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  1. NickT

    New services...

    It'll get to the point where it'll be cheaper to buy a new car or the cost of the car will become out of reach for the working family. ....
  2. I didn't see this until now, I was too busy in the "marrow" section. ......
  3. It beats watching formula-E.....
  4. NickT

    VW Tiguan.

    Are you liking the look of the Tiguan or the mum? I'm at the age now where if there's an attractive lady in a sports car, I'm more interested in the car. ..
  5. That made me laugh Geoffers, you cheeky boy
  6. £36,500 though. ....... f that
  7. The rear camber is adjustable on the inner bolts on the lower arms. They should have adjusted both adjustments to toe and casket to set them both simultaneously. This is assuming that the rear camber adjustment is at the extreme point of adjustment of course. As Tony suggested, the rear toe / camber value is set dependant on the height between the centre of the wheel to the wheel arch. Auto data book gives a look up table for ranges on this, and not a fixed value for all. The fuel tank should ideally by half full and the boot empty. Good luck fine tuning it
  8. NickT

    Steering to the left following 4 wheel alignment

    It'd definitely be worth it to enjoy the drive back with a straight non pulling car like when they did mine many years ago. You could consider getting there for the job first thing then take it for test drives to take it back later if need it for a tweak. It's a shame that wim isn't a national chain.
  9. Something else to go wrong. ....
  10. Did you pay with a credit card? If you did then call them up and use their services in recovering the money.
  11. I'd view the work as an "unsafe defect" as the incorrect locking technique / parts weren't used, so you shouldn't have had to pay for subsequently rectification work. If you can photograph the lock washers in sit now and when it gets up on the ramp with the company logo in the picture of they have it on the wall. A walk around video is even better. It's a shame you've had to go like this and it just shows the professionalism you get at other places like WIM.
  12. Made from the finest asbestos and lead too no doubt. ... !
  13. If you enjoy working on it then there's no problem
  14. So according to that theory, my 'black hole' wallet actually contains 500 suns !