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  1. Im sure someone told me the issue is down to the power steering on modern cars.?
  2. It does look like a bat of some kind thats suffered a trauma....they do move like that if they have too...... other than flying..
  3. Also before doing the oil change.....would it be worth giving the engine a flush through.? with the engine flush stuff you can get to add to the old oil.?
  4. Was going to change the oil today but of course it started raining again..! also got a oil pressure switch from vaux world...genuine GM part....£9 inc postage....so a few bits to be getting on with......will then get my oil pressure checked.... Also noticed is the oil pressure light seems to flicker when the cars idling so not fully lit-up and continuous....hmmmm strange Other than that the car ticks over sweetly and drives nice and smooth... Ohhh the joys of motoring.!!
  5. Ok.... I went into a vauxhall dealership in hemel and spoke to a mechanic..... Told him the story of oil change etc.....Now he seems to think its more than likely either WRONG OIL ( said Castrol 10-40w is thicker than GM own brand.? ) OR Faulty oil pressure sensor..... He said if it was the oil pump i would have more probs and oil pump would more than likely make a knocking noise.....? The vaux mechanic also recomended fully synthetic 5-30w oil ( either GM own Brand or mobil,fuch`s etc )
  6. Hi thanx for your help liner33 Ive never had a problem before i done the service the other weekend....The oil pressure light has never come on before. I would find it hard to see that there could be a serious problem after an oil change.....
  7. I hope i can make and dont move before then...
  8. Thanx for the help viking.... The reason i put 10-40w oil in is looking at the service history ( All vauxhall service history,book,sheets etc ) they used 10-40w.... BUT...I do remember thinking the castrol oil i got was rather thick.... Well looks like ill have a little project to do tomo if i get a chance. Ill get some new oil .....Mobil 05-40w and see if that helps. After that if the lights still on ill change the oil pressure swtich as i have a new one and go from there.....im hoping its just the oil and nothing to serious. Ill keep u updated on how i get on.....Thanx for all the help.!!!
  9. Take the sump pan off (if accessable)and you'll see it. Ok cool thanx scorps.
  10. Also what oil would you say is better.? Mobil 2000.? or comma.?
  11. Hi viking... The oil filter is a genuine GM one and purchased from vauxhall and the codes tally up with the make model of my car.... How would i check if the oil pick up pipe in the sump is blocked.? where would i find the pipe on my car...and is it easy to check and sort out myself.?
  12. Ive had the car for a year now I brought it and after i had it for a few months i had the oil changed by a family friend who i trust as hes a mechanic and has his own garage in sarratt. after he had changed the oil i never had any problems UNTIL i changed it at the weekend. Just find it strange the light come on after it was changed..... Should i use 5-30w or 5-40w oil.? any reccomendations regarding the best oil to use.? It will be my 1st port of call and then the oil pressure sensor..
  13. The light has never been on before. The old oil was dark brown and slightly thicker than new oil
  14. Well i done the service myself...The sump capacity is 4 litres and thats what i used...put half in then let it settle......then the rest in until it reached the upper MAX mark......went for a drive......came back.....waited 5mins then re-checked and its on the MAX mark on dipstick.... And i used castrol magnatec 10-40w and thought that would be ok.? I know all the previous services where done by a main dealer and they used 10-40w GM vauxhall oil I have a 1 litre bottle of GM oil indoors from my corsa So i checked the two oils together and i must say the CASTROL OIL seems to be MORE THICKER than the GM oil..? So maybe the oils to thick.? I will change the oil again first off and then change the oil npressure sensor if still goes on as they are about £5 of Ebay... Should i use a thinner oil like 5-30w 5-40w ? something like MOBIL 2000
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