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  1. NWS language What an absolute star, he made sure everyone left his grave with a smile on their face. I am sure he will be greatly missed.
  2. Hay let's make some room.......
  3. Really sorry to read that..... Currently, your the only person booked that day so i'll leave it for now but please let me know when you know for sure.
  4. It's cheaper than a week in the UK, with food and entertainment, plus you get to see new counties.
  5. I can do 10.30 on the 2nd, will that work for you
  6. Whoever thought of this idea needs a medal.
  7. No matter how important the journey a miserable Monday can fight back....
  8. I'll check and confirm when I'm back on Tuesday.
  9. It was one long blast every 2 minutes or there about. Being a sudden white-out and the horns was very unnerving plus never experiencing a "fog bomb" before made me feel afraid for my life...... The fact I went down for Elaine speaks volumes.
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