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  1. Tony. No affiliation with these guys and there is lots more info available online. https://www.enginelabs.com/engine-tech/exhaust/performance-exhaust-system-design-and-theory/
  2. Certainly does Tony. Car manufacturers don't care, but if your chasing performance it certainly does
  3. Helps ensure that the spool is smoother and more efficient. What's better.. One big blow every revolution or 1 smaller more efficient blow every 1/4 turn. Also the negative pressure after each exhaust pulse is still extant up the to point of the pipes meeting. So even though there is now a giant spinny thing in the way.. You can still gain efficiency by tuning and matching the exhaust lengths
  4. Tony. Not to do with exit pressure.. First consider this is a 4-2-1 exhaust manifold and Consider the exhaust gas from each cylinder to be a set body size.. I. E a 2 inch glug traveling down the pipe. As that glug of exhaust gas exist the cumustion chamber and starts heading down the pipe it creates a mini vacuum behind it. After a known time period (will cover this in a moment) the glug gets to the exhaust section where it joins I. E. The first 2-1... As this exhaust gas glug merges with the other joining pipe that vacuum is shared with both header pipes. At exactly the moment this occurs, the exhaust valves from the other pipe opens. This means that the sudden mini vaccum 'sucks' the exhaust gasses out the cylinder a bit quicker than normal. There is a significant amount of information about tuned exhaust pipes and it is incredible how critical gas flow is. If this is in to a turbo, then having eqaul length pipes allows a smoother turbo spool and is less likely to suffer with minor boost fluctuations. However you only need to worry about this if your chasing high and reliable power
  5. It's not a mirror. Two people pushing hands together with a 3rd person taking a blurred photo
  6. You guys need to see this on YouTube then... Some absolute corkers on there! https://www.youtube.com/user/yovo68
  7. Good job there. I remember way back when we had a meet at WIM. A customers tyres was very similar
  8. That's metal Tony.... Looks like the turret has fatigued and failed due to overly stiff suspension or a they hit a big pothole and the chassis could not cope with the impact
  9. Yes.. So little power requires an awful lot of skill to keep it going!
  10. That's like the tesla model 3 boot issue. If it's wet the water runs straight off the rear window in to the boot
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