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  1. Until the finance is cleared (including the final balon payment) then the car doesn't being to him, it still belongs to the finance company. Ultimately, it wasn't his car to modify.
  2. That's for the right to climb. Take in guide fees, Sherpa wages etc. And the cost is in the region of $45000...
  3. Someone owns the piece of land I live on (me). I guess you also own the piece of land your house is built on, or if not then someone else will do. Just because it's a hill or a mountain it doesn't mean it's free access. Edit $11000 for the climbing pass. They call it a royalty fee.
  4. I think the money they pay for a pass to climb Everest covers the eventualities.
  5. It's more to do with time spent at the top. Used to be that people climbed to the top then came back down. Now they can't get down because so many are still coming up and blocking the only route. They suffer with cold and exhaustion as a result, or they get caught out by the weather when they should really be well on the way back down.
  6. Wheels on the top car are also strapped.
  7. Tony, that was fixed wheel cycles where there was no freewheel mechanism. Pedal back braking allows freewheeling, but as soon as you pedal backwards the brakes were applied.
  8. "Pedal back brakes", very popular in the Netherlands.
  9. If you've run an hpi check yourself then their guarantee covers you if it subsequently transpired it's been written off. I always run my own hpi check on any car I buy, despite many saying if you buy from a dealer then you can claim against them.
  10. Wouldn't the marker show on the V5 document? It should do
  11. Remove the wheel and immerse in water. See where it's leaking and act accordingly
  12. One of the lads says all the 38000 ltr tankers that come in are 5 pot units carrying kerosene, derv, gas oil, ultra 35, and unleaded in varying quantities. There are some single pot tankers but they get used for mainly moving fuel from refinery's to bulk storage, not delivering to depots and fuel stations etc. due to needing different fuels on the same delivery. Very unusual to have a single pot tanker delivering to a fuel station, but given the picture is in the USA then it's possible.
  13. I'll ask one of our tanker drivers tomorrow. I think you might be wrong ...
  14. They're not baffles, the tanker is made up of different pots to carry dirrerent fluids (kerosene, derv, petrol etc.) and have no passage between them. The picture above is not what I'd expect to show with holes in them. If you look underneath the tank you can see the different outlet connections for each pot to deliver individual products.
  15. It's a dealer supplied aftermarket warranty, branded as AA Warranty, administered by Motorway through Prestige or something like that. The ggod part seems to be that everything is included. Usually you get charged for fluids and other consumables.
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