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  1. Just discovered this thread which initially got me very excited!! And then I realised it was a replica lol. As an owner of a real 360 I wasn't sure how I felt about this (from a "what's the point" perspective) but I've really enjoyed catching up on this thread and seeing all the adventures Tony's been on to get the car the way you want it This isn't entirely my cup of tea but nice work on everything you've done!
  2. I sold some stuff a while back and the buyer arranged a courier using a site called Shiply I think - I don't know much about the experience but the guy who turned up was decent enough and the stuff was delivered undamaged so I guess it worked in that instance.
  3. I really love this car, it's gorgeous
  4. How many of us drove the same as we did with our parents in the passenger seat compared to being let loose on our own for the first time after passing our tests.........
  5. Looks like this one....... http://truckyeah.jalopnik.com/watch-another-jabroni-find-out-his-truck-cant-fly-1788682939
  6. Didn't charge me any extra when I swapped the wheels on my IS200 to 18". Worth mentioning it's for the winter, there might not be any change for that.
  7. Will def take a bit of adjusting! Going to play it super safe though, def getting snow tyres and planning to get a 4WD
  8. This is the part I'm really not looking forward to!
  9. Ahh in that case that probably makes sense which is actually not bad then - also means that it's worthwhile getting a policy going as soon as possible as you can still build up no claims as a provisional can't you? Classic mini would be awesome but think I can see where the wife is coming from
  10. If that's from a known company and a real quote I'd jump all over that! Good idea, it probably would have worked on me if my parents had told me that Car wise I think the Aygo is a good shout but it's worth sticking a few different cars in the comparison sites to see how they compare - car insurance seems to make no sense nowadays and different people in different areas can have wildly different results. People talk about sticking older cars on classic policies but that's probably not the smartest decision from a safety perspective.
  11. http://www.wheels-inmotion.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=16380&p=170049
  12. Well as I'll be in Canada I will have the winters on!
  13. Quite common nowadays to offer the same engine in different levels of tune - although agree that's very close so probably been detuned just enough to get it into a lower company car tax bracket or something.
  14. Lovely car and another great colour choice, congratulations! Bet the drive back was a lot of fun This is slowly turning into a Jag owners forum
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