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  1. Viking

    When are you fitting your winter tyres?

    Mine were fitted about a month ago. But that was because the old ones were lose to the end of life and mot was due. They'd be on anyway by now as it's frosty most mornings now.
  2. I don't think of it as a sport. It isn't. It's like you say, skateboarding which is fun for the people doing it but has no sport element until you get to the "first across the line in a downhill race" bit.
  3. And who decides where the extra points go based on what? All someone's opinion.
  4. That's it though. Art is all about someones opinion of what is nice. With racing, the first one across the line is the winner, while with drifting the first one to make a nice pretty set of worn tyres and black lines on the road which impresses someone and is first across the line is the winner. You can be first, and lose because you weren't pretty enough. Like many other so called sports which rely on someone judging how well they did (ski jumping "style points" for example).
  5. I don't get the drifting thing. Seems like a bit of a waste of good speed.
  6. It's a coat hook for a mechanics house.
  7. "The blonde schoolgirl hopped out of the car and danced while the vehicle continued to move down the road in what is known as the "Kiki Challenge"." I might be stating the obvious, but the proper "Kiki Challenge" is to hop out of the car you're driving and dance along side it. In this case she was a passenger, so virtually no danger at all except for the actual getting out of the car. Mind you, the driver was filming it so he should be done. Still, pointless activity undertaken by the brain dead amongst our society (and I include all the so called celebs adding their names to the list here) and in a way I kinda hope they all get run over. Lessen the strain on the gene pool a bit.
  8. Turbine (exhaust side) wheel from the turbo.
  9. On an F1 car, aerodynamics are more important. Diverting airflow laterally through the wheels is very inefficient when you're looking for absolute airflow efficiency, so the brakes are cooled via ducted airflow taken from just the right place to provide the correct characteristics for a given car. No need for cooling via the wheels. For this reason they always pop a blower onto the cooling ducts whenever a car comes back into the pits to stop the brakes from overheating.
  10. Viking

    Why are they different?.....

    What car is it?
  11. Viking

    Why are they different?.....

    Taxi I would guess will carry more weight in the boot, that would affect it?
  12. Viking

    Why are they different?.....

    Isn't Nivomat a self leveling technology? That would probably impact on geometry.
  13. Viking

    Geometry check please.

    Posting this on behalf of someone who can't register. Tony, this is the guy I messaged you about. Got my company 2017 Superb Estate back yesterday from the bodyshop who have spent 3 months repairing a light, offside front smack in the snow. Car slid at about 10mph in 1st gear on a hill into one of those little bridges with concrete bollards supporting a scaffold pole railing. New bumper, bonnet, wing, driving light, headlight, grill and various auxiliary components under the bonnet. The lengthy wait to get it back was caused by the "Bumper Harness" which was on back order with no replenishment date. Anyway, I digress. The week before the bump, I'd had the two front tyres replaced like-for-like for Pirellis as they'd worn the inner edges almost to cords - incidentally, I'd asked our procurement department for Michelin Cross Climates as I live very rurally and start out at 05:40 in the morning, so I get below 8 degree starts for a lot more of the year compared to most, but they wouldn't do it. Two days later we had big snow, I had my bump, and now they've got a £2,500 excess bill and 3 months car rental to pay. All for the sake of an additional £20 per tyre x4 compared to the Summer tyres I now have instead. I'd have never had such an accident with any type of Winter tyre or the Cross Climates, as the car probably would't have slipped away from me at that sort of speed, and I would almost certainly have been able to stop it! The leasing company insist on us using ATS and it turned out that the branch I used in Market Harborough don't have the settings for aligning wheels on the current Superb. Only the old one. I also discovered the lease company won't pay for rear wheel alignment, only the fronts. Seeing an opportunity, I asked the bodyshop to align all 4 wheels as part of the repair process, and attached is the print out they've sent back with the car. It's black and white unfortunately, but laid out next to the accurate colour report I snatched from another post on this forum, mine on the surface at least, looks somewhat outside tolerance. In the "Before" example, mine looks almost right. In the "Current", the left-front is quite vastly different. I'm now concerned that by lining up the geometry, it's exposed that either the suspension hasn't been refitted to the car properly, or that the bump's caused the car's frame to twist somewhere. Obvious solutions would be to either have the car put on a Hunter somewhere else for further alignment, and another would be to chuck the car back at the bodyshop, but that causes all sorts of other issues so I'd rather avoid it if I can. Does anyone have a solid idea if the attached black and white "Current" set up in the lower image is OK? Thanks in advance.
  14. It's the AMR range. Essentially the race inspired division of Aston Martin (Aston Martin Racing), along the lines of AMG for Mercedes perhaps.
  15. Standard Aston Martin factory fit.