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  1. If that's a AC powered hub motor it certainly would work... However I would question for how long as dirt ingress would destroy the gearing very quickly.
  2. Recycled jeans... Why not. Not my style but better than throwing them once the knees are worn
  3. Looks like a boat mast being struck by lightning. Not uncommon and if that was a nice tall thing with nothing else around then it's more likely to get hit
  4. If the owner doesn't mind.. What was the issues the previous garage had introduced and what was going on? I would have thought something like a C class be fairly adjustable, but not rocket science
  5. Looks like he had a bit of fun off roading.... Damage to the front left side is rather noticeable
  6. Incredible they have so much faith in the centre lock nut going on without cross threading. Still 1.91 seconds is incredible and shows you how much they must practise that repetative movement to nail it every time. If you look the gun is almost pushing the wheel on as it engages on the hub. Quite incredible.
  7. Can that be real?! That would surely ruin the chassis
  8. I'm going to break the mould and say that I like it.
  9. This was some years ago in japan if I remember correctly. They were racing and ended up crashing in to one another
  10. Brilliant . Good to see even the more mature people there having a laugh.
  11. adam_r

    MR2 track car

    That's an incredible example of stress raisers (unintended) and a significant sheer face on that shaft. Takes a huge amount of energy to do that
  12. Surely slamming on the brakes would have flipped it back?
  13. It is how to lower your car if you want to go silly low. Stupid imho
  14. Those guys must be great to work with. Work hard, make serious sh!t, then have a good laugh over it! I wonder how much they cost to run as a business as its still a very niche market and their sales must be limited still
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