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It's full of stars!


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Guys, think outside of the box! :rolleyes:


Tony is buying mercedes?


Tony is being asked to help mer with their future suspension?


Tonys going to be posing in page 3 in the chav (sun) on sunday with a coilover between his legs? with the speech caption 'oh i just love how those quick fick guys get my heat on, they mounted my suspension hard and fast... with a few painfull moments later is was crashing down the road in my s**t box corsa with rock hard suspension thats right up there with the macdonalds crewz'

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I didn't realize how imaginative you lot really are :rolleyes:

Thinking of good things is a fun game.


Maybe WIM/BB are to be featured as a successful British business, using the interwebs to grow, so the govt. is going to use them as a showcase company.

You've discovered a treasure trove in one of the potted plants?

You're renting the place out for paintball games?

You're getting a really pretty receptionist? (lets face it - not really difficult :-))



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