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  1. Thanks Tony. Do you sell any suitable sets? I would be coming to you for geo after install for sure....
  2. Hi folks! My latest car is a 2009 mini clubman Cooper S. I've switched to 16" wheels and non run flats which has improved the ride, but ideally I would want the car a smidge lower but without getting any firmer. Just wondering if anyone had experience of different setups? Happy to go with lowering springs and different dampers or coilovers if that's best route. Car is mostly for road use and the very very occasional track day. Any thoughts? Cheers GB
  3. Tha is for the quick response Tony that's a great service you offer. Will have to see where I can fit in a visit to chesham. I was toying with getting the car geo'd anyways...
  4. I have recently changed my MX5 for an Evora S, love the car, looks amazing, sounds glorious and is not short of pace. I do however have a clunk when turning the wheels at low speed and occasionally when going over bumps. Evora seem to be very prone to wearing out ARB bushes on the front but as I understand it that would give clunking when going over bumps rather than when changing Steering angles. Would it be possible that the Track rod ends are worn and clunking? Is this something wheels in motion would be able to check and fix for me? The car is at 50k miles now so I am tempted to do a mini suspension (ARB bushes, drop links, track rods) refresh as I am not sure the steering is quite as responsive as I expected it to be from a lotus.... Picture added just because I like looking at it!!
  5. All booked in on the 13th for you guys to work your magic!
  6. Tony. How long do you need the car for to work your magic? I want to book it in for a couple of weeks time (assuming you have space) but need to fit it in around some other stuff... thanks. Dan
  7. OK Tony I will adjust the dampers to that as a base to start from. Thankfully not put the rear trim back in so everything is easy to get to. I didn't put it down on its wheels but I did but a jack under the hub and jacked it up to the point of it just taking weight and then tightened them up, hopefully thats the same effect. If I book it in for a geo would you alter the ride height as part of the service so it is set "just so"?
  8. Thanks everyone. Yes it looks better doesnt it! Maybe a bit too low but now easily fixed. I have primarily started at 5 from soft all round but open to suggestions, the top arms did indeed come off. And no the colour didnt change! Looks like it though right! I think the first shot was first thing in the morning and the car was covered in dew!!
  9. Well after a lot of indecision i finally got the meisters and installed them myself. Realtively easy to do although a bit time consuming as i spent time tidying up any flaking stone chip protection and treating any rust as i went along. Results are like this it definately needs some WIM love as the front camber in particular looks terrible! Interesting to see the difference in the meisters to the koni that came off. Particularly at the rear hope i dont end up regretting the change the difference in available travle looks significant!!
  10. Sounds like they are worth having then. I will look to invest. Thanks Tony
  11. I will shortly be replacing my mx5 coilovers and as the rear drop links arent renowned for their longevity i though i would change then out at the same time (i have uprated arbs already) Anybody got thoughts on whether its worth getting adjustable drop links? Mx5partd are doing a pair for £50ish vs £30ish for a pair of standard ones. So they are not wildly more expensive but i dont know enough about these things to know if its. Worthy mod or not. Any wisdom from the WIM fraternity gratefully received.
  12. Ok. Thanks Tony. I might purchase and fit myself then bring it to you to get everything set up right . I'm an mx5oc member if it makes a difference (gotta ask right )
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