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  1. Regret to say I think it will have to be let go. Whilst there may be the odd regular prepared to contribute I doubt it'll be enough to warrant continuing. Apart from the excellent technical info, the forum has been a nice "matey" sounding board, with some of us probably sharing thoughts and feelings that we wouldn't necessarily do with our partners or family, but with Tony passing that will dwindle away. WIM has brought a few of us together randomly and I'll always be thankful for that, but life and interests move on & change, new technology and platforms pop up and I've seen other forums disappear for much the same reasons as this one's decline. We have already lost some that have had massive respect, such as Sagitar and now Tony, and while its a nice thought to continue I think the hard reality is that we will all wander off on our own tangents and maybe connect with new people via other platforms. Rich, you have been a real pal to Tony and to all of us, but you shouldn't feel obliged to be out of pocket or to soldier on regardless. Andy
  2. Depends on the car, but might have to replace rubber fuel lines, carb diaphragms and even possibly carb floats. Shouldn't need to tweak the timing as you are probably always doing that when changing points etc. Haven't done anything with my Mk1 MX5, but will do the rubbers on my '62 Vitesse in due course - but as it doesn't do massive mileage I run it on E5 Super so the problem shouldn't occur. E5 Super is the simple answer for low mileage classics.
  3. Got these sitting at Brands Hatch as the new fleet of M4s - should be interesting on such a tight & twisty circuit as the previous M4s on P Zeros are a real handful on the damp and greasy conditions - even with all the gizmos left switched on...
  4. Yes, it was a pain, but to be honest I don't remember what I did re the bolt - probably used the MK2 with plenty of grease or Coppaslip. My MK2 was 1998 so even earlier than yours, but was going the other way - into the 2003 2.5. Seemed to work that way, but you could be right about not the other way. Sorry can't help more.
  5. Yep, my Mk2.5 1.8 Nevada alternator occasionally stuck after being unused for months but semed to free itself with a bit WD40 etc, but it was chewing the belt each time. Eventually it wouldn't free so managed to get the bu%%er off and found that the whole thing had corroded and expanded with rust which actually split the aluminium casing - so it was scrap. Although supposedly a specific alternator, I did manage to fit another from my Mk2 1.8S with some mesing about and it seems to be doing ok - although to be fair it has been laid up on the drive for a couple of years now and only occasionally shiffled around. Could be that, just like with the chassis rust issues, that Mazda cut a few corners with later Mk2s and they are showing up now.
  6. It'll be bogged down - been very damp here recently.
  7. Absolutely. First glance it was "ah crap!" but then I just started laughing. Showed it to SWMBO who fortunately also found it funny. If you look closer you'll see that it has failed at a previous welded repair - unfortunately I couldn't find a decent piece of steel to stuff inside the tube and typically it failed next to the weld where the metal was fatigued. I now have a much thicker tubed Brabantia rotary in place. The only problem with that is that the short-arse SWMBO struggles to reach the outer lines!
  8. Twas a bit windy on Tuesday chez Andy, but a nice sunny day so a good day to put out some washing..... or not...
  9. Under sink door has handle on the inside. Nighttime window has curtains on the outside. Its not a vacuum cleaner, its a floor polisher - won't work on the rug. Rug stripes are different patterns either end. Sink tap handles not connected to taps? Lady's sleeves are different. Agree about her smile - biggest error of all!
  10. Subaru Legacy pipes rust through too. Dirt & damp trapped behind the plastic guard is a recipe for corrosion.
  11. Tony, whether you are totally closed or not you haven't answered the questions regarding what you have done with the company employees. Have you laid them off on no pay, made redundant or have they been furloughed? It's not too late to properly regard them as furloughed and you will get 80% of their pay paid by the government, including NI and any auto pension contributions.
  12. Yep, I applied to Barclays online and within three days have had confirmation text that this will happen. Pleasantly surprised at the efficiency of the process. Don't cancel your direct debit or anything, they will take care of it all and advise later what will happen to repayments. Will also be trusting that I'll get some self-employed grant too, but not too sure as yet if it will be calculated on average of last three year's trading profits or just the 2018-19 year. I hope its the latter as it will pay more. But there's nothing you can do - just wait and they should be in touch.
  13. If you're testing a starter off the car I recommend putting it in a vice or at least put your foot on it. There can be quite a twist the opposite way the motor runs and it can give your fingers quite a whack when it jumps around. No need to ask how I know that...
  14. Don't knock it Tony - many moons ago I managed to finish a journey with a plank of wood lashed to a broken leaf spring on my mate's Vauxhall 101... Needs must and all that!
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