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Arcade Section Fixed, and Upgraded.


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Anybody interested in any Arcade Tournaments ?


I can set them up .......... 2 , 6 or 8 players .........


Who's up for it ? :D


hi its charlotte again !

i'll take part in the pac man tournament because it is my favorite game. I will also play in the hexagon tournament but im not very good :P

So what time, date, day and games are we competing in ? give us time for a bit of practise ! good idea scarface ! from Charlotte.

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lol ..... well, Im' the leader now .... I can rub it in a bit more :D

:lol: ..... She will disagree.... As a wind up, refer to her as 'Spud?' This is the nickname i gave her after she was born.. The reason was i thought she looked like a Potato (jokeingly) :D even more relevant since my middle name is Edward :lol:

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Ooooooops LOL ... I installed 5 new games for you all ... and it automatically posted new threads ! lol


He he he he ...... 7 Trophies for me !


I can only download 5 new games a day ........... so I'll do 5 a day as we go along :D


We can have 100's of games .......... then have a proper tournament ! Damn, I need to grow up :lol:

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