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  1. This is an image tag test : ........................
  2. If you was open for bids for the complete batch .... I'll start off the Auction. £100
  3. I can do 0-60mph in 3.4 seconds lol Good figures mate
  4. That's great news Tony .... I don't suppose you can get me some Ohlins forks for my bike at a good price?
  5. Hopefully soon everything will be transferred over to metserve......... this will solvethese issues mate. Cheers.
  6. The server the forum is hoting on doesn't like the sendmail script unfortunatley....... so sometimes it plays up! ... I blame Fasthosts
  7. There souldn't be Jon .... bu I'll look into it ! Are you talking about thread supscriptions?
  8. Ahmet

    Bike Geometry

    I'll do what ever is safest mate to be honest! - Just need someone who knows what they are talking about to give it a complete once over! ..... says the man who is too scared to ride the hayabusa ;-)
  9. Ahmet

    Bike Geometry

    Tony, After my spill on the R1 ........... it would appear that I may also have a very slightly bent fork. The handbars were straight, and the wheel would be pointing in another direction! I've managed to straighten this, via loosing the fork clamps, having it resettle the tighten. However, it appears that full lock RIGHT is about 1/2" more than full lock left. Do you have any recommenations or advise, once I have put all the panels back on (end of next week) for me to take the bike ? I want a 'Tony' for bikes ideally ... someone who knows what they are doing. Cheers.
  10. Hmmm Dawn, Jade and Amber huh? Who might these be? Brilliant turnout, I'm so gutted I couldn' turn up - given the circumstances The two Lexi seem like they have been bullied over in the far corner lol. V8 in an MX5 ..... that must shift!!All the best mate
  11. Ahh ... well that's nice ... cheers again
  12. Thanks Jon but I actually meant from a WIM admin perspective, as Richard finds his new powers
  13. Welcome again in your new role, please do not hesitate to contact me should you need any assistance.
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