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  1. Perfect. See you then. Thanks Andy
  2. Are we OK for the Saturday the 1st? Cheers Andy
  3. Yes, What time, 10-11am ish would be best for me? Thanks
  4. This next one, anytime you like?
  5. Parts will be here tomorrow. Do you do Saturdays? Cheers Andy
  6. Thanks, will let you know when they are here and book in.
  7. Got ir. Already bought them, should be here next week. Can you confirm price for fitting springs and spacers, including Geometry setup and if its a do it while you wait job. If you dont want to discuss prices on the Forum, here is my email andy@1stmx.co.uk Thanks
  8. OK I will get it all ordered and contact you to book in. Thanks again. Andy
  9. Is there any issue with spacers Geometry or additional wear wise? Was thinking 30mm each side at the rear and 20mm each side at the front, what do you think? When I know will buy the items and book in with you. Thanks for your help and advice. Andy
  10. Can you also supply wheel spacers, believe Eibach do those too? Cheers
  11. Spot on. Can you supply the springs? What will be the cost fitted including Geometry setup? How much will they lower the car and will it be lowered by the same amount front and rear? Cheers Andy
  12. You've lost me :-) Do you think the Eibach Pro (Softer) Springs or any other maybe progressive springs, will give me what I am looking for or do i need to swap out the dampers too? Thanks Andy
  13. I managed to find this last night. https://www.124spider.org/forum/153-brakes-suspension/6521-124-lowering-springs-4.html Are they progressive though? All I am looking for is to lose the harshness in the initial stroke, over small bumps when going slow, a little bit stiffer when driving faster would be OK? Let me know you thoughts. Cheers Andy
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