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Deadliest car crash ever


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This is a bit more in depth

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but there was a much better documentary a few months ago on TV, they had even found more footage of the crash I think. It was all pieced together and extrapolated on computer to see if they could discover the cause of the accident. Can't remember the result but I think Mike Hawthorn (Jag No.6) wasn't the cause but Le Vey (Merc) lost control.


It also revealed that Hawthorn did actually blame himself for the crash and that he was killed in his Jag on the Guildford Bypass in an accident involving a Merc, I think it was southbound just before the A31 turnoff.

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Don't remember that one but I remember the car ( was it F1 ) that took off and landed in woods on a long straight.


I think you are referring to Le Mans? 1999:


IIRC that was Mark Webber driving


It was Peter Dumbreck in that particular accident. Mark Webber flipped his similar car twice that year at Le Mans, once in qualifying and again in the warm up session. Following Peter Dumbrecks one Mercedes pulled tout of the race. Dumbreck survived and walked away though.

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but there was a much better documentary a few months ago on TVthe A31 turnoff.

I remember that documentary, was really interesting (called Deadliest Crash or something like that)


From what I remember of it, it was mainly down to the pits being just at the side of the track rather than a separate lane as it is now (which I think was a result of this crash). Hawthorn was overtaking a slower car on the left and then pulled right across to the right into the pits. That car couldn't stop in time and the Merc behind completely unsighted flew over the top of him into the crowd.


Real tragedy due to some unfortunate circumstances.

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