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The hell is this thing?

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Probably some tropical bug that's been recently discovered...there are so many species of animals out there we don't know about. Just look at what they keep finding in the sea.

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It moves so oddly that I am having difficulty believing that it is real. It looks as though it is being pulled around on the end of piece of string. There is no connection between the movement and the external appendages. A rubber moulding maybe?

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i thought it was a catapillar, so did a bit of digging online and found the "hag moth caterpillar" which is the closest to most likely that i can find.


Good find - I see the resemblance and if it has the short legs of a caterpillar under all that lot, it would account for the way it is moving.


The "huge bug" title is misleading. It must have been photographed to make it look bigger than it really is, because the Hag Moth caterpillar is only about an inch long. It looks like a pretty battered specimen too. The ones I have seen in orchards in the U.S. looked just like small brown leaves.

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