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BMW M4 Competition


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Thought id start a thread . my '21 M4 Comp , ordered back in April when the dealers reopened but held up due to the chip shortage (Car was built and in UK but the parking cameras where missing so i had a 3 month wait , 6 months in total) . Yes,  Its the one with the controversial grille. The 4wd version has been launched now but I'm a rwd guy anyhow , these cars are well planted unlike some of the previous models 

Spec is Tanzanite Blue with Silverstone Extended leather, laser lights , comfort pack and tech pack . Basically these add some self driving tech , heated wheel , built in dashcam and few other goodies

This replaced my M235i which was an awesome car, but this is the logical next step. Sold the M235i for £250 less than I paid for it in 2018 thanks to the bonkers pricing  


Day I collected it 



Have had it fully ceramic coated with a 5 yr + product - BMW paid for this as compensation for the wait 




Been enjoying it on the odd day 




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Not sure if they are selling above RRP but I got 16% discount when I ordered and that's no longer available and the price goes up at the end of the month 

Im guessing a forum update has broken the Imgur linking option which is what I've used since photobucket self destructed 


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You don't need the image tags anymore just paste the URL in to the post and it'll load the image automatically. You usually need to put a return after the URL for it to appear. I've edited the OP for you.

Nice looking car. Not 100% sure about the grille. Bet that flies though! 😁


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Yep these cars come with Pirelli Pz4 or Michelin PS4 I've driven both and the latter are certainly better but as said these cars have amazing mechanical grip and are a very different beast to the previous generation


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