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  1. Tony

    I've been shut down!........

    I'm not sure to be honest but the maintenance is done by ProAlign and they certify the levels.
  2. from what I can make out and what I can see it's been almost completely Re-engineered using modern materials technology, the most obvious being a 3 door now. Wheels forged directional. They've taken something that was already brilliant and made it epic. > https://www.evo.co.uk/lancia/integrale/21681/automobili-amos-lancia-delta-futurista-is-a-delta-integrale-reimagined-for
  3. The caliper bracket is wrong and what's with the nylock nut on the spindle?.... It's ny is not locked.
  4. Tony

    I've been shut down!........

    The ramp is regularly serviced and certified. It's all done now and the problem was a bearing liner and one rear corner needed a shim.
  5. Tony

    Tony's Ferrari F360 blog....

    The seats should have cost 2k, so there is some residual added value when it comes to sell. Replica prices differ massively online but the time of year and originality of the build impacts the true sale value. Remember I'm not a desperate seller so if i need to I'll site on the sale indefinitely.
  6. Tony

    Parkour Atlas.....

    Got to love that moonwalk
  7. Worst bit is after loading for an hour or two and it crashes...... Kids nowadays don't know the struggle
  8. Easily the most movement I've seen in one of these optical illusions with a static image!
  9. Tony

    I've been shut down!........

    To the camber about half a degree but it also gives a false thrust angle meaning if the front toe is adjusted it will leave the steering position off line.
  10. I can remember loading games from cassettes
  11. Tony

    Tony's Ferrari F360 blog....

    Yep as of this Friday the cars off the road for the winter. Then it's MOT next April then sell it. I may well start another project but for me, this one is done....almost.