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  1. adam_r

    BMW M235i

    You need a remap
  2. Doubt he did.... Pushed sideways in to the opposite racking which then fell right on top of him... Ouch
  3. Just a bump for this topic... 2018 calendar is fast approaching
  4. I remember my dad's first computer. Even with his IBM discount it still cost something along the lines of £7k!
  5. You can imagine the eBay ad... Only a few miles on the clock.. Had ££££ spent on the car. Only shows picture of the front bumper
  6. I would love to own / drive that
  7. I would suggest he took a corner too hard and hit the inner curb causing the car to roll
  8. adam_r

    Can anyone suggest why?.....

    Technically in the UK. As long as 75% of the Tyre is underneath the wheelarch / body work it is legal. The USA have very odd laws. In places it's not illegal to drive around without a bonnet