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MX5 NC Suspension Advice


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Please could I get some advice on suspension, as I am thinking of changing and would like double check I'm not wasting money or going insane.


Current setup

  • IL anti roll bars.
  • GAZ coilovers.
  • IL standard drop links.
  • Standard bushings except Rear upper forward link arm bushes (replaced due to excessive play with Powerflex) there shouldn't be any twisted bushes.
  • Hankook v12 evo2 225/45/17 (standard sport alloys)
  • 345mm all round
  • WIM Geo fast road.


My issues/ reason for change -


The main reason I am thinking of changing is what i would guess is bounce? The bonnet seems to be constantly moving up and down, at night you see the head lights jump from exhaust to window on the car in front, or if you put your head on the head rest it feels like its been rocked back and forth vigorously. I have tried multiple different damper settings on both front and rear from about 5 to 20+ on the front and 5 to 15+ on the rear although I can feel the vehicle dynamics change but doesn't seem to help with the bounce.


Also the setup doesn't give me confidence, its never lacking grip or speed but its constantly twitchy even at low speeds and It seems to bump steer in corners.


I can get a balanced feel with the damper settings but it doesn't make up for the above.


I come from driving a classic mini amongst other things so am used to a firm and shaky ride but not bouncy, I would like to think I have good vehicle control but I've only been driving RWD for about 4 years so still lots to learn.

I have been meaning to do some track days but time and money limits have meant that it s mostly road use.


I'm guessing its probably a track vs road suspension issue but as I can't pin point my issues thought id ask for advice?


Was thinking maybe MeisterR ZetaCRD would help but would like to hear your recommendations?


Many Thanks




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Hi Matt

There is a fonder mental problem with the GAZ type of suspension and that's the fact the spring perch is used to adjust the body height but in doing so it also adjusts the coil pre-load. In other words each corner could have different pre-loads. Meister by comparison run 5mm pre-load on each unit and that amount stays the same however high or low the car is.


The reason I stopped selling GAZ was an inherent problem with the foot valve knocking and after a year the problem remained so I couldn't knowingly sell them with a probable defect.

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Sorry to say but yes.... GAZ tend to use quite high coil rates so combine this with haphazard pre-load an absolute suspension/ geometry calibration has a very narrow window.


Despite the fact we set the geometry calibration real world results will always task the suspension...I corner weighted a 5 with idyllic body height on GAZ and it had a perfect 50/50 stance but the driven state was awful since each corner had a different coil pre-load.

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