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  1. So according to that theory, my 'black hole' wallet actually contains 500 suns !
  2. NickT

    how does this look to you?

    Yes Jammy, 3.0v6 z30dt, the one with the dpf and untunable engine. All bog standard, even the suspension is standard. The only mod I've done is an led boot light so I can see my stuff better in the boot
  3. NickT

    how does this look to you?

    Glad you got a great result there, I'm chuffed for you
  4. NickT

    how does this look to you?

    Yes mate, standard suspension and my steering is as you've just described too. Light steering but not self centering enough. Tony is the man with the geometry so it'll be interesting to see his results
  5. NickT

    how does this look to you?

    Have a great day out, let me know how it goes. I just set mine to 0mm toe in parallel for now.
  6. NickT

    how does this look to you?

    Out of curiosity, how much toe out did you go for in the end? Is it still driving alright?
  7. NickT

    The bit you love to hate.....

    I used to love doing it. Now I'm older I can't be r'sed. Any wax or polish would be worth more in the tin/ container than spread on my old Vectra
  8. A brake hole partially collapsing can give the same effect as a binding brake caliper too.
  9. The future of listening to the sound of "untuned classic CRT TV's" will not be a joyful one. You'd have thought a false "proper" engine sound could be used instead.
  10. The only "hybrid" I'm interested in is a "hybrid turbo"
  11. NickT

    NickT you're to early....

    "Great Scott!" (Etc etc etc)
  12. NickT

    Michelin Primacy 4 or Pilot Sport 4

    The geek in me wants to go into the detail of "Ideal Gas Laws" of physics right now. ..... But my beer is getting warm