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  1. eddie

    iPhone X 256GB

    what have you upgraded to?
  2. I remember those - wasn't Amstrad owned by Alan Sugar?
  3. got my first computer in 1988. Was a BBC Acorn Archimedes. cost an arm and a leg - can't remember exactly how much but it took me months to save for it...
  4. eddie

    Smartly's Toyota C-HR Blog

    I like the look of these cars. What colour did you order?
  5. Looks like a fun day - now you need to go to Germany to drive round the Nurburgring!
  6. eddie

    Top ICE in it's day.....

    Saw a nice one in a classic Bentley at a classic car show a while back
  7. Nice! V8 engines sound really good
  8. eddie

    Tony's Ferrari F360 blog....

    Wait? You're going to sell it?
  9. eddie

    One year on meth.....

    There are worse drugs even than meth. Look up Naoyope, Flakka and Kokodril. Ridiculous carry on - people going crazy and their arms falling off etc.
  10. eddie

    Tony's Ferrari F360 blog....

    You can just show up Tony - http://www.watfordclassics.co.uk/events.htm
  11. eddie

    Tony's Ferrari F360 blog....

    It will be fine Tony, there are loads of modern cars and replicas there every year!
  12. eddie

    Tony's Ferrari F360 blog....

    Also, I was just looking at this advert for a 360 in that colour and your replica is basically spot on https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201807168502848 take a look!
  13. eddie

    Tony's Ferrari F360 blog....

    Looking good Tony - why don't you bring her to Classics on the Green on 1st August - just up the road in Croxley Green?
  14. eddie

    Forum Issues

    works fine on windows 10/chrome here
  15. learned something new today!