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  1. Holy thread resurrection batman! 11th Nov 2017, to 14th may 2020! Thanks for your input russellgirl
  2. When wheels have been stuck for me I undo all the nuts 2 turns then lower the car. The weight of the car on the wheel normally unseat the wheel from the hub. Jack the car back up and then remove all the nuts. If extra persuasion is required, whilst the car is lowered with weight on the wheel, give it a kick or wobble the car and that's been enough to do it. (above has always worked for me, but only had to do it on 2 cars)
  3. Sorry to hijack your thread rich, but my accord battery it toast, what trickle charger is good and cheap?
  4. Wowser, I wonder what did that and how. Normally to do that it requires tremendous shock loading
  5. Loose front wheels and once it was rolling slow enough, wobbled out!
  6. Surely that's got to be fake or someone just doing it 'because they can'
  7. adam_r

    Mx-5 advice!

    It's a nice car but on the advice above and a bit of digging... I have said no to the seller. Basic analysis came up with 600-1000 to get the rust sorted, 400 for a set of tyres, and budget of 400 again for other bits, battery, wipers and other stuff... I'm looking at between 2.4k to 2.8k for a toy... For 2.5k-3k there are nicer cars out there!
  8. I think black looks best. Maybe clean the black up and treat it with a plastic cleaner and it should look much smarter
  9. adam_r

    Mx-5 advice!

    Roof is new ish, all tyres are flat due to being in storage for 18 months. I was a little worried about the rust and was budgeting about 600 for repair... They were pretty strong about not taking less than 1k due the roof and other bits being so new
  10. adam_r

    Mx-5 advice!

    I'm looking at getting this mx5 as a toy. Owner wants about £1k for it, but it does need work. I know next to nothing about these cars so advice from you lot is sought after. I have attached some pictures... Rear arches and bits of the cill needs some welding... So no idea how much that will cost either!
  11. Can we see the rear of the car with it fitted as it is.. Too much red may take away some of the definition of the body lines.
  12. It is awsome. C130s leak air and are rather cold but boy it was incredible. We did some very low level flying (wondering how to upload a video here).. Not joking when we where sub 1000ft. I could see in to people's lounges! Before the air to air refuelling, we did some low level flying and dropped some fake packages at specific sites allowing the crew on board to test and rehears real life supply drops. Some of the boxes left the platform when we were banked at +30 degree angles!
  13. So it took a while to find some photos that are suitable to be in the public domain.. However, as promised
  14. Sikaflex? https://www.screwfix.com/p/sika-sikaflex-ebt-all-weather-sealant-white-300ml/87344
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