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Motion Ratio


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I've not come across this before but when searching for info on adjusting the ride height on my 360 I came across the term. Apparently my car has a Motion Ratio (MR) of 0.7.


Am I right in thinking that this is the ratio of change in spring height compared to change in wheel height (and thus body height)? So if I wind down the coilover by 10mm the car height will go down by 14.3mm (10/0.7)?


It would make sense as the coilover is mounted inboard of the hub on the wishbone so a small movement there will be exaggerated at the end.

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The way I read it is because the shock is mounted on the wishbone closer to the chassis than the hub is. Both are pivoting at the same point - a certain movement of the shock equates to a larger movement of the hub.


It's like using a long bar to undo a stubbon nut - the end of the bar moves quite a bit but the actual nut barely turns as it is right at the pivot point.


The problem is also compounded by the fact that the shock isn't mounted vertically.

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