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  1. Why would you paint a flat front tyre😁pan
  2. guy that sounds like a a day full of potentual problems and one i do not regret missing but i am sure i will miss the time i spent with you chaps and the hornet when i was at wim happy days
  3. as a student you have pritty much hit the nail on the head
  4. the gsd3 in your size is around at the moment and is £105inc vat i will need just a days notice to get stock unless the weekend gets in the way
  5. tony is snowed under at the moment he said he will catch up with you later
  6. thanks for advertising our compeitors but you might like to try us as we can also supply this tyre
  7. hello jim we can supply the correct size in an economy brand at £55inc vat if this helps let me know and i can order them in for you
  8. Indeed.. These are a classic case where the metals are in conflict. Once you gain the slightest movement from the adjuster you can free the bushing and i haven't been beaten yet (famous last words). no mate thats to keep the supercharger cool
  9. MarkO


    to be honest the only thing we@wim can think of are adjustable drop links like this http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/_Car-Truck-...p4506.m20.l1116 you can add more pre-load to existing arb
  10. that my friend is a mobility scooter which has more to do with the doctor than me tis in need of some tlc
  11. i contacted both bridgstone and conti today and both said thier is no reason other than customer demand i.e.manufactures
  12. pride comes befor a fall mate we have all done it at sometime
  13. the honda accord is tyre specific it should be yokohama v550 do not get me wrong im not saying you cannot fit anything else if someone recommends somethig else go for it cos the yokos are expensive
  14. MarkO

    Geometry Equipment

    the machine looks good but it is often the peron using it that is the weak link your car is only front & rear toe adjustable ( if no mods done ) so it should be run of the mill stuff email the print out to tony@wim for us to ok it
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