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  1. Had a nice long chat with the guy who does the Geometry (Peter) who is a member on here too so they are well aware Sure I will report good things tomorrow
  2. Update. Changed the rack and steering is much tighter now so that is good and the steering is coming back to the centre more BUT still not perfect. I think the rest of the issue is probably geometry related so based on Tony's recommendations on this forum I have just booked the car in at: Nigel Lang's Garage 164 Crook Street Bolton BL3 6AS Tel: 01204 392995 tomorrow for a full geometry. I could obviously have gone to Drury Lane like I normally do but since Tony is recommending this place in Bolton it would be rude not to try them
  3. Hi Tony, Trust things are well. No the car has mechanical power steering as far as I know. My dads Honda Civic (which also has the same problem) is electric however. Thanks Anees
  4. Hi guys, Hope you are well. My BMW e46 330D has felt loose and wondering for a while and the steering has been slow returning back to centre with a dead feeling in the centre. What is normally the cause of a car where the steering does not return to centre and just stays where it was last positions? My dads Honda Civic is suffering from the same problem actually. This week the car has had: New Shocks New Springs New Tie Rods New Track Rods New Front Wishbones with bushes as well as a new clutch, flywheel and slave bearing Car has Vredestein Ultra Sessanta Tyres all round. The car feels better with the improvements but still feels loose and I can turn the steering quite a large amount (almost a qtr turn) when travelling before the wheels do anything. We have had another look and are thinking steering rack is to blame. It does have some play and the car has done 106K miles. Obviously the geometry is all over the place too but since I have spent so much anyway I am thinking I may as well spend the extra and get a steering rack too and be done with it before I get the geometry setup again. Thinking of getting this one: http://members.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?V...id=autobitz2007 http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/BMW-E46-3-SERIES-199...#ht_2382wt_1139 I know in the steering column their is a U-joint that wears out but that was replaced about 2 years ago/20K miles so should still be fine but will be checked too. Any advice appreciated. Thanks Anees
  5. BOUGHT THEM http://www.camskill.co.uk/products.php?plid=m54b0s312p57900 Hopefully they are more sticky then a very sticky thing, stuck to something very sticky!
  6. Right think I might take a slight (calculated risk!) I have noticed that the Michelin Pilot Sport PS3s are now out and are supposed to be as good as the PS2s in the dry (where they are already just ahead of the Goodyear Eagle F1 Assymetrics) and much better in the wet. I think they are worth a bet and I can't see them being a bad tyre - the PS2s are one of the highest rated tyres about but I can't find any reviews for the PS3 hence the slight risk.
  7. True mate..but what I learnt from the last experience is that not all tyres seem to suit all cars, hence why I am more careful this time.
  8. Hi guys, Hope everyone is well. I have just bought an Evo after selling my S2000. Info here (hope the link is ok): http://www.outlawjapclub.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=2910 The car at the moment has the standard Yokohama C-Drive 235/45/17 tyres on it. The front tyres on it are abit low and it needs a geometry doing too but I want to get the tyres changed first. I am looking to get a whole new set of tyres for the car. Now I have also joined the MLR (Evo owners club) and the owners on there are raving about Goodyear Eagle F1 Assymetric tyres with lots of good reports. I am abit worried about this however because I know Tony doesn't rate them and my very bad experience with them on my BMW (and owners on the BMW club said they were good too) so I don't want to repeat the same mistake. Past thread: http://www.wheels-inmotion.co.uk/forum/ind...?showtopic=4185 Saying that I had them on my S2000 and they were great. I personally have been impressed with the Vredestein Ultra Sessantas I have fitted on my BMW so I am tempted to just go for those. According to MLR Goodyear Assymetrics seem the No1 choice for most road user, with the Michelin PS2 a close second. Any advice appreciated. Thanks, Anees
  9. Further update.... FANTASTIC TYRES!! I have had: Dunlop Sport Maxx, Falken-FK452, Michelin Pilot Sport PS2, Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetrics and now these Vredesteins. I would rate them as the best tyres I've had so far. Just SO GRIPPY!!
