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  1. There were only 8 of most of these particular ones ever made, and only 100 of that style. So they're very rare.
  2. Viking

    Aliexpress question

    You pay AliExpress at the time of ordering and they hold the money. When you clear the goods and accept them they pay the seller.
  3. I think I have a new winner. Warning, lyrics might offend...
  4. Toss up for me between... and...
  5. Viking

    When are you fitting your winter tyres?

    Mine were fitted about a month ago. But that was because the old ones were lose to the end of life and mot was due. They'd be on anyway by now as it's frosty most mornings now.
  6. I don't think of it as a sport. It isn't. It's like you say, skateboarding which is fun for the people doing it but has no sport element until you get to the "first across the line in a downhill race" bit.
  7. And who decides where the extra points go based on what? All someone's opinion.
  8. That's it though. Art is all about someones opinion of what is nice. With racing, the first one across the line is the winner, while with drifting the first one to make a nice pretty set of worn tyres and black lines on the road which impresses someone and is first across the line is the winner. You can be first, and lose because you weren't pretty enough. Like many other so called sports which rely on someone judging how well they did (ski jumping "style points" for example).
  9. I don't get the drifting thing. Seems like a bit of a waste of good speed.
  10. It's a coat hook for a mechanics house.
  11. "The blonde schoolgirl hopped out of the car and danced while the vehicle continued to move down the road in what is known as the "Kiki Challenge"." I might be stating the obvious, but the proper "Kiki Challenge" is to hop out of the car you're driving and dance along side it. In this case she was a passenger, so virtually no danger at all except for the actual getting out of the car. Mind you, the driver was filming it so he should be done. Still, pointless activity undertaken by the brain dead amongst our society (and I include all the so called celebs adding their names to the list here) and in a way I kinda hope they all get run over. Lessen the strain on the gene pool a bit.
  12. Turbine (exhaust side) wheel from the turbo.
  13. On an F1 car, aerodynamics are more important. Diverting airflow laterally through the wheels is very inefficient when you're looking for absolute airflow efficiency, so the brakes are cooled via ducted airflow taken from just the right place to provide the correct characteristics for a given car. No need for cooling via the wheels. For this reason they always pop a blower onto the cooling ducts whenever a car comes back into the pits to stop the brakes from overheating.
  14. Viking

    Why are they different?.....

    What car is it?
  15. Viking

    Why are they different?.....

    Taxi I would guess will carry more weight in the boot, that would affect it?