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The mobile phone random photo thread!

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No filters used here, just straight point and shoot from my phone. I have resized the images to fit them on here... 

Really is pretty and the people are wonderful and friendly, however you do need to keep a keen eye out for the wild dogs as they can be a bit of a nuisance at times.. 

Also some of the roads are mega steep here, its not unusual to find a 40% gradient slope in town,




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Looks great Adam 🙂

Here's some from Norfolk!

Did some walks a long the beach.





The in-laws dog enjoyed it too!


Erosion is very bad now, this is the Marrams Road and there is more or less no dune left, just a drop down to the beach. I remember 20 years a go these dunes were 30ft high at least. This gate was the start of someone's driveway to their chalet!



Plenty of food and drink by the broads, think I overdid it though! 😄





A night at the banger racing.


Went to the animal park, the red pandas usually hide so was nice to see them out.


A strange chimney stack. I'm assuming the design is just for decoration.


Can't beat a Norfolk sky 😀


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So when are you moving there?

Bit close to the front but there's a plot of land for sale with utilities, 24ft x 110ft right on the coast for sale. Self build? Not sure of the price. It's further around into The Wash on Heacham beach. Not sure if that's anywhere you would like to be. It's a few miles from Hunstanton. HERE on google maps.

I suspect the erosion isn't bad there but if the currents change it could be the same. 


May be an image of outdoors

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Next year hopefully but it all depends on what the job situation will be. It could take me a long time to find something.

We'll more than likely move to Norwich or ideally just outside of it but the villages are more expensive. As much as I would love to wake up with a sea view I would never buy right on the coast. I don't think the erosion is as bad along that part but I'd still be weary.

This is the other end of the Marrams Road where it has started falling on to the beach! Crazy! ☹️



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