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  1. Peugeot also do a Hybrid4 system (ie. the 3008 src: http://www.peugeot.co.uk/discover-hybrid4/), where the IC engine drives the front and electric the rear, so you can choose between either or both for 4x4 is needed. There are quite a few interesting ideas coming out; swappable batteries, high-speed recharge, range extenders, different battery technologies - it will be interesting to see what the market decides. For me I need a town car for very occasional use - in fact in some regards I don't need a car at all, but a weekly trip from Stevenage to Watford to drop my son back means I do need one. I must say the plugin makes a difference, in my mind, to having an electric vehicle - having a battery that needs an engine to charge seems to be missing the point somewhat, so for a purely town car you need the plug-in feature to make it worthwhile. I shudder to think what the second-hand market is going to be like though.
  2. Who knows - shifting load, burst tyre(s) or pressure too low, panicking driver? At least no-one seemed to get hurt - aside from possibly the driver.
  3. Can you imagine what it would be like getting into and out of that car in the rain?
  4. Nice one WIM - I was holding of the congrats until _AI_ confirmed it was Ok - for something so minor to have such repercussions is strange, but there you go. My beast of a motor is still going fine, there is a little wobble over 70 but since I don't get there that often I'm not fussed. :-)
  5. Nope - religion seems to be used as an excuse to do horrible things to one another.
  6. Oh there is so much more: http://www.medievality.com/torture.html
  7. There is the follow-on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=yn6oB52sxCw
  8. Actually helpful in one way - since it's made me realise that I will have to get the address changed on my old paper license, so I will have to go through this palaver now :-(
  9. Good question; "Minutes before the train came off the tracks he received a call on his work phone to get indications on the route he had to take to get to Ferrol. From the content of the conversation and background noise it seems that the driver consulted a map or paper document," a court statement said. So I would make an assumption that it was a mobile (if it was the train phone would they say 'his work phone'?) but it's not clear - though it sounds as though he was looking something up and didn't notice he needed to slow down.
  10. Root cause found it seems: Spain train driver 'on phone' at time of deadly crash http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-23507348
  11. Going too fast for the section is the problem - the question is why was it going too fast. Almost certainly it was the drivers 'fault' but maybe he was under pressure to make up time, or break a record or something? Interesting video though - the engine seem to be Ok, but the first carriage one comes off - I would hazard a guess that the heavier engine was able to do those speeds, but the lighter carriages were flung off the rails.
  12. Is the drivers wing mirror melted? What on earth happened? did they clean it with angle grinders?
  13. They will be picking it up on Monday morning, so here's hoping. ttfn
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