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  1. Things must've changed since I remortgaged earlier this year. I got a 5 year fixed deal, no fees, free survey at 1.67%... 😬
  2. The way house prices are going I'd say you'd be wrong to get off the ladder and rent. House prices will disappear off into the distance while you're paying someone elses mortgage. In a year you might find that it's cost you £10k in rent and related costs, and houses are then £20k more than they were.
  3. Boat not secured on the trailer, emergency stop and the boat lurched forward.
  4. I've got my usual Nokians on the Yeti, the van is getting Yokohamas, and the Kuga is getting Dunlops. I got the Dunlops in March when they'd just come off a Merc with about 1000 miles of wear, The Yokohamas I got fully fitted from Blackcircles (even though I hate Blackcircles) fitting is at a place 300yds from me.
  5. I fitted my new winters on the Yeti about 6 weeks ago (all my other winter & summer tyres were on the limit), I'm fitting 4 new winters on the girlfriends van on Saturday, then 4 tyres on the Kuga next Saturday.
  6. "No Haggling" simply means they're selling the car for a price, and they're not gonna budge. I wouldn't class that as a good thing.
  7. He got through 4 minutes 22 seconds blathering on, then said it was probably best if he didn't talk and let the car be heard. 😅
  8. That doesn't really work Tony. The idea is to determine how each test vehicle behaves in exactly the same crash situation, otherwise the data would be meaningless. It's impossible to introduce variables such as hitting a vehicle, because unless you crash tested every vehicle against every other vehicle in all situations you'd not get valid meaningful results. Also, this is American crash testing, the Euro ncap test procedure uses deformable obstruction to simulate another vehicle. Maybe the IIHS test also does, but the vid shown is only one of the tests.
  9. Looks like rucksack with built in solar panels to charge his mobile.
  10. Some folk have no idea. And then again, some folk just don't care. People seem to think wearing a mask is something they have to do because they can't work or go shopping unless they do. Consequently the same dirty scabby filthy mask comes out of the pocket every day and gets used just so they can get past the requirements.
  11. There's countless notices showing how (and how not) to wear a mask. I'd download a few and print em off, stick em up in clear view. First place would be on your work space door, if anyone says anything you have the excuse that you're looking after you & Josh's health & safety. Won't take long for word to get around I think.
  12. If you're keeping the dirt in the cloth then you're scratching the car. There's no other answer than that in my view. Paint, lacquer, it makes little difference what terminology you use really, if you got muck on your wash cloth or mitt etc. then that muck causes scratches.
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