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IS200 endless steering issues


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Ever since I bought the car, its steering has felt 'off'. After replacing almost everything including tie rod ends, steering rack itself, ball joints, ps pump, etc, I got an allignment done but it's still 'off', with the steering wheel jolting hard whenever theres a small pothole or anything, and steering to the left feels heavier and more resistant than to the right.

Either the car has some parts that are worn that no one has found yet, or this is an allignment failure?

Its a 2003 sport, wondering if I brought it to Blackboots would you guys be able to give it one of those mythic allignment overhauals that people speak about? Or at least be able to tell me what is actually wrong?



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Hey Tony, oh sorry, I didn't realise!! Are they both in the same location?

And yes, the problems have been there since I bought the car. I do however feel like it could be something other than allignment as it just feels very weird even for unalligned wheels. And I wish I did, I didn't keep it. I will get another one done locally over this week and I will post the geometry as I suspect another allignment will not be the fix.

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