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  1. What is the total cost to keep it going for another year Rich?
  2. yeah true - I should have read your first post properly Rich - as you say erp is huge on a fixed deal
  3. I fixed for five years at 2.8% a couple of years back. I have seen fixed deals for ten years out there - fix as long as you can!
  4. They were really good - they did one for supercars a few years back, ferraris and lambos - that was a good day!
  5. This is a real shame. I have known Tony since his days at STS in Watford and he always took so much pride in his work - he was the one that originally calculated the correct geometry settings for my Lexus IS300 back in 2003 when I took my car to him with worn out tyres after only 4,000 miles. # One thing that amazed me about Tony was how good he was with the geometry numbers and how he could calculate things that most people would need a spreadsheet to do. From then on Tony had always done the geometry on my lexus (which I still own) and he did it again for me a couple of years back (seemingly for the last time). Always had a lot of time for Tony and was happy to take my car to WIM because I would get treated well and we would also have a laugh. Here's a photo of where it all started, with the Lexus Owners Club at STS in Watford back in 2005.
  6. Agreed that Super is the easy solution on the classics - I guess going forward that the replacement fuel lines etc will come as "E10" kits but it is still a cost to upgrade all these bits.
  7. yeah I did - only place I got get the car in at short notice - did a decent job by the looks of things
  8. managed to get it sorted down the road today - had to go local as could not drive the car very far. owning older cars can get expensive.... new brake discs, calipers and pads
  9. just tried to get my lexus into my local garage and they're saying they are two mechanics down and won't be able to book it in for about 3 weeks.....
  10. understood Tony, good to know, should help with diagnosing the issue
  11. cheers Tony - will try to get up to WIM next week or so
  12. maybe mine hit the same pot hole - there is a huge one on Chorleywood road
  13. yeah will do Rich, will go down to WIM - will probably be after xmas/new years now though
  14. Yeah I think there may have been a pot hole - I can drive through it - its ok at 70mph - tyre centre it is then for a check up
  15. I have been having juddering issues on my lexus when im going between 50 and 60mph. Is it geo that is off? Getting annoying rather than stopping me from driving. Before I take it in (either garage or tyre centre) wanted to get some feedback on here to avoid wasting time and money cheers
  16. think thats why most people have them these days
  17. that answers a question I had as well!
  18. do you need to start using 98 RON or Vpower once they bring it in if your car is not compatible?
  19. Yeah I read in Car mag that Ferrari were coming down hard on replicas - not sure why as its pretty obvious they are not real when you see them in real life
  20. Do you remember the Kodak building? Is it still there?
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