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  2. Chiming in late here... If you can afford the product fee, pay it upfront and don't 'pay for it' by accepting a higher interest rate. One thing I would encourage is to go and search how to calculate compound interest. Then use excel to provide you a burn down of your mortgage. You will be surprised at how much overpaying or taking on a shorter mortgage term will help you pay off your mortgage that much earlier!
  3. I thought it was strange you could add the fee to the mortgage and the repayments were cheaper than the no fee option. My brother fixed at 0.99% in December for 2 years. He could've done 5 years for 1.5% and is kicking himself now that he didn't for that. The best tracker deal I was offered included free everything and no fees for 2.69%. But given how the base rate is rising I'm not taking that. Need to chase my mortgage guy up but if I have to the Santander deal isn't that bad when you consider there's no credit checks and other fees to pay.
  4. Wow - what a difference a few months make......
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  6. Things must've changed since I remortgaged earlier this year. I got a 5 year fixed deal, no fees, free survey at 1.67%... 😬
  7. Generally unless your mortgage amount is really small, paying the fee upfront is always cheaper than the higher rate no fee option (as you've found!) Also factor in the legal fees/valuation fees/other costs if you were to remortgage to another lender so sometimes it's easier and cheaper to just switch deal with the same lender. We're looking at similar rates so that's consistent - I think the lowest option for us was around 2.2% I think but lending criteria didn't suit us!
  8. Definitely, especially as they were predicting the base rate to increase by the end of the year and it's already gone up! Still waiting for my mortgage guy to get back to me but we're currently with Santander and they've offered a tracker for 1.94%. That's the base rate plus 1.19% but they haven't added the latest increase on yet! There are two fixed offers for 2 and 5 years with a £999 product fee at 2.59%, then 2, 3, 5 and 7 year fixes without a fee but 2.79%. Adding the fee to the mortgage increases the repayments by £5, taking the no fee rate adds another £6 on top of that. So if I stuck with them the best thing to do is pay the fee upfront. Doing a quick search online I can see they aren't the best rates available ATM as sticking with Santander would add at least £40 a month to our current repayments. Hopefully we can find something close to our current rate but we need to hurry up!
  9. I think that's the right decision and we're leaning towards the same, with the price of everything else going up this at least being constant does make things a bit easier!
  10. Base rate has increased to 1% now so that's made my mind up to fix again. But you do make a good point about 5 and 10 year fixes being the same rate. With everything else going up and factoring in an October energy rise we'd be struggling if we took a tracker deal. If we definitely knew we'd be moving within 6 month I'd do it but I really can't be sure.
  11. Going through this dilemma at the moment, and it's a tough one given the current interest rate environment! The fact that 5 year and 10 year fixed rates are the same does suggest that banks are not expecting interest rates to continue to increase in the long term, and that makes it even more confusing. Best option is to consider whether you could still afford the mortgage if the rates rose and if you're happy with the risk, if you're not then stick to a fixed rate as I can't see rates coming down again in the short term.
  12. I have PS4s on my Lexus and they're great! Very quiet and comfortable. Haven't had them long enough to comment on wear, but they don't seem to be wearing particularly quickly.
  13. Not much to add on what others have said, but I feel the same, don't see a huge amount of point in it continuing without Tony or WIM. Been great being a part of this, and it's really sad to see it end like this but sadly it is what it is. As others have said huge thanks to Rich for all his hard work keeping this going, think it would have died a long time ago without you! For the few of us who use this as a kind of social platform, perhaps a FB group or something? But the costs of running the forum does seem a bit pointless now.
  14. It's £40 for the hosting, that's 12 months. The domain name expires in December and I'm trying to get that put in to my name. Or if I can't then hopefully it won't be renewed and I can buy it myself. I can't change the hosting until I get access to the domain name. I think we'd probably get away with using the forum unlicensed for at least a year but it depends on what updates we'd no longer have access to. If the forum starts getting spammed that's easily sorted by manually approving all new registrations.
