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  1. So it's that time of year again. Cancelled the Lexus insurance as the car is going and was on the phone for 30 minutes with Hastings going through everything only for them to give me an even higher quote than the renewal once the claim had been added. The missus needs to be a named driver on my car although she hasn't driven it for 3 years. The claim for the CAT has increased my premium by £40+, but it's the excess that is shocking. It's gone from £0 to £250+ with the majority apart from the AA, which is £100. Ridiculous that even a named driver can have that much of an affect with a claim. Before the claim I was going to go with Aviva for £215 and £0 excess. They now want £270 and £500 excess!! 😲 Back on the subject of NCB, Hastings have refused to do a letter stating the true number of years we have. I have 17 years but they will only state 9 or over. If I put 9 years in to the details the quote is £10 more expensive than with 17 years so it obviously makes a difference. So what am I supposed to do to prove I have 17 years of NCB. What if I make a claim and they ask for proof. It's such a stupid system, wouldn't it be better if all insurance companies just honoured the same maximum amount of NCB.
  2. Rich

    MX5 RC Geo

    I've had my MX5 for 6 years and it's only ever had the Toyos on them. The previous owner had them fitted and I don't do a lot of mileage so they're not even half worn. They are super grippy in the dry thanks to the WIM fast road setup, but then most tyres should be. In the wet it's a different story! I take the car off the road for winter but from next year I'll be doing more mileage in it and will replace them. As they're 15" rims tyres are fairly cheap, even for something like Michelin Pilot Sport. Reading a few quick reviews on the T1R they're not any better than the TR1 I have. Is this the first set of Toyos you've had on the car?
  3. Rich

    MX5 RC Geo

    I have the TR1s on my MK2 and they are the worst tyre I've ever used in the wet. I try to avoid wet weather driving now as they're so bad. I've had a couple of scary moments with them. I'm replacing them asap. If the T1R are based on those then I would seriously consider changing the tyres too. Being a light RWD sports car the more grippy the tyre the better IMO.
  4. Rich

    MX5 RC Geo

    Welcome to WIM Andy 🙂 Out of interest what tyres are on the car?
  5. I think E10 fuel has been around for years in other countries so yes there is probably little to worry about. Like you say Steve I bet the majority wouldn't even check their cars anyway. Do you know if the tank on the MX5 is plastic or metal? I think the MK2 is the same as the MK1 you had. I'll start filling it up over winter though, it will save messing with jerry cans too! Do you use a fuel stabiliser, if so what one? The car definitely starts better with the S5 battery, I should've replaced it years a go!
  6. I think it's a metal tank but I'm not sure, I can't seem to find an answer online. On the MX5 forums, owners say they do it both ways. I've just left it more or less empty to avoid having to put a stabiliser in. So I stick 5 litres of fresh fuel in when I start it up over winter and then go fill up when it's had a run. I've just filled the car up with Esso supreme, £1.55 a litre! 😢
  7. I'm not surprised it beat the Ferrari, a bike weighs nothing in comparison. The guy has some balls riding that, if he comes off that's going to hurt!
  8. I don't think the brakes are going to work so well like that 🙄
  9. Great photo Geoff, you're so lucky living near to Wales. We'll get there in the summer one day to experience those roads. We did Brecon in the winter a few years a go but you have to be careful with the cold damp roads. The pair we have are always calling eachother, it's actually a nice song they have. This one is sitting on it's favourite branch. It's not calling this time but usually sings for it's mate. Video was taken on my phone so it's not great! YouCut_20210829_093436653.mp4
  10. If they're new tyres have a read of this. https://www.wheels-inmotion.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/165-new-tyres-and-their-markings/ Swap the front wheels over with eachother and see if it pulls the other way. If it does then it's the tyres causing it.
  11. Hi Ryan, welcome to WIM. It was a combination of the track rod end and Ball joint on the lower arm. But it may not be that on yours, other suspension parts can cause knocking noises too. Have you jacked the car up to try and trace where it's coming from?
  12. I just had an email from MX5 parts about using E10 in MK1 and 2 cars. They basically say that it'll be fine so I think maybe I should just stick with normal unleaded. https://www.mx5parts.co.uk/information/all-about-e10-fuel-and-your-mx5/ Something I've never been sure on is when I park it up over winter, should the tank be full or empty. I've always left as little fuel as I can in the tank but I'm wondering if I should maybe fill it up with super unleaded so moisture can't cause rust to form. You must have a nice stripy lawn 😁
  13. They are flying dustbins! I saw a video of one swallowing a small rabbit. I know they can survive on anything but that is just greedy! 😂 We get lots of pigeons but rarely a seagull. I know how annoying they are though when we're at the caravan. Especially when they are tapdancing on the roof! Feeding hedgehogs is fine IMO, they are declining and we need to do everything we can to stop that from happening. I've not seen a live one for years and we don't get them in our garden despite having the woods behind us.
  14. If we put chicken out every day then we would as they visit us daily. They sit in the trees in the woods. Really you're not supposed to put food out but we had a whole chicken that was starting to turn. So rather than waste it I cut it up and put it in the garden. Before the kite came down a random seagull appeared and scoffed most of it. Before this video it swallowed a whole drumstick too! 😲 YouCut_20210825_172526621.mp4
  15. Not a photo but a video of a redtail kite swooping down to get some chicken! I had slowed this down too otherwise you'd miss it. They are fast 😁 YouCut_20210824_162818890.mp4
  16. Also, if you have a petrol lawnmower you'll probably need to run that on v power too! 😂
  17. More than likely buy from auction, quick wash and sell on. It's a bit like all of these 'refurbished' phones companies sell. All they've done is wipe and clean them before selling on.
  18. Having done some reading it seems the super unleaded fuel will remain at E5 for at least another 5 years. To fill a tank would probably cost around £6 more. I don't do much mileage in the MX5, it's insured for 3000 but I'm lucky to hit 1000 miles a year. Although I'm planning on using it abit more now. So it would probably cost me an extra £30 a year to fill up which is probably cheaper than using additives. I also found out that Essos super unleaded is actually E0 but legislation means they have to put E5 on the pumps. I normally use She'll garages but will be switching to this now. https://www.esso.co.uk/en-gb/fuels/petrol
  19. Thanks Adam, I'm hoping to use it more for work now as the Lexus will be going once it's repaired. I've found some information about the fuel, I'll add it to the other thread.
  20. I got the Bosch S5 battery and put the car back on the road a month a go. I also bought a battery mat to sit it on as I can no longer use the tray. The car starts much better now 🙂 Amazingly the alternator didn't seize up this year so that saved me a job of freeing it up! My usual MOT garage couldn't do it when I needed it so I had to use a local one. I was watching from outside and they were very thorough! They passed it but advised on corrosion on the front chassis! I've not checked it myself yet but hopefully it's not that bad, although it'll be rusting inside out 😞 The tyres held their pressure all winter while it was off the road so the new rims were definitely needed. The wheels do need a refurb though so I might have a go at doing it myself. Any good kits out there? The roof also needs some stitching repairs done to it where they have eroded and some parts of the seams are separating. I also fitted the new washer jets I bought 4 years a go!! They are Ford Maverick ones and have a spray pattern rather than a single jet of water. They work much better than the originals.
  21. I've tidied the thread up! 🙂
  22. Seems like they've been using E10 in the US for years with no issues for the MX5 (Miata). But yes if Mazda don't give a definite answer I may have to switch to V Power, which obviously costs more! ☹️
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