  10. Right, new tyres were fitted yesterday. I can report: ..... - Much better turn in! Car feels less "mushy" if you know what I mean and sharper. - Backend feels planted again - I pushed it to "some" miles an hour and backend was planted and not all over the place - Seems to be less bodyroll too (but it was wet so not pushing it yet) And this was in the wet!! Overall, considering the tyres still probably have there coating on them and will need a few hundered miles to bed in properly they are in instant improvement! In short I am confident that once the tyres bed in, my car is BACK Much happier with the car now. The strange thing is my goodyears looks like new and the fronts (225/40/18) have only 7mm wear and the rears 6mm (255/35/18). Still hope to sell those. They are great tyres but just don't seem to suit my BMW.
  11. Permission to be smug granted! Its not that I didn't believe your diagnosis from the start but I had Steve from Charlesworth, the mechanic I use normally from Auto-Serve and a few others said that they definetly didn't think it was the tyres at fault and I suppose I just went along with it. Fingers crossed we have success now.........
  12. Bit of an update to this thread. I had my original BMW suspension put back on the car about a month ago and to be honest it didn't really make a massive difference. Like Tony said straight away, I am convinced it is the tyres now causing the problems. I was going to live with it, until the tyres wore down and replace them, but faith has forced my hand with a non repairable puncture on the rear tyres so I have bitten the bullet and gone for Verdestein Ultra Sessantas which I had on the Aristo before and were great and I also know Tony rates them and they are used by many happy BMW owners. I can sell the three remaining Goodyears - 6mm thread left on the fronts to hopefully get some of my money back. Hopefully when the Vredesteins are fitted I am finally happy It also shows that Tony was correct from the start!! Thanks, Anees
  13. I have been busy with other things so not made much progress with this, but a a further update. I emailed Eibach complaining about the excessive roll the car has at the front and after a delay they will not replace the front shocks, claiming that the reason the roll is so bad is because the obviously worn shocks on the rear are causing all the cars weight to transfer to the front when cornering which is why the car is rolling so much. They have accepted the rear shocks are faulty and have sent me a pair of rear shocks. I am quoting the email they sent me. Does it should feasible?
  14. Sorry guys, been away for a while in Germany and also recently got married so not had the chance to post up, but the car handled superbly on the Nurburgring and was a pleasure to drive all the way through France, Belgum, Holland and Germany. THANK YOU TONY A job well done. I'll post some pics up of the trip and the car around the ring as soon as I get chance
  15. Yes Sir....... hopefully of a chassis that comes back into the UK in the same state that it leaves
  16. That is so true...........at least I know your a real person now and not a figment of my imagination. LOL PS I doubt I'll be going nutter at the Ring........but never say never......I might enjoy it!
  17. Thanks mate It was a decent trip. Went on the M6 Toll when arriving and followed the M1 all the way when coming back. M1 was pretty busy on the way back with laods of roadworks but not too bad overall.
  18. Hi guys, Just wanted to thank Tony for his great work today. It was great to finally properly talk to some one I have "known" (online) for over 5 years! I did meet Tony at the LOC WIM meet but that was only brief. It was great to see the master at work and I quite enjoyed the trip too - some patches of decent weather meant I could have the roof down and Chesham has some nice roads but I was under orders to take it easy so I did! Tony applied a custom setup and the car is behaving exactly like he predicted so far. Steering is a touch lighter but more responsive at lower speeds yet planted and stable at higher speeds. The backend jumpiness/looseness where the car would skip over bumps is far better too. I've not really pushed the car into any bends yet since I am taking it easy and learning how the "new car" behaves. Cheers Tony............ Anees
  19. Let's go for it 10am'ish on the 20th YAY! Sounds good. My front braces, rear brace should all have arrived and been fitted by then so will be a good time to setup geometry Can't believe I actually get to see the master at work! I'll have me hair cut and clean shaven Setting off shortly
  20. Ok mate...... I take it you are booked in? Yes....... you booked me in on the 8th July for tommorow (20th) at 10ish. We did it via PM
  21. Congratulations! Looks stunning and its nice when hard work pays off
  22. See you tomorrow Tony. I'll be aiming to get to your place by 9.30 - 10am
  23. I am going on the LOC Nurburgring trip on the 23rd July so obviously I need the car "right" before then. With what I hear about the s2000 I think its probably best if I make the effort to get down to WIM (3h 30mins away) so that I am sure the car car is setup as best as possible before the trip
  24. I was always taught that if you don't have anything nice to say you shouldn't comment......... Hence....... NO COMMENT
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