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  1. NickT

    Michelin Primacy 4 or Pilot Sport 4

    The geek in me wants to go into the detail of "Ideal Gas Laws" of physics right now. ..... But my beer is getting warm
  2. NickT

    Is this for real!......

    I should think so too, otherwise people would just chuck the crap out of the van and only get fined £50 for litter and only of they got caught. Either in getting old or the country is going to crap with all this and other ways to fine or charge hard working people. ..
  3. I'd like to see Tony's face if that turned up, and seeing that up on the Hunter
  4. NickT

    NickT, tis a sorry end.

    Fuel line leaked, ignited, melted the other fuel lines and it got worse It's sad to see this on any car really, but as long as no-one got hurt that's the main thing.
  5. I prefer a more curvacious voluptuous woman, but I don't care what they look like if they bring me a pie n pint
  6. It'd be better without all that bttf sh t on it !
  7. NickT

    Braking issues

    Hello Tony, I got a new job last October and this last 3 months I've been working at various places not getting home till late. Also trying to catch up on jobs on my cars and house
  8. NickT

    Braking issues

    I meant to put braking, not breaking. Stupid phone auto correct ball locks. .
  9. NickT

    Braking issues

    If it helps, I've just done Mr front discs and pads on my vectra and the breaking vibration problem was caliper corrosion under the rubber sliders. Pop the sliders out carefully with blunt end so not to damage then, use a fennel or ruled up coarse sandpaper and clean out the corrosion so the hole is circular again. The sliders should go straight back in and once settled in place the slider pin should move smoothly in and out of it. Also consider measuring the disc runout and flange runout too. Good luck
  10. Let's hope no one falls on the spike causing injury, considering the video shows it being pushed down by a finger
  11. NickT

    Cut in tyre

    Can't the cut be drilled and a "mushroom" type plug be installed as though repairing a puncture?
  12. NickT

    Rich's 1999 MX5 1.8i S

    Consider getting the rest calipers overhauled but all for stainless pots, instead of full replacement that has steel ones that can rust again? Or see if you can get stainless pots yourself and foot them to your existing calipers if this is a common problem? Big Red comes to mind
  13. NickT

    BMW X1 Tyres

    Consider informing the car insurance company if you were to change from run flats to normal as they'll use any excuse to refuse payout. Some even charge extra to use winter tyres. I hate insurance companies at the best of times....