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  1. At some point, it had to come Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven ᴴᴰ Few songs/ sounds/ words became a legend but this did ..
  2. Tony

    Tony's Ferrari F360 blog....

    Spent the day coating the rockers and air boxes in paint stripper....... What a F&ing wast of time and money. Hours later the paint was nothing more than tacky.... Just made a few calls only to find i can have them bead-blasted for £20.... Why! oh why!! didn't i do that first?
  3. Tony

    Stunning picture.....

    Indeed...... Indeed, indeed
  4. The sense of guilt must have been terrible..... But talk about a stupid thing to do.
  5. Tony


    I don't think any of your pictures have been a waste of time..... I'm as jealous as hell every time.
  6. Got to admire this chap for laughing at himself.
  7. Head..... Got to love the look on the pilot's face..... Definitely a WTF look.
  8. Tony

    Sing along now......

    Yeah it is a big glass of wine
  9. Tony

    Stunning picture.....

    No, the expression...
  10. Tony

    Wood box required......

    Thanks.....Hemel cheap and free might be worth a post.