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  1. Thanks for the observations. I'll get them checked out. Away for the next week or two. Will let you know outcome. I may well take it for another alignment check at a 4x4 specialist garage in case the Supertracker system required calibration and /or the technician was not sufficiently experienced.
  2. Yes I did read the thread - he must have been a dedicated and enthusiastic bloke - a sad loss. Thanks for your observation. I believe both toe and camber can be adjusted. There is a used swan's neck in the boot, perhaps towing has caused premature wear in one of the bushes that goes beyond possible adjustment.
  3. Whoops ! Apologies. How about a jpeg ?
  4. Test drove the replacement for an older Evoque. Big improvement - but experienced understeer on the apex of long left hand bends. MOT before sale found rear offside tyre damage - so all four replaced and a 4 wheel alignment. Coincidently the camber angle on that rear wheel is out of tolerance - only by 1 minute - but it was within the limits before the realignment. The printout content goes well beyond my historic understanding of Ackermann - I'd be grateful of any insights. IMG_20220622_0001.pdf
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