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  1. Sorry to say this is where meany are misled. Any adjustment that needs to use the coil platform will domestically corrupt the preload. In the real world the body of the coil over should control the sprung height and then the coil pre-load can be set as a tuning addition. There are two general positions..... Adjust the body of the coilovers regarding height or use the coil platform as a setting method but the overall positions will not control the coils reaction rate making the suspensions unbalanced. Reads a bit tits up but within reason you still have control albeit a more intense balance between pre-load, height and results.
  2. I would self-service..... The actual requirements on a service nowadays so low why pay more for a stamp?
  3. All adjustment MB bolts we hold in stock, so we are compliant with the insurance.
  4. I call that great effort and a sound result.
  5. Okay it does read like a geometry issue..... We need to acquire an image of the chassis and advise/ quote from there. The good news is unlike the dealers we only charge for what we correct rather than give a absolute cover all price.
  6. Many years back when i was working for STS in Watford I had a customer complaining about a pull to one side and a burning smell? As some will know Watford's ring road is historically jammed.. Needless to say I road tested the car in the traffic and i couldn't find anything wrong? Point to know here is the car was left with us meaning everything was cool......... A few days later the NSR wheel detached Fortunately no one was hurt. Seemingly the NSR bearing had seized but only after a few miles as it gets hot...... In stop/ start traffic i couldn't generate the temperature so totally unaware...... Needless to say the company paid for the damage and i got a written warning for not detecting the fault? Issue was the bearing never got hot in my test drive, it sized and twisted the stub axle..... .
  7. We-can-play-doctor....jpg.webp zzacoronavirus-memes-3.jpg.webp
  8. Looks nice although i can't understand what most of it is?
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