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  1. get the bbs's refurbed.. i love them wheels mmmmmmm
  2. if you really wanted to go wider then you will need to go for taller wheels too 195/50x15 or 195/40x16. might be cheaper to buy a stylish set of 14" rims
  3. my first was with my sisters mk3 escort, i went onto a roundabout in the wet, i must of lifted off going to the right because the back end came out and i over corrected and ended up parked on the grass. she still doesnt know, she thought i bought her new wheel trims through brotherly love
  4. rear wheel drive + wet weather + heavy boots = fun
  5. good point, if a car was pulled over and mr plod thought that a wheel was a bit wonky what could he do? i have had a 14 day rectification notice before for illegal plates and had to have them changed and then get an mot station to stamp (embosed) a form that i needed to post back to prove the work was done. as wheel alignment isnt part of an mot would it just be joints and bushes that were checked? might be one to do a bit of research on!
  6. that bulletin is just showing how to put the steering wheel straight, bit of a cheat really because if the alignment was correct in the first place this problem wouldn't exist, as tony quoted in his post if the thrust-line is dead centre then front wheels can be set to match with no problem, but if the rear wheels are slightly toeing to one side, then even though the front tracking may appear to be correct the steering will need to be held at an angle to correct the problem. ever seen an old mini 'crabbing'?
  7. sitting in traffic on the m1 yesterday watching a dvd with a police car next me (i didnt notice him) all he said was "be safer with the radio on" then off he went again, some police seem to think that if the attitude is good they will just have a friendly word and that'll do. shame i wasnt the same when i got pulled for doing 66mph in a 40mph zone on the a127 at 2:00 am (6 points £100 fine)
  8. my answer would be its all trial and error, i have gone from 205/60x15 to 225/40x18 i kept the presures as standard 30psi front and 33psi rear, no problems so far. i would recomed a full geometry check-up as bigger tyres are usulay more expensive to replace
  9. tony, have you ever done a peugeot 206? the ride height has to be set to a certain level, i found that 8x56lb weights and 3 trolley jacks in the boot plus 1 56lb weight in each front foot well gets the height down to the right level. oh and they quite good realy realy lowered.
  10. some places have alignment machines that fit of the rim rather than over the tyre, also i know of a company in hemel hempstead that has the standard wheel alignment gauges with arm that fit lower down the wheel so more lowered cars can be checked
  11. i know i cant prove anything here but about 8 years ago i bought a beige mark3 escort, i fitted some xr2 pepper-pop alloys and painted it yellow (it was custodised) iwent out and bought some lowering springs and fitted them but it wasnt low enough, i went a bit mad and took the srings out and cut them in half and refitted them, resulting in a 5 inch drop (125mm lower), if i knew then what i know now about suspention i wouldnt of done this. i bent the whole car, it was a 4 door escort and after just a few months the top of the doors were over-lapping and the bottom had a gap of about 8 or 9mm!! the top of the 185/60x13's were hidden up in the arches, looked great but i killed it, i would only advise fitting springs and dampers that are made for specific makes and models.
  12. oh i didnt think of that it took me a few times to get it right.. you might want to reset my views then because im sure 20 people havent looked!
  13. 205/50x17 would be 630 mm, another close match, fitted to mondeos as standard, the higher profile will result in a ride that is less harsh than the 225/45x17 but will be less in contact with the road due to the narrower tread width, also it depends on weather you are fitting 7",7.5" or 8" rims.
  14. i havent declared my wheels as a modification, they look like they belong on the car and the size is listed in the owners manual. my insurance is £325 f/c with 12 years protected no claims with admiral
  15. i am using a real budget brand merit, the tyre is a "metric reinforced" they are a rotation tread pattern the dry grip is great, i have done 4000 miles on them in 8 months and they are on 6mm, the wet grip however is, ummm, entertaining, i have set my pressures to the factory recomended 30psi front 33 rear. they are very quiet, i will buy them again as i dont need loads of grip because its not the sort of car to throw around, i wouldnt recomend them for a wet track day, unless your into drifting
  16. you can work it out yourself, first workout the heght of the rim without the tyre: convert the 15" into mm [15x25 = 375] then workout the height the tyre adds, the "65" part is the height of the sidewall as a percentage of the width, whitch in this case is 195mm: 65% 0f 195mm = 126.75mm there are 2 sidewall heights to add so this number is added twice, the total is the overall height of the rim and tyre: 375mm + 126.75mm + 126.75mm = 628.5mm so going by the above a 225/45x17 gives an overall height of 627.5mm and is therefore a close match in my own case i have gone from a 205/60x15 (621mm) to a 225/40x18 (630mm)
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