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So who has a car that won’t be able to use the new E10 petrol

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I am now exclusively running my Mazda 6 and mini on super... A after multiple tanks of fuel, I am getting better fuel economy out of super, which outweighs the extra cost over E10. 

E10 fuel I am seeing a significant drop in economy which is disappointing but not unexpected 

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I've been running the Accord on super fuel since the swap and my mpg hasn't increased. The mpg isn't great on the Accord anyway and I usually get 21mpg but I'm only getting 19mpg with each tankful ATM! ☹️

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On 12/02/2022 at 07:16, andyelcomb said:

Depends on the car, but might have to replace rubber fuel lines, carb diaphragms and even possibly carb floats.

Shouldn't need to tweak the timing as you are probably always doing that when changing points etc.

Haven't done anything with my Mk1 MX5, but will do the rubbers on my '62 Vitesse in due course - but as it doesn't do massive mileage I run it on E5 Super so the problem shouldn't occur.

E5 Super is the simple answer for low mileage classics.

Agreed that Super is the easy solution on the classics - I guess going forward that the replacement fuel lines etc will come as "E10" kits but it is still a cost to upgrade all these bits. 

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I've done a few tankfuls of Costco super unleaded now and still not seen an increase in mpg. I'm consistently getting 19mpg. It's still cheaper than anywhere else which is the only reason I'm still using it.

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