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  1. I decided to go with the Michelin Pilot Sport 4s The reviews were really very good. Decent wet rating and the stiff side wall.
  2. Hi guys So I'm on my second set of RE050s which are done. And I now need all 4 doing. So good time in my book to shop around. I could get 4 RE050s again but when you get to around 70% wear they really go off if that makes sense. Never found wet performance to be amazing either but ok. I don't really want to lose the stiff sidewall as the car really is suited to it with the suspension set up standard. (2014 tuned Fiesta ST so now putting out more torque than before when the last set of RE050s were fitted) So in short I'd like to keep the handling characteristics of the car but increase wet performance. What are people's views? Cheers
  3. How have you been getting on with the levels and made any headway with a replacement?
  4. I had to get WIM to free the rears up so it's likely they are bringing again mate. Only took them 20 minute to sort it.
  5. S2IM

    Waz's Mazda RX8 231

    It's such a shame the MPG is so poor as I love these cars. The looks, sound, interior, RWD (basically an mx5 handling wise with more grunt). I know it was a whilst ago I posted but I ended up buying Steves S3 from my MX5 and even after tinkering with 270bhp it still returns 30mpg on my commute of 48 miles. And that's giving it beans where I can. In all honesty if my job means me getting a train to work more I'd still like to have one regardless of the MPG as the mileage would be so low. It's an itch one day I will scratch but the miles I'm doing I would be filling up every 3 days costing me £120 a week. The same reason I got rid of my old STI @19mpg. A lot of fun though
  6. Wuss! Chuck a couple of bags of sand in the boot and get the roof down. Driving in the snow was huge fun! The heaters in these cars are extreme.
  7. Indeed Steves S3. Enjoying having power again Although it doesn't have the razor sharp handling of the MX5 its a very sure footed motor with nice luxuries/comfort and Steve did a bloomin good job on taking care of it!
  8. I'd say slightly more auburn than blonde Glad your enjoying it mate. Take it easy till you get to grips with a RWD car!
  9. S2IM

    S2IM's MK2 1.8iS MX5

    Now sold... And I'm sure the new owner will take good care of her
  10. Maybe the picture confused me as its a mk3 shown Adam. Are the mk1/2/3 all the same for the height recommendations?
  11. What is the perfect ride height on mX5's to keep the wishbones level?
  12. I think we have "zen" Car and owner as one Great day with the motor in the sun and I've updated my blog post. Good work chaps. The tweaks have really sorted it.
  13. S2IM

    S2IM's MK2 1.8iS MX5

    After 6 weeks of tweaking and adjusting the coils I think it's now perfect. Adjusting the preload again, adjusting the castor and having the new drop links fitted have made a pretty big difference. Today the motor had quite a lot of time spent on it and then out on the country roads to test the tweaked set up. Tried the dry wash spray for the first time and was quite impressed! After a wash and vac, fitted the new stubby Ariel kit and adjusted the damping settings and took it for a blast. Massive grin when I got home. The car now holds the road really well and doesn't crash at all even after lowering it again. Mud flaps will come off at some point I think or trim the back as they scrub in hard cornering. Thank you to Joe for his patience with me on this and Tony for having a butchers. I appreciate the effort that's gone in to get it right for me. Here's how she's sitting at the moment https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=71137CB7529F3B7C!5172&authkey=!AILx32pp2PoEkew&v=3&ithint=photo%2cjpg
  14. Initial feel is that it's better. It's lost the floaty feeling at motor way speeds and the rear seems to be working harder. Only drove it down to Rickmansworth and back so plan is to give her a good old clean tomorrow and blow the cobwebs off round the lanes here. Been away for the weekend in the other car. Will provide an update tomorrow for you! I appreciate the work you guys (especially Joe) are putting into this and trying to get it spot on. Thanks for having a mooch over it Thursday tony. The plug and play Teins I had on the Subaru just got on with it. This stuff seems to need a little more config to get it right for the driving style. Joe lowered it a little after the preload adjustment, so far only caught the exhaust once on a mother of a bump with a full tank of fuel and two fat blokes in the seats I also hope that will be the last trip until something new to do as conscious of the time/effort spent on the car so far.
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