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  1. i know the number but im not going to tell anyone
  2. have you tried gripping the shaft with a pair of mole grips? but if you do this make sure you put something rubber there first to avoid scratching the shaft as this can damage any seals the shaft passes through. if the knock is still there check the drop-links for play.. they are for ever going on any make of car.
  3. 'tony pointed me the right way' 'tony put my wheels-inmotion'
  4. there is always something sexy about new wheels, i want to enlarge my rear end from 8x18 (225/40) to 9x18 (265/35) amg stylie, but they dont make my wheels anymore and im not buying a full set!!
  5. id agree with that, we aligned a lexus (gs400 i think) big one anyway, after a 14 day re-check the mesurements were better but not perfect.
  6. we seen a couple of skodas where the spring cup has snapped off of the strut on the rear, the whole suspention collapses but the spring is fine
  7. half right, n/s/f.. dropping off a kurb
  8. i seen a coil spring snap on a skoda fraverit, it went straight through the inner side wall of the tyre, luckily the guy was doing about 10 mph
  9. you can sometimes manage to scrape a car a through a proper emitions test without a cat, but some places will get your car through an emitions test by using another car to get the readings, if you ask nicely enough ££ . usually the cars that have a cat on the manifold and one on or near the front pipe sail through because the manifold cat does most of the work any way. the reason a straight bit of pipe is used is that a hollow cat sounds terrible, raspy and rattly because the gases cant flow smoothly through the pipe.
  10. the only real way is with a torque wrench. most cars are between 90nm and 110 nm. cant realy say wow tight with a wheel brace as they are all different lenghts so different torques are involved
  11. i know that escort xr3i's and rs turbos have to be adjusted but i dont know how much by.
  12. so now you have seen the machine in action tony.. what did you think?
  13. i straigtened an alloy today, when the wheel came in today it had 2 visible flat spots and after straigtening it ran sweet on a ballencer. this prosses isnt 100% guaranteed because if the wheel has been fractured in the impact that caused the flat spot it wont be able to take the bending presures and will crack, so far we have only done 4 wheels, one cracked and needed to be replaced the other 3 came out fine, it takes a little while to do and we are asking people to leave the wheel with us so we can concentrate on it at a quiet time. if you have an expensive alloy that is bent it is well worth a try to straigten it before splashing out on a new rim, specialy if the wheel is no longer available and replacing it means changing a set of 4 wheels.
  14. well yeah, probably flicked up by the front wheel up lands under the rear one.
  15. and of that 99% have you noticed about 75% of them are in the n/s/r (passenger)
  16. i have cheap brand rotational tyres, they're ok until you get in the car and drive it
  17. i havent got a picture but was adjusting the front camber on a discovery 3 today and the offset washers were fitted incorrectly from the factory, the car was an 05 reg, on the drivers front camber bolt there is an off-set washer at either end, instead of both facing the same way one was 180 degrees out making the setting totaly imposible, no wonder the guy killed a tyre in 5,000 miles!
  18. i have my mercedes set to all the manufactures settings except for front toe, instead of the total toe being set to almost +3.0mm as mercedes say, i have it set to +1.0mm seems to be a nice feel in the corners and thhe tyres are wearing nice and even
  19. as my car is the sport model it has lower suspension anyway, i found a nice big set of wheels filled the arches without drastically effecting the harshness of the suspension. i once lowered a car by cutting the spirings.. bad bad bad bad bad bad bad idea
  20. i love the rain, there is a little one way system around my block of flats (by the sorting office) 4 90 degree turns, first to the left then 3 to the right, if i go into the corners in drive at about 15 mph then just plant it, the gearbox kicks down to 1st and the rear wheels just light up (only in the wet) then its just a case of keep it planted and tons of oppisite lock, i love it, just wish i had the power to do it in the dry. the magic roundabout is fun too because you can combine corners, just ease off inbetween swings i seem to be more confident doing this on right hand corners.. b the way im not trying to say this is big or clever, i feel ashamed after i do it.
  21. we do keep old tyres that are changed but still have tread left anyway, although the selection is limited and we dont have many full sets of 4. what we tend to use them for is if a car comes in and needs a tyre that we havent got we can lend them a 'runner' until the tyre come into us,
  22. only use them for the times the car isnt being set up for geo, basicly fit the springs, slap on the old wheels, drive around the m25 4 or 5 times, come home, put your lovely alloys back on and get your geo set up
  23. what i would do, is put on a set of old tyres that you don't mind killing (obviously they have to be legal) then run them for 1000 miles, at the end of that if you have to throw them away who cares?
  24. wow nice bit of infomation, makes a lot of sence, i must admit to not knowing this, i just thought the bands were for the factory use, although i do fit tyres with the bands on the outside purely for looks so i guess the result has been the same all along, never had a car with brand new tyres on coming back with a pull. i wonder how many centres have sent tyres back to the manufactorer as faulty.
  25. i had zz3's on my prelude, 215/45x17, i bought a set of four, 3 of them developed buldges in both sidewalls, i took them back to the supplier and they were sent back to avon, avon paid for 50% of the tyre as hey had half the life left in them, the news ones went the same way so i took them back again and avon said it was driver damage. (kerbing the inner sidewall is a good trick eh?) so i personaly would say no to avons.
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