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  1. Hey barry not seen you on here for a little while! Not sure about Drury Lane (Tony will know) but there's also Nigel Langs in Bolton. I'm from Manchester too.
  2. http://www.devastatingexplosions.com/
  3. Hey Pieter, It's pretty straight forward to be honest but the result is quite dramatic. We reduce the camber to -0' 10". This spoils the toe, which when corrected pulls the castor forward but to no detrement, and that's pretty much it. Peter
  4. CIH

    Bent wheel

    No what they said is correct.
  5. I want headlight wipers for my Silvia - not brushes though ofcourse. Flip-ups and wipers ? Sick.
  6. CIH

    CIH's S12 Silvia

    Any weakness in the set-up will be compensated by copious SICK DRIFT SKILLZ. Yeah.
  7. what's this "lift" you guys are peeping about ? Is it at all related to ?
  8. Last thing last night I remembered that the wheels on my car had those security bolts on - obviously it wasn't a problem, but can you pass on a 'sorry' to the guys who did my tyres for not mentioning it. ttfn I found it under you're spare wheel
  9. Oh yeah I forgot to mention - the TRE wasn't seized at all.
  10. Just get the stuff from the factors it'll be ok. Couple 'o years ago I went a little loopy and spent money buying top notch fluids from Opie (the likes of Motul & Fuchs) but didn't reconnect the thermostat housing properly so all that expensive Fuchs coolant ended-up on the floor lol.
  11. CIH

    CIH's S12 Silvia

    More WIP images; -Rear rideheight looks sweet to me, especially as the S12 shape demands "rake" (as the cool kids call it) but not actually set yet. -Which brings me to the front. S13 arms, "S12" coilovers and a hybrid S13/14 chassis means mucho camber. Maybe too much, even for an occasional drifty. -R32 GTR rims & Z32 Calipers. Basically the usual 5-stud S13 set-up. Calipers to be repainted.
  12. Handbrake shoes will be fine. They last forever. Just give them a quick clean-up with the discs off.
  13. Entierly by eye and it's totally subjective, too. When we get this, and we do, I take the customer at their word and move it on their say so. Sometimes you just can't tell TBH.
  14. CIH

    CIH's S12 Silvia

    Well the 5-stud was to accommodate brake upgrades. Wheel choice was much better with the 4s but I like the R32 GTRs on there. Joey Barbs @ WIM prefers my drifty S14 rims but he's odd like that.
  15. CIH

    CIH's S12 Silvia

    That actually sums it uo quite well....
  16. CIH

    CIH's S12 Silvia

    -coming off the axle stands. Yah, brah.
  17. Yeah don't top-up brake fluid dude. If it's low it's for a reason - probably worn-ish friction bits.
  18. That looked like my car when you first got it. Well, a bit more complete but y'know...
  19. They seize-up like a mutha, even when they're < a few years old. Adjusters seize to the subffame and the bolts stickin the bush. Typical Toyota TBH.
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