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  1. If we put chicken out every day then we would as they visit us daily. They sit in the trees in the woods. Really you're not supposed to put food out but we had a whole chicken that was starting to turn. So rather than waste it I cut it up and put it in the garden. Before the kite came down a random seagull appeared and scoffed most of it. Before this video it swallowed a whole drumstick too! 😲 YouCut_20210825_172526621.mp4
  2. Not a photo but a video of a redtail kite swooping down to get some chicken! I had slowed this down too otherwise you'd miss it. They are fast 😁 YouCut_20210824_162818890.mp4
  3. Also, if you have a petrol lawnmower you'll probably need to run that on v power too! πŸ˜‚
  4. More than likely buy from auction, quick wash and sell on. It's a bit like all of these 'refurbished' phones companies sell. All they've done is wipe and clean them before selling on.
  5. Having done some reading it seems the super unleaded fuel will remain at E5 for at least another 5 years. To fill a tank would probably cost around Β£6 more. I don't do much mileage in the MX5, it's insured for 3000 but I'm lucky to hit 1000 miles a year. Although I'm planning on using it abit more now. So it would probably cost me an extra Β£30 a year to fill up which is probably cheaper than using additives. I also found out that Essos super unleaded is actually E0 but legislation means they have to put E5 on the pumps. I normally use She'll garages but will be switching to this now. https://www.esso.co.uk/en-gb/fuels/petrol
  6. Thanks Adam, I'm hoping to use it more for work now as the Lexus will be going once it's repaired. I've found some information about the fuel, I'll add it to the other thread.
  7. I got the Bosch S5 battery and put the car back on the road a month a go. I also bought a battery mat to sit it on as I can no longer use the tray. The car starts much better now πŸ™‚ Amazingly the alternator didn't seize up this year so that saved me a job of freeing it up! My usual MOT garage couldn't do it when I needed it so I had to use a local one. I was watching from outside and they were very thorough! They passed it but advised on corrosion on the front chassis! I've not checked it myself yet but hopefully it's not that bad, although it'll be rusting inside out 😞 The tyres held their pressure all winter while it was off the road so the new rims were definitely needed. The wheels do need a refurb though so I might have a go at doing it myself. Any good kits out there? The roof also needs some stitching repairs done to it where they have eroded and some parts of the seams are separating. I also fitted the new washer jets I bought 4 years a go!! They are Ford Maverick ones and have a spray pattern rather than a single jet of water. They work much better than the originals.
  8. I've tidied the thread up! πŸ™‚
  9. Seems like they've been using E10 in the US for years with no issues for the MX5 (Miata). But yes if Mazda don't give a definite answer I may have to switch to V Power, which obviously costs more! ☹️
  10. You'd have to be quick to photograph that! 😎
  11. Looking again the lips also seem to be pointing forwards. It's only the nose that isn't, giving the impression it could be a side view πŸ€ͺ
  12. Both. Eye and ear are front, nose and lips side.
  13. One of my pet hates is when you pull in to let someone come the opposite way and cars behind you just overtake! Can they not read the road ahead or is this just ignorance! This is what happened earlier. I pulled in to let a couple of cars come up and then in again to let someone else up when the van and car just carried on! 😀
  14. Welcome to WIM Gareth It sounds like you definitely need coliovers to only lower by 15mm. I'm not sure what's good for the MK4 MX5 but Tony will know πŸ™‚
  15. I've just updated to the latest version so you may see some slight changes, I think the biggest is the new ranking. I have also loaded the new default emoji's, the old ones were looking very dated. Any issues let me know 😎 πŸ‘
  16. It was far too hot, was struggling to enjoy it at the end with the heat. Luckily we were well prepared with umbrellas for shade. The trade stand must've made a killing as they sold loads!
  17. Sounds like it should be in a museum! That's great it's still so reliable, really surprising given the low mileage.
  18. Rad rod? You mean the Chevrolet GMC? I like that, definitely something different. Must be on air suspension too.
  19. We were in Norfolk last week and went out for dinner at a smokehouse. They host a bike meet every Thursday. Not really my thing but it was a great atmosphere with live music too. The American trucks/police car belong to the pub and the RS2000 was parked in the car park. It was mint! 20210603_193733.mp4
  20. Yep! Seriously why would you carry that around. You can get small portable batteries to charge your phone if you really need to and it'll be a lot quick than solar panels!
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