7. Tony

    Long term maintenance

    Apparently we are taller.
  8. I've seen many cracked wheels in my days but this one is different. As you can see the spoke has cracked due to incorrect casting? There's no evidence of impact and since it's off an Aston Martin i doubt it's been ragged.
  9. Tony

    Long term maintenance

    I didn't notice that but it makes sense.
  10. Tony

    New services...

    Exactly what's involved i don't know. That would be down to the training, in addition cost will reflect how long it takes to do?
  11. Tony

    Skoda Yeti

    I totally agree....