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  1. You can imagine the eBay ad... Only a few miles on the clock.. Had ££££ spent on the car. Only shows picture of the front bumper
  2. I would love to own / drive that
  3. I would suggest he took a corner too hard and hit the inner curb causing the car to roll
  4. adam_r

    Can anyone suggest why?.....

    Technically in the UK. As long as 75% of the Tyre is underneath the wheelarch / body work it is legal. The USA have very odd laws. In places it's not illegal to drive around without a bonnet
  5. adam_r

    Can anyone suggest why?.....

    Here are some in action....https://youtu.be/yVaqn1fjd5w
  6. adam_r

    Can anyone suggest why?.....

    That was a look that hit America some time back. Was supposed to be a new thing but died very quickly
  7. Wood is strong Tony. And cars back then had wood chassis.
  8. adam_r

    The joy of Geometry

    The owner with too much money and not enough sense.... Centre locks wre for the race track... Not the road. He will have so much fun in the future as it will be very limited on where he can go for tyres!
  9. adam_r

    The joy of Geometry

    355/25/21 😂😂😂😂😂😂 They are monstrous! Are they visiting? Surely they didn't drive all the way to you for new tyres and geo?!?!
  10. adam_r

    Good or bad idea?......

    An American gimmick
  11. adam_r

    Destiny calling.......

    Ouch. That's going to be an expensive repair
  12. Think it was done as a joke
  13. You. And it looks like all but one is held on by cable ties too
  14. That's only because he would have eaten everything before they got a chance to get past!
  15. adam_r

    Tony's Ferrari F360 blog....

    The speaker has to be bolted to something sturdy Tony hence them being bolted to the metal door inner skin. The holes for this mounting are specific to your car.. So you will need to buy plastic or wood speaker adapters that you bolt directly to your door then you attach the speaker