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RX8 coilovers


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Hi all

Keen for some advice or opinions re coilovers. It strikes me how each owners group has it own preference for brands - when I owned an mx5 MeisterR was the preferred suspension set up but now I’ve a RX8 it seems tein flex are the recommended option. Casual research (Googling the words ‘rx8’ and ‘coilovers’) shows that bc racing are another option but they offer a selection of spring rates that’s completely baffling and I’ve no idea what weight would be appropriate.  

any experience or input on these brands of coilovers gratefully received. Given my driving ability is likely the weakest link, is there really any discernible difference between these options?

Price difference is a few hundred pounds. Car is track day and Sunday drives only, semi slicks with modified brakes but full interior. 


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Alternatively the BC Racing ones are ok 




I think Tein are softer than they were but back when I had my Skyline my rear dampers blew and they wouldnt sell me replacements only the whole shebang of springs and dampers, a mate fitted a set on his Skyline and they ride well but 2 years in the front damper rod is making a knocking noise so he is going to need to sort a new one.   

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