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  1. Doesn't look as though it has broken - more like it has just pumped itself right out of the tube.
  2. No problem, that's a deal you couldn't refuse!
  3. A few coming, once Joy & I have stopped pebble-dashing the loo... Yes, we have come home with the trots. I'm not too bad but Joy is very uncomfortable.
  4. Sorry for the delay Liner - been on hols in Jordan and catching up on stuff. Will get back to you soon. Andy
  5. How would you like my Silver Mk2.5 Nevada as a cheap tryout? Could do with a new clutch as the pedal's a bit high, but it's been that way since I got it and it did 2000 miles through France last year without missing a beat. I'm keeping the hardtop though and the paintwork on one side needs a tidy up but otherwise it goes well enough to get a feel for the MX-5s. £850 to you as a Wimmer...
  6. Looks like a more extreme version of Stateside oval racing.
  7. https://www.quora.com/Is-the-Mercedes-SLS-tunnel-video-real
  8. I still think you're not quite seeing it as I am Tony - there can't be a caliper as there is no disc in the photo. All there is is the wheel rim with chewed up holes and the actual hub flange - nothing else.
  9. Yep, that's my take on it too. Wheel nuts have bottomed out and not gripped the rim to the flange and its a cobbled up mess anyway without a driveshaft through the bearing because the bearing will wear massively without being held together by the driveshaft or at least a CV joint in there. Almost certainly a home-brewed trailer wheel affair. That's why there's no brake disc.
  10. I agree with Rich - that's not a recently used flange as there's long term rust on it. Also the wheel rim isn't one from whatever flange it's bolted to as the centre bore is way larger thank it should be (although that's not always a problem as I use larger bore rims on my MX5s). Definitely a fake / staged pic and wouldn't have been straight off the road.
  11. Recently treated my MX5 canvas roof with Fabsil Gold and it's brilliant stuff. Water just runs straight off so certainly makes it waterproof.
  12. Saw a monster truck with a black taxi cab body on it going through Maidstone earlier - very silly but funny!
  13. Unless you are on a perfect smooth surface then I think you'll find that any old tyre will do as they won't last very long whatever you use. Personally I prefer 14"s, particularly on the back, to keep the car loose and readily turned. I have run 15s on the front and 14s on the rear to good effect.
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