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Horror of the week 28/ 04/ 18...My own.

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ML is the Merc 4X4 version which came to use with no particular problem but a general collection of issues... On measuring the chassis some corrections were needed but in particular to this HOTW the castor angle.


Adjusting the castor requires some effort namely "persuasion" to force/ hold the adjuster in the correct position prior to locking.


In this event the machine offers commands a procedure and the tools required "see image".




Since no special tools are required our option is to release the adjusters pick-up points and lever the wishbone forward.





As you can see here the bushing is designed to move side-ways which will adjust the castor




Well this is exactly what we did but...... The cast around the bushing broke??


Now we have a situation. The protocol we followed but in doing so we broke the cast around the adjuster? So we are now in the blame territory.  Lets put in my perception, if a car came to us with say and exhaust problem and we put it on the two poster and lifted the car and the engine fell out would that be our fault?


Work on the car stopped while we sourced a replacement bushing but the owner wanted us to replace the entire wishbone which is alloy and damned expensive..Reluctantly i agreed to share the cost, half a labour but charge the geometry at the original fee.


Remember I still don't feel responsible for the brake the owner now wants us to replace both wishbones stating they should be fitted in pairs... I must confess now i'm getting irritated and i agreed to pay half the cost of the other wishbone providing every other bushing and all the suspension was replaced... Obviously this reads outrageous since there's nothing wrong with the other bushings or suspension.... It was at this point the owner realised i don't feel responsible and this time i am going to dig my heels in.


We did replace the wishbone ( just the one ) and we did pay half the cost... I do feel "mugged" and i feel a bitter taste and if I'm honest a bit angry....



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Owner sounds like a p**staker! That casing for the bush looks like it can be replaced separately from the wishbone so they were just hoping to get a new one out of it by the sound of it.

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Yep the bushing is made separately but MB sell it as one unit...I tried to convince the owner there's nothing wrong with the arm but he insisted we replace the lot.


I also found out after he had gone that he took the whole wishbones with him, now why would he do that whistle.gif

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