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  1. Chiming in late here... If you can afford the product fee, pay it upfront and don't 'pay for it' by accepting a higher interest rate. One thing I would encourage is to go and search how to calculate compound interest. Then use excel to provide you a burn down of your mortgage. You will be surprised at how much overpaying or taking on a shorter mortgage term will help you pay off your mortgage that much earlier!
  2. Well, it is sad that it may come to an end, but without Tony and the team giving us info about cars (HOTW was great), I'm not sure what purpose the forum serves now . I have enjoyed it immensely and can't thank the people here enough for everything that has been discussed and debated. It's been an incredible time, but feel it has lost its heart and soul with Tony B now gone. Paying out of your own pocket isn't financially wise and without WIM behind the forum what shall it be for? All I can say, and I'm sure this is echoed through all the users on here is thank you Rich for your selfless support in running and maintaining the forum. It really is one of those roles thank can be thankless and forgotten about, but we really do appreciate all you have done .
  3. No filters used here, just straight point and shoot from my phone. I have resized the images to fit them on here... Really is pretty and the people are wonderful and friendly, however you do need to keep a keen eye out for the wild dogs as they can be a bit of a nuisance at times.. Also some of the roads are mega steep here, its not unusual to find a 40% gradient slope in town,
  4. I'm in Turkey at the moment and it really is an incredible place with very friendly people. I would upload photos but they seem to be limited to 32kb?!?
  5. What a shame this is! Going from a centre of excellence.... to protyre is awful. At least it didn't go to quickfit!
  6. I am now exclusively running my Mazda 6 and mini on super... A after multiple tanks of fuel, I am getting better fuel economy out of super, which outweighs the extra cost over E10. E10 fuel I am seeing a significant drop in economy which is disappointing but not unexpected
  7. How is your memory Tony??? In the picture you posted, it does state on the picture that it is a control room of a German Submarine. A Google search also confirms this
  8. adam_r


    That's Another MR2 conversation isn't it? Looks to be sat rather high at the back and the wheel base looks suspiciously short
  9. In 'merica some states have very relaxed laws
  10. Fortunately this does not have rft, this is on 15 inch wheels with Dunlop sport sp
  11. It remarkably pokey, I would say its faster than the 6. It feels very light and as such the 1.6 (122 hp) pulls the car along very well.
  12. Nope, just felt like it 'wobbled' over uneven surfaces where other cars have felt completely planted
  13. Thanks Tony. The boot is laughable, but it's the wife's runaround so will be more than sufficient. I took it out for a spirited drive and have an inclination some bushings need doing on the front. It wasn't as stable and commanding over bumps and rough road as I would have expected.
  14. Following on from the Mazda 6, Amy's Corolla decided enough was enough and is sounding more rough by the day... We ended up selling it for £500 which is a bargain to the buyer considering the work and parts I had put in to her. We have now got a 2011 Mini Cooper 1.6 petrol with 78k on the clock as a replacement. It's a fairly robust car and has already needed a new set of shoes.. I will also need to do brake fluid, brakes and other bits.. But may leave it a while as December has been hideously expensive! I have already hardwired in a dash camera as well as sorted out bluetooth steaming to the sound system.
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