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Silverstone BRSCC - 15th October 2016

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Thanks, I'm pretty chuffed with the ones that came out well :)


I took over 400 photos, 100+ went straight in the bin and many others didn't focus properly but I've kept them for now to sort through again. I need to practise my panning technique but I am getting the hang of it. Sometimes I stop panning before I've pressed the shutter or I don't carry on following the car after it's fired.


The lens is not the quickest to focus neither but better than the Nikon 55-200 I have, these were taken with the Tamron 70-300. It seems to focus quicker on some colours more than others, which why I have a few duplicate cars as well. The lens seems to give a sharper image too but I never used the Nikon on a track like this only at the stock car racing.


Definitely going to try and go more often though, it was a great day.

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Yes they were very low, look good on the track but not practical on the road! :(


I had a Euno's follow me yesterday, it was chavved up with bad boy corners on the flappy lights, stretched tyres and 'teeth' in the grille, but what got me was the front splitter was an inch from the road!! That must be a nightmare with speed bumps and pot holes!  :rolleyes:

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