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Rich's 1999 MX5 1.8i S


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2 hours ago, andyelcomb said:

Yes, it was a pain, but to be honest I don't remember what I did re the bolt - probably used the MK2 with plenty of grease or Coppaslip. My MK2 was 1998 so even earlier than yours, but was going the other way - into the 2003 2.5. Seemed to work that way, but you could be right about not the other way. Sorry can't help more.

I forgot the MK2 started in 98. I had a look yesterday, all of the bolts undo apart from the bottom one. I had to remove the manifold bracket to get a socket on there but it wouldn't budge. I've sprayed it and will take the driver's wheel off later to see if I can a bar on there.

Tony, yes it's the long one the alternator pivots on.

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Well I got the undertray off on one side so I can see the bolt from the wheel arch now. The problem is despite trying several ways I couldn't get the bar in anywhere and on to the bolt. Either the brake lines were in the way or the suspension/chassis.

I don't think I'll be using the car again before the end of the month now. So will have to sort it another time.

Can anyone recommend a fuel stabiliser though?

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