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  1. goatboy

    Mx5 NC - meister or?

    Amazing thanks Tony
  2. goatboy

    Mx5 NC - meister or?

    Ok. Thanks Tony. I might purchase and fit myself then bring it to you to get everything set up right . I'm an mx5oc member if it makes a difference (gotta ask right )
  3. goatboy

    Michelin Primacy 4 or Pilot Sport 4

    You are partly right. I quoted 1psi and it was actually 0.1 bar. Which is 1.5psi! Joking aside. I was surprised too. The 1st long journey I took the steering was far too sensitive and skittish at speed. This is a car I have had for 5 years so I am very used to how it drives. I was expecting the tyres to be 5-10 psi too high. I doubted myself when they only needed deflating 0.1bar but it was day and night difference. Hence why I mentioned it. I also used to have a car with the pressure monitors and I noted how much the pressure went down in winter, mpg with it...
  4. goatboy

    Michelin Primacy 4 or Pilot Sport 4

    I think they are something like zx912... does that sound right? They got lots of good reviews at the time but I never thought much of them
  5. goatboy

    Michelin Primacy 4 or Pilot Sport 4

    I've got the primacy 4 on my Octavia and I'm quite impressed. Lots of grip and very quiet. Very sensitive to tyre pressure though. Mine were over inflated by 1 psi at the shop and they were skittish at high speed. Dropped just 1 psi and it was amazingly different. Not done enough miles to comment on the wear rate or the wet weather ability really (Will it ever rain again?) But generally much prefer to the falkens they replaced which I never quite got on with.
  6. goatboy

    Mx5 NC - meister or?

    Yep, definitely koni on standard springs... apparently too much scrapping on lowered springs. That's good to hear about the meisters. Can you supply them Tony? If so how much do you charge for supply fit and alignment? (Or is it better to call You?)
  7. goatboy

    Mx5 NC - meister or?

    Hoping for some advice. I have a 2007 NC mx5 and it is currently installed with koni shocks (from bbr) and standard springs. Standard springs as the previous owner thought the bbr springs were too low for the local speed bumps. I would like the car to be a bit lower but I'm generally happy with the koni but I'm worried if I just swap the springs out it will be too low and I will end up swapping them again anyway (I'm generally an old git and I'm not looking to slam the car or anything) The dilemma I find myself in is what to choose! 1 - buy some bbr springs that match the shocks at £250 and get wim to fit and align 2 - get wim to provide some lowering springs (much cheaper) and align 3 - get some meister crd 4 - get some meister gt1 5 - throw caution to the wind and get some ohlins 6 - something else entirely Springs are obviously the cheapest choice but I'm worried they will be too low. Meister crd seem to be the budget coil overs of choice but the lack of rebuildabilty and a few reports of skitterish low speed characteristics concerns me a little. The gt1 look fantastic but are expensive, they may be wasted on me as my car is mainly road use with the occasional track day. Likewise for the ohlins, which are even more expensive but seemingly the coil overs of choice for the right mix of control and comfort. If it makes any difference the car has the bbr 175 pack on it and I am seriously considering going forced induction next year. Any thoughts? Thanks GB
  8. Is that hemel? Looks familiar...