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Supercar Sunday is a coming


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Hi guys - I'm helping Tony with this one... it's in the early stages of planning but provisional date is the 26th Sept... we're opening it to Ferrari, Lambo and Maserati marques to begin with. I'll be back with more info once I have more details...

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Think I should be around for this, sounds awesome.


Since when has BMW been a supercar manufacturer? :lol:

M1........... :lol:






Could also be argued that the M6 is a supercar based on performance, but yes potentially a little too everyday..........

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Seeeeee BMW do have supercars :lol:


But what is classed as a supercar cos to me that doesn't look like one, just looks like a 20 year old beemer...sorry if I offend anyone! :lol:

Lol, bit harsh, especially as a lot of supercars from that era had that shape - but I see where you're coming from :D

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The list is looking good over on the Ferrari forum :o


Not sure if I can make it now...it's me mum and dads anniversary on the Monday so we've planned to go out on the Sunday. I'm hoping mum is well enough to travel up here and I can pop over with me dad for a couple of hours before we go out for a meal. She has her chemo 2 weeks before so she thinks she will be ok but we will see...

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