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  1. adam_r

    A slight design flaw.......

    That's like the tesla model 3 boot issue. If it's wet the water runs straight off the rear window in to the boot
  2. adam_r

    The joy of Geometry

    Gorgeous cars aren't they.
  3. That's total Dedickation for you
  4. Lucky it didn't cut the car in half!!!
  5. adam_r

    Tony's Ferrari F360 blog....

    Looking good Tony!
  6. Jammy. Have you got an Iphone or android? With android you bring up the voice recorder, hit record then go back to main menu leaving the recorder running with only the app icon in your notifications bar.
  7. adam_r

    Explain me this........

    I agree with Sagitar. Looks quite legit to me and it's unlikely that the occupancy of the bus would have died during a roll over.. And I would place bets on its being very slow speed too.. I.E the bus manoeuvring
  8. adam_r

    Aliexpress question

    I buy carbon bike bits from Ali and its great that I can look over the goods before I pay. I have had some slightly dodgy bits before but a quick chat with the seller gets that resolved
  9. adam_r

    Aliexpress question

    Yes you should get a note on your account saying the seller has been paid
  10. adam_r

    Aliexpress question

    Log on to your Aliexpress account and find your orders. Then mark it as delivered. Aliexpress are better than ebay in the way the let the user collect the item before paying the seller
  11. adam_r

    BMW M235i

    You need a remap