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  1. It's a dealer supplied aftermarket warranty, branded as AA Warranty, administered by Motorway through Prestige or something like that. The ggod part seems to be that everything is included. Usually you get charged for fluids and other consumables.
  2. I don't think it's rubber degrading. I guess it's just the usual contamination from parts wearing due to friction .
  3. It's a hydraulic pump Tony. The Haldex unit on a 4x4 is essentially an automated centre diff. It allows for no drive to be transmitted to the rear axle until the front wheels start to spin, then hydraulic pressure is used to operate a clutch which switches the rear drive in. So the pump runs all the time to keep pressure in the hydraulics so that it switched in immediately, and the filter is on the pump inlet.
  4. If I were the only one then it would be understandable, but it's fairly widespread, with mileages as low as 20k.
  5. Been having ongoing issues with my new Yeti being 2 wheel drive rather than 4 wheel drive. Decided it was time to have a look see why. Gen 5 Haldex doesn't have a filter (according to Skoda) so their service regime for the Haldex unit is simply drain the oil and refil. Also, the Haldex pump is dumb (doesn't report to VCDS on a scan) so no fault codes will be present. Any issue with no rear wheel drive is simply put down as "Haldex checked and serviced, no fault found" because they're too dim to actually check if it physically works. So, I set too last week with a set of ramps and tools, and dropped the pump off to check the gauze filter on the pump. This is what I found... This was after I'd wiped it somewhat in holding it to remove from the pump body, but essentially it was fully clogged and had blocked the pump. What happens then is the pump is starved of oil and siezes as a result, meaning no drive to the rear wheels. So, on a vehicle with two Haldex services (one last year at 1000 miles previous to current mileage) the pump was shot due to clogging of the filter which doesn't exist. It's currently booked into the local VW specialist for diagnosis and warranty repair. Curiously the first place I was instructed to take it to asked "What's a Haldex?" when I called to book it in and give them the details of the problem, which didn't give me much confidence really. I was also told that I would be responsible for the diagnostics charge which I should claim back from the warranty company once I'd had the repair done. I went back through the warranty and asked for a different repair shop, and when I told the new place what the problem was the guy said "I'm not a betting man but I suspect it's the Haldex pump which has failed." So, this weekend I'll be under the Tiguan and removing the pump from that to clean the filter which doesn't exist.
  6. Ooh, I wonder what Aston will say....
  7. Viking

    Skoda Yeti

    Well, two people have bid on it so far.
  8. Viking

    Skoda Yeti

    It was common on the early ones, stone chips cause it. On models from 2010 they applied a plastic protection strip over the area to stop it happening. Mine missed out. As regards the service history, it had fill history until I bought it, then I did a full filter service as soon as I got it and then oil services myself after that. Brakes etc as required. I did leave the parts box lids with the part numbers in the service manual and noted the dates in the service book but that hardly constitutes full service history when it's now overdue for cambelt, haldex, etc
  9. Viking

    Skoda Yeti

    Oh yes.. it's pretty much just as I dropped it off except they've given it a wash. Except it's developed a full service history somehow.
  10. Viking

    Skoda Yeti

    Ooh, look what's just appeared on Ebay.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/273708456990
  11. Viking

    VW Tiguan.

    Unfortunately yes, it's a fair bit of either work or expense. New underseat wiring loom, new memory controller, new setting buttons, new adjustment buttons, and a fair bit of arsing about. Easier way would be buy a memory seat and rip the required parts out of that, but as memory seats weren't an option in the Tiguan then there's no donor seats available. It would mean buying seats from a different model (say a Golf) and hoping the cars systems were compatible. A leap of faith so to speak. Either way it's going to be a couple of hundred quid and a lot of messing about or wait til someone in an english speaking forum has done it. There's a Russian guy who's done it and documented the procedure but Google Translate is a bit hit and miss to be honest. And it could be that the part numbers he's quoting are for left hand drive cars and may be different.
  12. Viking

    VW Tiguan.

    Just looking to retrofit memory seat to the driver's side. Then it'll be perfect I think.
  13. Viking

    VW Tiguan.

    Oh yes, dashcam is now hard wired too.
  14. Viking

    VW Tiguan.

    As said elsewhere, been a bit lax in updating cars recently so here's the latest one. It's not mine (although I get to pay for tyres, upkeep, servicing, tax, insurance, and anything else which it needs, oh and diesel, I have to keep it clean, and I have to fine tune it to her specific requirements like a certain style of numberplate etc. And I had to pay for it) but it belongs to the wife I guess. Went down to Berkshire on Sunday to collect it based on pictures, email descriptions, and deposit paid prior to doing so, and traded to Octavia vRS. I got a good price for part ex and the price for the Tiguan was very good, so really it was a no brainer. I was literally about to pay a deposit on one from a VW dealer in Cambridge on Friday when I had one last search on Autotrader, and this one had just appeared without any pics, so I held off til I'd spoken to them. So glad I did, as the Cambridge one was Nimbus grey rather than white (the wifes preferred choice) and this also has a better spec and 6 months younger. And it was a grand cheaper too. So, it's Tiguan R Line Edition which is the last of the Mk1 run. Heated leather, sat nav, and other standard R Line stuff, but options include keyless, folding mirrors, App Connect, spare wheel rather than compressor and glue, hidden deployable tow bar, lane assist, 19" wheels rather than 18", cruise control, most of which weren't listed on the advert so happy to find that lot when I got there. Since then I've added/enabled High Beam Assist (automatically dips the headlights when another car approaches), large digital speedo in the display, and a couple of other insignificant tweaks. When I went to collect it I stuck my diagnostics laptop on it and it came up with a headlight fault. The motors for the self leveling were not functioning correctly. I was a little annoyed at this but he immediately asked if I was happy to get it repaired at my end and he'd cover the cost. Given we drove 5 hours to collect it there really was no other way I guess other than come home without it, so we agreed that would be fine. One other issue was a speed related steering wheel wobble at 70+mph on the motorway which we didn't pick up on the test drive. So, another 5 hours drive back home with a stop for a horrendouis Burger King scabby horrible motorway services meal, and we were back home on the drive. Immediately we set about looking for the lighting fault and it was a simple fix. The option called "Travel Mode" had been selected in the dash display which essentially flattens the beam for driving abroad, so I deselected this and the fault cleared. I also ran the car up to my mate who took the wheels off and balanced them for me which sorted the wheel wobble. They were incorrectly balanced (missing 15g and 10g respectively) and they'd used hammer on weights on the inside lip only rather than correctly balancing them on both sides with stick on weights. Cost me £12. Everything is now as she wants it I guess (with the exception of her personalised plate which will need to wait til the V5 arrives).
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