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  1. Thank you guys, and thank you Tony for you words. Sorry to hear about your Nan phipck, keep strong. Its not my gate Smartly, just something I borrow (with permission!) down the road from my unit
  2. Stage 1 paint enhancement on this lovely Porsche Finally another Swissvax treatment on this Lamborghini Aventador Roadster
  3. Morning guys, I hope you are all well. I've been a bit quiet on the forum lately due to very sadly and unexpectedly loosing my father 4 months ago. Its been a real shock on the whole family and is still very raw. He is missed very much by us all. So on this Monday morning, here are a few random pictures to kick start a new week off.... First off a Lotus Esprit turbo in for a Stage 1 paint enhancement A Protection detail on this F Type V8 R A Swissvax Protection detail on this Ferrari 458 Spider Protection Detail on this Ferrari California
  4. Unfortunately due to a serious illness within Michael Breen's family (CEO of P1 International) we are re-scheduling the P1 Supercar Sunday to the 7th September. Apologies for any inconvenience, and will hope to see anyone wishing to attend on the new date.
  5. Parthiban, i do have a pretty good smart repairer guy that comes in and does small touch up jobs on the supercars. Have always been happy with his work. It just depends how big the job is and therefore whether it was better for it to go to a bodyshop instead? We use Unit 24 in Camberley as our preferred bodyshop.
  6. I know exactly what you mean. it can be very easy to just get into a detail and suddenly realise a lot of hours have gone by!
  7. Cheers guys. I am also a fully trained painter as i did this a lot when i was based at my previous site. The company there restored 80's 911's which i helped a lot with. But unfortunately there are no facilities to paint at my new location.
  8. Once all machining was complete and IPA'd, i applied Lime Prime Lite by hand, giving the next step of wax application a perfect base to bond to. For wax i chose to apply Victoria Concourse Any exterior rubbers and plastics were treated The interior was hoovered, dusted, glass cleaned inside and out. All leather cleaned with APC and then conditioned with Gliptone The tyres were dressed with Endurance gel and alloys sealed with Collinite. Exhausts polished. These were the final pictures
  9. Lovely The effects of bad wash routines, car washes and some panels being previously machined (badly) after paintwork. Next step was to take paint thickness readings For machining i used the Makita rotary, Meguiars polishing pad with #80 and #83 polishes mixed together. The defects really were quite bad, especially with being on quite a tough paint, but it made a noticeable improvement
  10. Hi, Here we have an Audi RS4 belonging to a friend of Amir. Fantastic cars these, but unfortunately the paintwork was a little tired. Ideally a stage 2 treatment would have been required, but we went with a stage 1 plus leather condition. This was the car on arrival... So, starting with all boot/fuel/door shuts being cleaned with APC. The wheels were cleaned with Bilberry, tyres with APC. The car was then washed with Meguiars Shampoo Plus, clayed and then washed again. It was then taken inside to be dried and inspected under halogen and LED lighting
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