  15. What is the total cost to keep it going for another year Rich?
  16. I've never used those tyres before but I don't think you can go wrong with them, especially if you don't push the car. I always use tyre reviews when I purchase new tyres. https://www.tyrereviews.com/Tyre/Michelin/
  17. I think starting a new job in a new area will force our hand anyway as it would depend when the job starts. Plus trying to buy somewhere means we're limited to what is available at that time. At least with selling first and having a good deposit in the bank means we can spend a little time finding something that we like. I've asked my mortgage guy what fixed rates he can get but I think we'll be doing that for the time being and see how things pan out. Trackers seem to be lower than fixed rates ATM but if the base rate rises by 1% or more in the next year they will be alot higher. I'm sure some lenders reduce the ERC when you get close to the end of the fixed term so we might not have to put the move off for that long.
  18. Thanks Adam and Geoff. I've enjoyed looking after the forum. Being a small one it doesn't need that much work really! The forum has been more of a social platform the last few years anyway, rather than business oriented, especially when Tony was no longer at the centre. I've checked when the hosting expires and it's the end of June so we have a couple of months left. There are plenty of forums still using old software so if I can find hosting that's cheap enough I might be able to keep it going a little bit longer. If you have any photos and PMs you want I would suggest you save them sooner rather than later.
  19. Couldn't have said it better Adam, and yes I absolutely agree and thank you Rich for all the work he has put in looking after the forum behind the scenes.
  20. Yes I agree. I've rented in between in between house buys and it takes all the pressure off.
  21. Well, it is sad that it may come to an end, but without Tony and the team giving us info about cars (HOTW was great), I'm not sure what purpose the forum serves now . I have enjoyed it immensely and can't thank the people here enough for everything that has been discussed and debated. It's been an incredible time, but feel it has lost its heart and soul with Tony B now gone. Paying out of your own pocket isn't financially wise and without WIM behind the forum what shall it be for? All I can say, and I'm sure this is echoed through all the users on here is thank you Rich for your selfless support in running and maintaining the forum. It really is one of those roles thank can be thankless and forgotten about, but we really do appreciate all you have done .
  22. Yes that is a concern too and I'm not actually keen on renting TBH. But I think trying to juggle a move and start a new job is going to be too much. If I secure a job but can't sell or find anywhere to buy shortly afterwards I'd have to rent some where short term so I can stay during the week. There's no way I could commute it! People I know who have done this either rented anyway, work remotely, commuted back or were retiring so didn't need to find a job! We're looking to move close to Norwich, unless something really nice further away comes up. So I've been looking for jobs around there. My plan was to get a job, rent nearby and if it works out buy somewhere in that area if we liked it. At least with renting first, if we didn't like the area we wouldn't be tied to it.
  23. Spot on Andy, it can't live forever and I know it'll have to go at some point. From the number of likes it seems most are in agreement. I think Tony did want me to keep it going as he mentioned it a few times but forums just aren't what they used to be. I have to admit this is the only one I really use now. I don't use them like I did 10 years a go. Some of the big ones I'm on are so quiet now. If I can find some hosting cheap enough I'll see how long I can keep it going but I won't be paying to renew the license. I've never heard of Discord so will have a look at that but I'm assuming I wouldn't be able to transfer the database from here to that one so it would mean starting again.
  24. Have you considered Discord Rich ? One of the groups I am in uses it and it seems very similar to the old BB pages but I think it’s free
  25. You probably are already but look for jobs where you want to locate to. When you have an offer, it may help force your hand and things could move very quickly.
  26. Sorry for an old thread bump. I don't care about nitrogen, but I am interested to hear from anyone that has had experience of both PS4 and Primacy 4 tyres (ideally on the same car). I'll be needing a set of tyres soon (for a 2014 A3 saloon) and was going to go with the PS4, but since I'm not a hard driver anymore; I don't attack corners or power out of bends - I generally waft around at normal traffic speeds and occasionally get my foot down in the country lanes when it's clear - I could trade a bit of out-and-out grip (I never find the limit anyway, so I have a big buffer) for a bit a more comfortable, quieter ride, and maybe a little mpg gain if poss.
  27. The way house prices are going I'd say you'd be wrong to get off the ladder and rent. House prices will disappear off into the distance while you're paying someone elses mortgage. In a year you might find that it's cost you £10k in rent and related costs, and houses are then £20k more than they were.
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