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BMW chassis/ Alpina, sport, M-series

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Just a point to note and i found this out the hard way.

BMW say on the 5 series, F10, 11, 12 and X series 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 that the front camber angle is adjustable. Well that's not strictly true? What they do offer is a slightly longer or slightly shorter upper wishbone



Either side of the OEM wishbone the replacements offer around 30'. The points i don't like about this is

1: Cost

2: Fixed adjustment range

It's for this reason we use this type of adjuster.



This offers a progressive range + - 40'.

To the warning

All the cars listed above already use the BMW OEM -30' wishbone meaning if measured and found to need a lowering kit OEM or not the will NOT work. In addition if the replacement needed is to raise/ reduce the camber any more than 30' you will need the BMW OEM +30' longer wishbone.

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As the ball joint slides along those bolts/holes to adjust it, what is the likelihood of the position moving when hitting a bump or pothole etc? 

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Next to zero. This and most other wishbones are crumple zones so it's more probable it will bend before moving.

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