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  1. Beats doing timing belts/ chains
  2. Thanks Geoffers, I appreciate that. Let's hope normality returns soon.
  3. Too long to mention on a forum Tony, but glad I'm on the other side of external events. I'm glad I can walk again and my health is slowly improving due to weight loss (32kg so far). I'm not going to moan about the other stuff as other people are worse off and I'm grateful for what I have. I've lost your number so would call for a catch up.
  4. Thank you Tony. I really want to forget this last year and a half for sure...
  5. If only I could go forward to escape this covid crap. ..
  6. Have you fitted any egr blank or egr restrictor to this engine? I tried that and the engine hot hotter so I removed it. If you need an egr valve I have a newish one you can have cheap, so don't chuck money at a new one as they are expensive. The thermostat might be the best route to test first, as it could be partially stuck open. Mind you on this engine by ye time you've got to the thermostat, you might as well put a new (tested) one in.
  7. Excellent I miss my old vectra, best car I had. Loved it for 11 years. Only had to part with it as the electronic turbo actuator failed and couldn't get a replacement less than £800
  8. Front doorway is daytime, window is night time. It looks like the plant in the front garden has carrots growing on it. Vacuum cleaner/ carpet cleaner power cord appears missing. Blokes chair has missing caster/ wheel. Blokes jeans bottom, one is upturned. Books under a sink..... Easiest error is that the lady of the house has a "smile".....
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